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Bitgen tool for cold storage address generation
« on: December 03, 2015, 09:18:59 PM »
Bitgen 0.10 has been released:

Bitgen is a command line tool for cold storage address generation, running on Linux.

Here is an example of a pdf that has been created with bitgen-ltc:

Here is the corresponding public pdf page:

This version is the first with both bitcoin and litecoin support.

There are a number of methods for generating addresses, such as random, dice and brainwallet.

The easiest method is to generate a random address using /dev/random:

$ bitgen-ltc random

It is possible to generate an address from 100 dice throws, for example:
$ bitgen-ltc dice 1261525552616616625126651265124125451246661616625424425151615155124125152162555151666125241561255162

Other options are given when giving the command without any parameters:
$ bitgen-ltc