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Sustainable Bitcoin cloud mining and investment giant CloudThink.IO has upgraded the mining equipment in its Taiwan facility to its own private, custom-built ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits). These new Bitcoin and Scrypt miners are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than those available to the public, and as a result CloudThink.IO is selling its previous cryptocurrency mining equipment online.

“We are now offering our previous equipment back to the Bitcoin community at a discount, while simultaneously raising awareness of our improved hash-rates and investment opportunities.”, says Richard Coleman, CEO of CloudThink.IO.

The custom mining equipment developed by Cloud Think Mining Ltd. is currently still bound by secrecy. In the following month, only 200 to 500 custom miners will be offered to bloggers, testers, journalists and others by invitation-only. According to CloudThink.IO, a bulk or public sale of this equipment would affect the market and their competitive advantage.

Investors who express an interest in this custom mining technology are invited to purchase CloudThink.IO investment packages, which yield returns on Bitcoins and fund the development of the aforementioned mining equipment.

Additionally, limited amounts of used Bitcoin and Scrypt mining gear such as KNC, Antminer, Spondoolies, as well as power supplies and other accessories, are now available for purchase directly on the official web page:

All products are in used condition (30 – 400 days, depending on the product) except several power supplies and most mining accessories. All products and accessories are fully functional. For most items, original packing is unavailable. Instead, CloudThink.IO ships its previous equipment in solid boxes and through private companies such as FedEx, while also offering lower priced shipping options.


CloudThink.IO is a multinational cryptocurrency enterprise known for its focus on sustainable investment packages that not only yield returns by mining Bitcoin and Scrypt-based coins in cost-effective locations and conditions, but also contribute to the development of new, optimized hashing hardware. What makes CloudThink.IO unique in this space is a dedication towards generating its own electricity, developing its own energy-efficient hardware, and managing investments in the technology itself.