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Cashback rake and affiliates payments have been credited to players' secure wallets. Thank you for playing at and welcome to all new players!

Congrats to one of our players for hitting Bronze VIP this week and earning 1.2 [btc] in rake!

If you would like to earn rake for playing power plinko, dice, or horse racing please see the weekly payouts below:

We keep track of each players betting volume and every sunday payout cashback rewards based on the following payout brackets:

> 5 BTC weekly volume: 0.005 BTC
> 10 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.01 BTC
> 15 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.02 BTC
> 25 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.05 BTC
> 50 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.1 BTC
> 100 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.2 BTC
> 150 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.3 BTC
> 200 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.4 BTC
> 300 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.6 BTC
> 400 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 0.8 BTC
> 500 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 1.2 BTC VIP Bronze
> 1000 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 2.4 BTC VIP Silver
> 2000 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 4.6 BTC VIP Gold
> 3000 BTC weekly volume player is credited: 6.8 BTC VIP Platinum


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New stable versioin of Seuntjies DiceBot available that supports!

Get it from

The bots' Thread can be found at:
Share, download and discuss settings and scripts for the bot at: and
Getting started guide for the bot:


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Just a few weeks left to get an early start on the new bonus, every 1 BTC of betting volume on our site will allow your player accounts to be credited more. We will be using a combination of the old wagered data (before Moneypot was sold) and the new wagered data to credit the disbursements. All accounts on will receive some of this bonus but the quantities for large volume are an order of magnitude higher. Good luck this year, we still need a player to hit the 9999x multiplier on Power Plinko!


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Re: |Mobile Friendly|
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Rubies Wallet Downloads:

Exchanges and Trading:
Coming soon!

Coming soon!


Key Notes:

1. Over 5000 people from the digital currency community own Rubies right from launch, this model should ensure a wide distribution from the start.

2. Bet-Mining new Rubies will help determine the price per coin, if people determine that it takes 0.015 BTC to make 1 BTC betting volume to unlock 30 Rubies via Bet-Mining,
then that would put each Ruby valued at 0.0005 BTC. Markets will ultimately determine the value however, this gives people a starting point to consider when trading opens.
The cost to Bet-Mine is similar in theory to the cost of mining a proof of work coin and through this comparison a base price can be determined.

3. Instant real world use of Rubies through an established and trusted casino; business backed and investor driven.

Stakeholder payment address: 16DyJzY2QbGoW5CCYdao7njCHeG17TmHcc

Use this format for your email please:

Rubies wallet address to receive 75,000 Rubies:
Bitcoin TXID from payment:
Bitcoin dividend wallet address to receive monthly payments:

First dividend will be March 1st and on the 1st of each month following.
Please allow 24 hours to receive your confirmation email.
**Casino/Stakeholder income is based on volume NOT wins and losses so investors earn more with more volume.**
** has earned 181.08[btc] since launching May 2015**
**Casino thread for games info: **

Attention: If you already have an account on and have placed bets before, we credited you 5 Rubies even if you did not wager 1+ BTC yet!
Check your accounts today and you should see the credit.

We would like to give a huge thank you to our coin developer Mammix2 and the development team, they were instrumental in the creation of this coin and services.
Thanks to OCminer as well for his early guidance on finding a suitable coin developer.

Text version thread information:
Code: [Select]
Coin Specifics

Rubies (RBIES)
Proof of Stake
60 second block time
10 million coins total supply, created in Block 1
12 hours min coin stake age
5% Annual Interest on Staked coins
100 Block confirmations to maturity (for mined or PoS blocks)
5 block confirmations for coin transfers between wallets

Methods to obtain:

Distribution will be achieved through many ways.

1. All player accounts on who have wagered over 1 BTC in volume will earn coins. For every 1 BTC in previously wagered volume per account you will receive 20 Rubies. For

example: if you have already wagered 50 BTC on your account then you have already earned 1000 Rubies.

2. All player betting that takes place after Rubies launches will earn 30 Rubies for every 1 BTC wagered. We are calling this method of distribution "Bet-Mining" as this will be the

initial way to obtain coins. Once you have coins investors and players are welcome to stake your Rubies in your personal wallets to earn more after the coins mature for at least 12


3. Our goal is to retain enough coins to maintain a bankroll at However, the vast majority of coins will be distributed through Bet-Mining, contests, giveaways, and


4. We are contacting other Crypto related sites to offer their users Rubies for bonus as well in a collaboration to help evenly distribute Rubies to the digital currency public.

