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[AlcheMiner] Sold out!!!!
« on: September 08, 2014, 03:13:46 AM »

Hi miners,

Thank you for your purchasing our miners.
We sold our last miner in stock on June.
Many customers asked me to make new batch.
But we don't have plan to make new batch until this moment.
The conditions are quite tough.
*4.5+ month lead time
*$2,200 USD for an Alchemist256
*min order: 150
*100% payment in advance
If you could accept the conditions, mail us.

Also, we are considering to sell all our technologies, including mask, pcb design and so on.
You could also mail to [email protected]
-Update 15/05/14

Limited Special Sale: US $599 only for Alchemist 256!!!
As our hosting contract ends, we have ~ 30 units of Alchemists for special sale with limited quantity!
They were used for merely a month, look brand new, and are still very robust!
-          US $599 per used Alchemist ( + $260 shipping fee)
-          Used for a month
-          Two-month warranty
-          Limited quantity: 30 units only
Seize this unbelievable opportunity! Happy mining!!!

More detail, please find

-Update 15/03/24

Final Sale: Now or several months later!
Alchemists are running out due to our anniversary promotion.
Now it’s time for final sale!
You don’t need to pay four-digit price for Alchemist anymore.
It will cost you only US $999 per Alchemist (+ $260 shipping fee)!
Seize this opportunity since it will take months before our new batch comes out!

BUY TWO GET ONE FREE plan is still applicable to your prior purchase of $1,499! For instance:
(1)               If you have acquired one Alchemist from our anniversary sale, you just need to pay for one more miner ($1,499) to get additional two miners (in addition to shipping fee for two miners, i.e. $520).
(2)               If you have purchased two Alchemists from our anniversary, you are eligible to get one more miner for free! You just need to pay for shipping fee $260 to get your third miner!
Please write to [email protected] to claim your right for "BUY TWO GET ONE FREE" plan.

Happy mining!!!
More detail, please see our official website:

-Update 15/03/11

Anniversary Sale, Part II: Buy 2 Get 1 Free!
Original promotion: US $1,499 for one Alchemist 256Mhs + $260 shipping fee
New promotion: Buy 2 Get 1 Free! (US $2,998 for three Alchemist 256 Mhs + $780 shipping fee)
To appreciate your kind support to our anniversary sale, we announce a new promotion plan: BUY TWO GET ONE FREE! In other words, you can choose to buy one Alchemist for US $1,499, or double the price and get three Alchemists! We strongly suggest that you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before our limited quantity runs out! You can purchase from our website:
If you have made purchase from our anniversary sale, don’t worry. This BUY TWO GET ONE FREE plan is applicable to your prior purchase too! For instance:
(1)               If you have acquired one Alchemist from our anniversary sale, you just need to pay for one more miner ($1,499) to get additional two miners (in addition to shipping fee for two miners, i.e. $520).
(2)               If you have purchased two Alchemists from our anniversary, you are eligible to get one more miner for free! You just need to pay for shipping fee $260 to get your third miner!
Please write to [email protected] to claim your right for this BUY TWO GET ONE FREE plan.
Thank you all! Happy mining!!!
More detail, please see our official website =>

-update 15/02/26

Anniversary Sale: US$ 1,499 Only for Alchemist 256Mhs!

-Promotion price: US $1,499 per Alchemist 256Mhs (~50% off from our original tag $3,099)
-Shipping fee: US $260 per unit
-Brand new miners (made in January)
-Three month warranty

To celebrate our anniversary, AlcheMiner offers limited quantity of Alchemist 256Mhs for unbelievable price.
Alchemist 256Mhs costs only US $1,499. Nearly 50% off from our prior price!
The shipping fee is US $260 per unit.
All the promotion units are brand new with three month warranty.

Alchemist boasts lowest power consumption in the Scrypt miner market.
With such unbelievably low price, it is your wisest choice!
Since promotion units are limited, please seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Again, we appreciate your support to us in the past year.

-Update 14/10/24

Special promotion: US $3,099 for 256Mhs; $1,199 for 96Mhs!!!

To appreciate your great support to AlcheMiner, here we announce a special promotion as below:

1.   Alchemist 256Mhs: US $3,999 => $3,099
2.   Alchemist 96Mhs: US $1,500 => $1,199

Please note:
1. Quantity for this promotion is limited. We reserve the right to cancel orders once orders exceed the reserved quantity for this promotion.
2. Your Alchemist will not be shipped until your payment is received by AlcheMiner.
3. This is NOT preorder. We have Alchemist in stock already. Your Alchemist will be shipped immediately once we receive your payment.
4. Shipping is based on the order of the payment.
Happy Mining!!!


