Author Topic: Ziftr & GoCoin Announce Merger Agreement to Increase Cryptocurrency Adoption  (Read 734 times)

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Announcement Date: June 10th 2015

We are excited to share that Ziftr (ziftrCOIN’s parent company) has officially announced a merger agreement with #3 ranked international blockchain payment platform creator GoCointm. Together, our combined company will offer merchants a richer cryptocurrency payment and loyalty experience for their customers.  

Solving the Big Challenge: Mainstream Consumer Adoption of Cryptocurrency

The big challenge that many cryptocurrency-friendly merchants face today is that most mainstream consumers lack adequate incentives to use bitcoin. Up until this point, many companies, including Ziftr, have been seeking to create a viable incentive that will effectively bring blockchain technology into the mainstream for merchants and their consumers. GoCoin has already successfully onboarded 7,500+ merchants (including marquee brands like PayPal, RE/MAX UK, Shopify, CheapAir and LionsGate Films) and has a healthy pipeline of 500+ new signups monthly. By integrating Ziftr’s digital coupon-based loyalty program (ziftrCOIN) and mobile wallet (ziftrWALLET) - which already supports litecoin & dogecoin in addition to bitcoin - into GoCoin’s platform, together we can offer merchants a better solution than what’s currently available. We’ll also be integrating Ziftr’s credit card processing capabilities and tokenized security features, establishing our combined platform as a hybrid traditional and cryptocurrency payments powerhouse with a built-in customer loyalty program.

What’s next?

We are thrilled to announce this huge news, and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are! From the very beginning, Ziftr has been committed to accelerating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, and we’re confident that this merger puts us in the absolute best position to accomplish this goal. We invite you to stay up to date on this and more by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Twitter and of course subscribing to our subreddit. Thank you all for your continued support as we work to knock down all the obstacles standing in the way of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.