Author Topic: OpenLedger - Smart Trading Decentralised, a new litecoin market, welcome!  (Read 697 times)

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Come visit OpenLedger today, and discover the endless possibilities. BUY/SELL your litecoin on a decentralized platform.

One step closer to creating the magic crypto ecosystem everone's talking about:

Want to buy OBITS with LTC?, and market is here:

Or the markets:

You can make whatever markets you wish, all by yourself.

Want to buy OBITS with BTC, then market is here:

With recent drop in BTS, it is possible right now to buy OBITS some 20% less than recent month after public sales.

Price in BTC 0.00016415 per OBITS, just for info. is possible to place your orders as well, and also on CCEDK it is posible to trade OBITS

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OK, so I got the youtube video link to open immediately, but then lost interest at about 40 t0 50 second mark.  Then I tried to open the OpenLedger link twice and never got it to open either time after waiting about 15 seconds.

Not good!

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