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Safe Hash Rate Alliance mining pools
« on: May 27, 2014, 06:54:17 PM »

Safe Hash Rate Alliance

The following mining pools have pledged to keep their overall hash rate at or below 28% of network total.

Pool Operator     Pledge
HashFaster ZC Naturally, HashFaster is first in line for this sort of thing!!
CoinHuntr Warhawk CoinHunter fully backs the Litecoin Association and what is best for the community!
MuPool scratchy helps Litecoin for stable Economy
WeLoveLTC Snub WeLoveLTC is dedicated to keeping the Litecoin network safe.
Give-Me-Coins serraz We support litecoin and will do our part to ensure it sucess

What is this about?
This alliance is simply a pledge by mining pool operators to promise not go above 28% of the network total. With this pledge, they promise to take immediate action if their pool rises above the percent by communicating with their users, raising fees, closing new user registrations and ultimately blocking miners from submitting shares until such time that the pool's rate is within tolerance.
The mining pools make this promise to the Litecoin community. Their pledge is their commitment that they care about Litecoin.

Why 28%? Why not 50%?
The lower the pool's hash rate, the lower chance there is for a reorg attack on Litecoin. 28% is still to high, but we feel this is an adequate compromise.

If a pool makes the pledge, does that mean they are trusted or endorsed or verified?
No. This is simply a promise by a mining pool operator that they will help maintain a safe Litecoin network.
This is not an endorsement by anyone.

What if a pool breaks the pledge and the pool hash rate is over 28%?
Pools have 48 hours to take action and correct their hash rate. If a pool's hash rate remains above 28% for more than 48 hours, then that pool operator has broken their promise to the Litecoin community. They will no longer be able to display the Alliance logo and will be added to the list of pools who have broken their promise. They must also remove all Alliance logo from their websites.

Who created the "Safe Hash Rate Alliance?"
The Safe Hash Rate Alliance was created by the Litecoin Association to help educate the Litecoin Community about the perils of a single entity having too much of the network's hash rate.

How do I get my pool to be part of the Alliance?
Ask your pool's operator to read this page and make the pledge.

I'm a mining pool operator, how do I make the pledge?
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