Author Topic: [WTS] USB Scrypt miners "FutureBit Moonlander" *FREE* shipping  (Read 641 times)

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[WTS] USB Scrypt miners "FutureBit Moonlander" *FREE* shipping
« on: January 23, 2016, 09:39:30 AM »
I am selling some of the new USB Scrypt miners from jstefanop (see this topic).
Unfortunately, my USB equipment does not support all miners at once so I have some left.

These devices have been imported from the USA, therefor I will sell these preferably within Europe or the Netherlands to prevent high shipping cost.

Price: € 39,95 (free shipping within Europe)
Ask for discount if you order 3+
Order 10 sticks and you get one for free.

- 400kh to 1.2mh performance per miner
- uses about 5w/mh for most of that range
- fully customizable core voltage range from .7 - 1.1v
- Really efficient 5v->core voltage stage with about 95% efficiency
- Heavy duty/over speced parts were used to ensure wide range of operation (this thing can put out 20amps if you wanted to push it that far)
- status LEDs for power, TX and RX transmission
- uses latest bfgminer 5.4 for control
- Will work with all Mac OS, Linux, and Windows based PCs (and I will be offering easy to use pre-compiled binaries)

More information

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