Exact steps to obtain Rubies:

*Create an account at

*Download the Rubies wallet from our site or this announcement thread.

*Deposit some Bitcoin and start betting, you will see Bet-Mining take effect for every 1 BTC wagered your account will be instantly credited 30 Rubies (instantly withdraw-able)

*After earning Rubies you now have the option to withdraw, or start betting in Rubies on our dedicated Rubies casino games.

*Contests, giveaways, and also our Cashback program will all allow more Rubies to be obtained. Once Rubies is on coin exchanges you can trade them as well.


Marketing Rubies will be handled in both traditional ways and user to user referrals. Social media, forums, and players will play a huge role in actively bringing this new currency to

the public. Since this coin is new, the best way we can secure the value of Rubies is to help spread the word among friends and crypto currency enthusiasts in your social circles. The

BetterBets team will take care of the majority but with your help we can make it a huge success for investors, players, and speculators.

Professionals from the altcoin sector will be involved as well to further spread the good news of Rubies and it's benefits.

Rubies Growth:

After the initial distribution and marketing phases, attention to the exchanges that support Rubies will be essential to long term value. Like all new coins, we expect this to go

through many stages before reaching stable value. During Rubies infancy the key for growth is to evenly distribute coins among the public, to not only spread wealth but to help secure

the blockchain as well and create a strong wallet staking environment where transactions are fast and secure.

After multiple exchanges are trading RBIES our team will help with maintaining stable coin value, but the vast majority of growth will be up to the large market makers that decide to

be involved in the months to come. We cannot promise "20 usd per coin" nor would we ever make that claim, but we can promise an honest coin with a long life and a business that

supports it's use from day one.

Text version Stakeholder information:
House Investment and Profit Sharing:
**The Forty StakeHolders**

There are 40 spots available for those who wish to become long term investors of Rubies and These spots come on a first come, first serve basis.

These 40 investors have the opportunity to purchase 75,000 Rubies apiece directly from our cold storage for 5 BTC per 75,000.

These 40 coin holders are entitled to 80 percent of Bitcoin wagered income earned by casino and games. Income is easily verified by a trusted third party ( so you will be assured your payout is accurate month to month. This investment and it's payout is valid for one year from the time/date of your purchase.

Income can be verified here: income is after "app_comissions" use this to give an estimate of your 40th share monthly. Please note this is calculated in BTC "bits" and not in Satoshi. You are gaining 75,000 Rubies and a percentage of an established business revenue stream with your investment. This is not just an investment for the coin but for a steady income.

The Rubies you purchase are yours to do with as you wish, but in order to receive your monthly payout, you must have 75,000 or more Rubies in the wallet address you provide to us at the end of every month. For example, if Bitcoin income is 20 BTC then each of the 40 investors will receive 0.4 BTC to the wallet address they provide us as dividends from profit sharing. This payout will vary based on the Bitcoin volume wagered at the end of each month, again our income is public so you will be able to estimate your payout every month.

To become one of the 40 investors you will need to follow these steps:

Contact email: [email protected]

Send an email with your Rubies wallet address that you wish to receive the 75,000 Rubies.
Please include the Bitcoin TXID from your 5 BTC investment along with a Bitcoin address to receive your monthly dividends.
**If needed you can email us to change your payout address but please keep new wallet address changes to a minimum.

Your information will be added to the investment database and paid monthly after we verify the Rubies wallet address you provide shows at least 75,000 Rubies. Dividends from casino income will be paid out at the end of each month for one year with existing stakeholders having the option to extend their participation through the following requirement: Each investor must provide proof at years' end that their Rubies address shows a gain of 20% over the initial 75000 coins.. If you are one of the 40 staking 75,000 Rubies in your wallet then you must have added at least 15,000 Rubies to your wallet by years end, this will extend your profit share another year.

If you move your 75,000+ Rubies to a new address please email us the newly changed address so we can change it in the system.

You are free to move your coins around every month, just be sure at months end they are back in the Rubies wallet address you provided to us to receive your BTC dividends.

**If you fail to have at least 75,000 Rubies in your wallet by months end you forfeit your dividends from profit sharing for that month, you are however, still eligible to receive the next months payout as described if your wallet regains the required amount.

***If after one year participating investors have not been paid out at least the 5 BTC from casino income, active investment contracts will be extended by 6 months. This procedure is in place in order to protect investors from an unexpected shortfall in casino revenues.