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Please become a verified member by privately contacting Carnth here;u=853 , This is done so we don't have fake accounts pretending to be from a certain organization and spreading false info.

As for users do not trust any member who does not have the green check marks and claims to be from a certain company/organization.

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The "Verified" tag added to a forum account is to help the Litecoin community distinguish which brand new or low post count forum users are the actual legit representatives for a company. If you are already an upstanding member of this forum, you may not need to get verified, as your own reputation already speaks for itself.
Examples of users who do not need verification because of existing forum reputation:
"Terry L." from ZeusMiner.

Not all companies will be verified. To be verified, you must register your forum account using the email address of your company's official domain name. (Example: [email protected]). You Forum username can be whatever you like, but the email used to register must comply with this rule.

Verification requests for general forum user are not accepted.
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