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LTC Silver, BTC Gold
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:59:37 PM »
Currently about 6850 kg of Gold is mined daily. One kg is $35,857.73 if purchased individually.
So $245,600,890.41 USD Gold miners receive daily,
BTC       $907,582.70
The question is not if more money will flow towards BTC/LTC but at what rate the change over happens.
Silver is 9-19 times more abundant then gold and until 1900 the Gold/Silver ratio was roughly 16:1 however in the 20th century the average was about 45:1
In 2011, global gold production was 2,618 tonnes. Global silver production was 23,688 tonnes

One of the key elements for something to be regarded a solid investment is fairness. The fast majority of cryptocoins fail miserable at this key ingredient. Others have other issues (Dogecoin, Namecoin..... )
So from the word go:

With some of the early noise removed (12.3 or 10.4.2013 would be better still) right now Gold Silver 72.45   BTC/LTC 69.33

Same as above except cut at 200:1 insteat of later start date. Within 20 days ratio was at 114:1

Bitstamp BTC to BTCe LTC (slight difference to wisdom) and Gold Silver thrown in

Bitcoin to Gold and Litecoin to Silver

Litecoin to Silver from October 2011

Cant see the trends changing and how much longer in USD before the BTC/LTC standard is in place?
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Re: LTC Silver, BTC Gold
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2015, 01:53:34 AM »
as somebody who works in a gold mine(mining engineer, google SSRI), and a crypto lover, I seriously think that crypto and gold have absolutely NOTHING to do with eachother whatsoever.

I mean those are cute charts, but I just dont think they have any relevance together at all.