Author Topic: Greek Emergency: Spread the word to help Greek people protect their funds  (Read 924 times)

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It looks quite likely that Greece may leave the Euro. How this will happen no-one can say for certain but I believe the following scenario is very probable.

The Greek Goverment is likely to start the printing presses for its own currency, lets call it Drachma for example's sake and want to convert everyone in the country to using these. 

I believe it's likely that anyone with funds in Greek banks will find their accounts forcibly "converted" from Euros to Drachmas. 
The trouble is, the Drachma will be virtually worthless, especially outside Greece itself.  A potential Zimabwe situation ensues, with hyperinflation, prices of goods skyrocketing and the value of those Drachmas that the banks have converted everyone's euros to becoming even more worthless.

Many Greek people seem to be thinking of similar scenarios including "collapse" of their banks.

This past week alone, Greek people have withdrawn more than 4 billion Euros from their banks, preferring to have Euros in the form of cash at home rather than risk their funds being at the mercy of the banks/govermnent in whatever may come in the next few days, weeks and months.

There are many problems with holding cash at home though including the fact that it's risky.  If you want to buy anything remotely, you don't want to send cash through the post.

So let's have a concerted effort now to spread the word wherever we can about Litecoin as a store of value for the Greek people.  Encryption of wallets and backups negate the risk of holding cash.  They can be quickly transferred and traded for Dollars or Euros.  They've eached their bottom a short time ago and they're rising in value.

The time to spread the word is now - on forums where Greek people hang out, by twitter, facebook and other social networks, through chatting with greek people.  Anywhere and everywhere. 

Remember not to spam.  We're trying to help the Greek people protect their funds here, not annoy them.

Who's with me?  Lets have a converted effort to get the Greek people interested in Litecoin.

The Greek Goverment may want to convert everyone to Drachmas or whatever they name their new worthless currency, but it's up to the Greek people what they choose to use to exchange and trade.  Litecoin can be a true "grass roots" saviour, store of value and tradeable currency choice for the Greek people themselves.