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We are a UK based team of professional traders who have started this program to allow people to profit from the enormous potential gains that are possible in the global Foreign Currency (Forex) markets. The global foreign currency exchange market averages more than $5 Trillion USD every day in transactions, with the potential for huge profits to be made by traders every day by taking advantage of the daily fluctuations of currency prices. Our experienced team of full-time traders has more than 10 years of experience with trading in these markets and are able to earn profits on a consistent basis, while also hedging against potential losses to ensure the sustained profitability of our program. We have started this program to give average people the opportunity to share in the profits of the Forex market with as little as $10, even without the knowledge and experience which is usually required for success. Our mission is to have an investment opportunity where trust and honesty are the key factors. We believe in transparency with our members, and giving them peace of mind with a program that pays them every day with withdrawals that are processed instantly. We have employed a full time support staff to always guarantee that you will have someone to talk to if you need help or have questions. We look forward to extending this opportunity to you, and growing your finances to new heights.

Withdraw Type:  -   Instant
Interest Charge   7 Days a Week
Deposit Min:   $ 10
Deposit Max:   $ 50 000
Referral Bonus:   3%
Payment Methods:   Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin

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Good luck!