Author Topic: ZiftrWALLET Launches Open Beta for Android - New Multicoin Wallet  (Read 770 times)

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Open Beta Date: May 20th 2015

Hi everyone!

Ziftr is excited to announce that our new ziftrWALLET mobile app is available for Android users today as part of our open beta program! Our mobile development team has been working hard to create a digital currency wallet that isn’t limited to any one coin. In fact as of today our wallet currently holds four kinds of digital currencies including bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, and ziftrCOIN.

We really want to create products that have a positive impact for the cryptocurrency communities as well as the everyday shopper. Our new wallet gives both cryptocurrency experts and first time users the ability to transact securely and simply anywhere you go. ziftrWALLET also is a part of an integrated suite of tools we are developing that are designed to complement a simple, seamless shopping experience for every type of user.

Here are a few key areas we're focusing on while developing our wallet:


The dangers of passing and holding sensitive information such as private keys on networks is something we looked to specifically address in our wallet. Our wallet intentionally stores all sensitive information locally on the device and does not pass sensitive information on any network. For example, when sending a transaction the Ziftr API server does all the heavy lifting, then sends the data to the mobile app. The mobile app then locally verifies what the server sent, signs the transaction and then returns it to the server. Data sent over the network is the same data added to the blockchain, so nothing sensitive ever touches the network: no passwords, no private keys, no personal data. When users add a password, it also encrypts their local data so they are protected in the event that their device is compromised.


We wanted to create a new wallet that is simple to use and convenient to have wherever you are. We found the current method of holding different wallets for every cryptocurrency to be not only time consuming, but inefficient and frustrating. That’s why we created a wallet that allows people to hold multiple coins all in one application. Users will now also be able to see the current market prices for all coins as well as the users total wallet balance across coins directly within the wallet.


Another issue we looked at was that many wallets require you to constantly connect to peers or download and parse large blockchain data. This can cause delays in the initial setup and startup times for your wallet. We made ziftrWALLET so that our users do not have these requirements and can quickly and easily start and use our wallet at any time.

There are several versions of the ziftrWALLET that we will be released including:

Desktop (Mac/PC) – Coming Soon
Mobile (Android/IOS) – Android in beta/ IOS in development

All versions will provide the same experience for users while taking advantage of specific device capabilities such as for example mobile notifications to alert you of received payments to your wallet.

Some screenshots of our wallet




ziftrWALLET mobile is now officially in open beta for Android users and we are looking for feedback! In order to improve the wallet and make it as useful as possible for everyone we encourage everyone to go to to download the app. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and anything you would like to see added to the wallet. 

We appreciate and actively monitor feedback including:

Feedback or issues left on our google plus beta community,
Messages on our subreddit at
Bug reporting and suggestions can also be made on our help desk at

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the ziftrWALLET open beta!