1. The Debut of Alchemist: An ultra-low power Scrypt miner

Thank you for your patience! AlcheMiner is pleased to announce that Alchemist, our ultra-high performance, ultra-low power Scrypt miner, is now ready for shipment. We have two models available: (1) Alchemist 96Mhs; (2) Alchemist 256 Mhs. You can find more details from our website: You can also see our demo in the following links:
English demo:

Chinese demo:

2. The Age of Green Mining: Why go with a green miner?

We would like to promote the concept of green mining – mine with low-power miners to save not only electricity but also the earth! Our Alchemist offers such opportunity. There are at least three benefits to select a green miner like Alchemist:
(1)   Save electricity on daily basis!
(2)   Achieve longer product life: When other power consuming miners phase out, your Alchemist still lasts!
(3)   Save the earth!
Let’s embrace the age of green mining with the debut of Alchemist!

3. The Offer of Scrypt-1 Chips: Let’s make green mining a reality!

To further grow the cryptocurrency industry, it will take collaboration among different parties across this sector. Therefore, AlcheMiner is glad to partner with other mining companies to make green mining a reality. If you manufacture Scrypt miners and would like to purchase chips from us, please contact us. We also have special promotion for limited quantity on our website:
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At $26 per mH I would pass, thanks. ZeusHash is selling scrypt cloud mining for $16/mH right now with no added fees and 24 hour activation.


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I was invited to attend the pre-announcement party of Alchemist. This is the lowest-power Scrypt miner I've ever seen so far! I have an A2 Scrypt miner whose power consumption beats Zeus completely. However, Alchemist beats my A2 miner!!! I ordered one on spot since a green miner is good for both the earth and my pocket.


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Tony, although you are right on every word you said, you miss one very important point. Yes, Alchemist can save you electricity. Yes, Alchemist is eco-friendly. However, the main reason I decided to invest in Alchemist is its long product life. I have done a lot of calculation to figure out the correlation between a miner's power consumption and network hashrate. With current LTC price and network hashrate, it doesn't make sense to get a Scrypt miner with 20+ or 30+W per Mhs. High power Scrypt miners will be forced out of the market soon since the coins you mine everyday is not going to justify your electricity bill! I don't want to get a miner that can last for a month or so (this is very likely to happen to a 20+W miner). This is the main reason I would consider Alchemist.


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Gary, I think you are right. Even if I want to waste money in my pocket, I should not create more waste for the earth. I got your point: A high-power miner that can last for only a month for sure is wasting the earth's resources. I don't want to do that at all.


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No matter it is cloud mining or miner purchase, a power-consuming Scrypt miner is going completely against the direction of energy conservation for the earth, from both product life and electricity point of view. I care about my pocket, and I also care about the earth. If both go in the same direction, why choosing the other way around!
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I smell sockpuppets  :o

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This miner looks exactely as MAT's Excalibur, so MAT is a rebranding of Alcheminer or Alcheminer is a rebranding of MAT?

I ordered scrypt cloud mining from MAT and now I got nothing, they dont reply to my emails, so at this stage, MAT looks like a scam to me. So this one seems  like also a scam.

Anyway, you can not beat the price at LTCGear (, where you could have 160 Mhs for only 850 USD (using the coupon), and you're hashing immediately.


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I don't want to buy cloud mining. I prefer having a miner by myself. I don't know if if the could mining company can last for a year to deliver their promise. I don't know how many coins they will distribute to me every week. I may be old-fashioned. But to me having something at hand feels more secure.

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I do not want to spend money just to make garychen rich for the sake of making the earth green.  Let's just do the hashlet for 16$...shall we..

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Just looked the demo, I don`t think it`s scam. Many company play the game on web. To be fair, I preordered to Alcheminer few month ago because of the special pricing deal and I also challenged Alcheminer several times in order to get my miner A.S.A.P. At least I got their feedback time by time and I knew their process. Some of my friends preordered Scrypt miners that promised Q2 but still in no sight. Others received miners with insane power consumption! Recently I was informed by Alcheminer that they confirmed to ship me Alchemist in a few day.


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Video is real, company is real, immediate shipment ; it shouldn`t be scam, right ? ;D

If their hash rate/ power consumption of miner match the spec, it`s a bit attractive choice from the current market with the real shipment. 

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It becomes even more "scammy" the more first-post-scpecial-agents register to say it's all fine.
Warning level: dark-orange.  :-\

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Lets wait and see if they could deliver anything.

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I smell sockpuppets  :o

Ha ha, it's pretty obvious isn't it?