Author Topic: Expirience with opening an IT company in Croatia  (Read 422 times)

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Expirience with opening an IT company in Croatia
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:53:06 AM »
Thought everyone here could use a good laugh, buddy showed me a post of his buddy on FB, whome tried to open an IT company in Croatia, enjoy!

"Haha opening a company in Croatia, step 1, reserve a name:
there's a new online service called, you can do everything online and fast,
first you download and edit the PDF form, then... wait for it... you find a place to print it so you can sign it and deliver it in person to the office grin emoticon
however, you basically must enter a croatian name because the field in the form is too small to write an explanation + translation,
I wrote to the hitro office and they told me that I try to change the form or fill it by hand it will be rejected because it is an official Narodne Novine document.
So, to conform to this, I decided not to use more than 1 foreign word in the title, try and get away with a technical term and submit 5 different proposals ranging from a conservative pleasegodletitpass "BN Informatika" to a wacky and crazzzy radical name like "Infosec Services" and a selection of choices in-between
To use an english word you need to go to a library and find a paper-copy of an english dictionary and then photocopy it + the front page of the dictionary,
I spent three days looking for a latin word that both made sense in latin and sounded good, but decided to not lose any time after 3 lost days, and I'm kind of in a rush to get paid on a couple projects,
This I have prepared according to the instructions online, but then when I came to their office:
to use a technical term like "infosec" you need to find a published scholarly article or book in croatian defining the technical term, and photocopy the relevant parts,
however computer-stuff terms like "online", "software", "web", "informatika" are rejected by the judges because "there is so many of those already", so no-go there,
aaand they declined all 5 suggestions I gave.
In the end I begged the officer working in to give me some name that will not be rejected, and she said she doesn't know, you can't use any word related to software engineering or IT when naming an IT company.
I suggested calling it BN Povrce ("BN Vegetables") or "BN Taxi", she said she's not sure, but it's possible it would pass if I managed to explain (in 80 characters) the way those words reflected my business model,
Then I suggested to name the new company "Borna Novak" because that is my name, it's explicitly stated in the law you can use it in naming the company and without extras there is nothing "controversial" to the judges of the trade court, so
yes, that would do, the company will be called "Borna Novak d.o.o.",
wiiiii confused_rev emoticon grin emoticon"