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eBay Store Selling Out
« on: February 13, 2016, 06:19:22 AM »
Sorry for this message being somewhat spamming first off. But I'm are posting this because I'm letting all of you know I am clearing inventory and selling out, as in my eBay store will hopefully be gone soon. Please look through my collection and let me know if there is anything you really like. I will not turn down any reasonable offers. I still have 230+ items I'll be listing as time goes on (my limit is 160). Most things are $0.99 without reserve. First come first serve. Thank you all!!

For my cryptocurrency friends :-)
I will offer a 12% discount  (not much sorry :-p) If you would like to pay in BTC DO DOGE or LTC.
I think I will work this by having you email me ( [email protected] ) the item you want. I will then de-list it from the site. After I at least see your pending full payment coming I will package, ship and get you a tracking number. If you have other ideas I'm open.  Thank you!