Author Topic: If you could create a new society from the ground up, what would you do?  (Read 1346 times)

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Right now, I'll just say that it could happen. If you basically got dumped on a desert planet with a few of your buddies and told to survive, would you see this as an opportunity to start a new society? If so, what would it look like?

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Very interesting mind experiment....

This really depends on how many people there are. And if there is an even male/female ratio. We talking about 5 people or 100? 5 people survive, 100 people can colonize.

1. Figure out strengths of people and weaknesses
2. Gather intel on the area. what type of resources are available (coconuts, wood, sand? lol)
3. Immediately set up temporary shelter
4. Make crude hunting equipment
5. Gather food, identify edible plants as well as animals in the area
6. Spend the next few weeks surviving, replace temp shelters for more substantial ones
7. Ohh and gather water!

I'm sure not what you expected, but this is what came to mind when you asked the question.

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Would we be dumped with or without tools, survival gear, clothes?

With - this would be easy just pick a place to set up a camp, preferably near a water source, gather firewood, divide into groups and look for food and better campsite.
If you read The Mysterious Island you'll know what to do :D

Without - this might be the end of us. Sadly I don't know anybody who can survive without gear. I don't think I could make a fire with 2 sticks or a knife from a sharp rock. We'd probably die. ;D