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scams by zentas mining
« on: April 02, 2015, 06:12:22 AM »
Hello there

im not sure whether this is the right place to share my concern regarding scams/fraud
does anybody heard of (zentas mining inc) where its activities are mining bitcoin (let me know if i should post this on btctalk instead)
i just want to hear from the experts here (possibly people who known litecoin, knows btc better)

some other investors has also placed a great value here from various coutnries (mostly in asia,  thailand indonesia, vietnam singapore etc)
company registration wise seemed legit it has its certificate and you can even see its registered in nevada state something

and below isthe compensation plan we were being offered

crytpcurrency allocated = the amount of BTC given to us at the end of mining period (180days)
daily output = is in USD terms, so basically we will be getting "xx" value times 180 days

we were all being given a back office site which we can withdraw our daily output and also can insert our BTC address on it.
so after 180 days , deliveries of bitcoin will be automatically sent to us.
we were all delighted as we met the CEO mr YL YAP

i also have uploaded pictures the first bitcoin deliverence to these early investors.

please guys, do not attack me with all kind of accusation, im aware that im new. but since this is registered.
my question is, can i report this to SEC or any links would help? wuoldnt this be even more easier for me to enforce payouts?

FYI: company stopped paying due to sinnking value of bitcoin, thus our payouts/bitcoin are being held at custody of zentas until price of bitcoin (he told me informally when it reach) 710 usd/btc. we used to have direct contact, however lately he didnt seem to bother the investors anymore. even ignoring the first guy who got to knew this zentas opportunity

FYI: its been a great 6 months now, that i should have gotten all my bitcoins. this has becoming a mental torture as when zentas want a bitcoin to be at 710usd/btc.. its like saying "when the hells frezze is over" MOREOVER, ignoring our direct contacts when things when one used to be communicative and explainative JUST like chris on ltcgear.

in summary we just wanted our sum of value to be returned back, we all knew time is money right? time carries interest, just like its compensation plan. can anybody  here give me some hint/ or experienced in this before, or what should i do? should i just forget it? is this my fault to invest in tihs registreed company?

please adviceee (no sarcasm please) as im sure you input will be greatly contributed to those who are at the expense of zentas