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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
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Meeting on Jul 27 2104
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[13:00] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association public meeting on IRC.
[13:00] bonksnp Carnth with the pro typing today
[13:00] Webuser34097 Hi
[13:01] newb1 here
[13:01] Carnth Today's agenda is going to be a lighter one.
[13:01] FreeJack2k2 present
[13:01] zethien here
[13:01] Carnth First I'll discuss the release of the first litecoin videos.
[13:02] Carnth Then I'll ask FreeJack to give an update on the Litecoin Marketing progress which I hear is doing great.
[13:02] -->| mmitech ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:02] Carnth Next, I'll ask in TheMage has anyhting.
[13:03] Carnth Finally, we'll open the floor to everyone.
[13:03] Carnth The first
[13:03] Carnth Litecoin Videos are
[13:03] Carnth excuse me.
[13:04] Carnth The First litcoin videos has been submitted to the Litecoin Association.
[13:04] Carnth Bounites have been paid and they will be submitted to the Official LA youtube channel.
[13:04] Carnth After that, We will need help translating the captions to various languages.
[13:05] Carnth If you would like to subscribe to the Youtube channel
[13:06] Carnth
[13:07] Carnth FreeJack2k2: Please give us an update on Litecoin Marketing.
[13:07] FreeJack2k2 We're laying the foundation right now. Through the last week or so, we've had a lot of discussions about the branding identity, who we are appealing to and how we want them to feel about Litecoin.
[13:08] FreeJack2k2 We've got the foundation for a branding document now and we will begin developing our "branding bible"
[13:08] -->| artilectinc ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:08] FreeJack2k2 After the branding bible is complete, we'll begin work on the physical manifestations of the brand
[13:08] FreeJack2k2 THE LOGO lol
[13:08] FreeJack2k2 and the website, etc
[13:08] TheMage branding guide, not bible! lol
[13:08] FreeJack2k2 We are going to have one overarching vibe that dictates everything that we generate
[13:08] newb1 Will it be a Christain bible? Okay, bad joke.
[13:09] FreeJack2k2 from the visuals to the copy
[13:09] zethien unlike the christian bible, ours will be consistent and make sense
[13:09] FreeJack2k2 I brought in BitcoinFridge to help with graphic design but we need more skilled people...particularly web developers, graphic artists and copy writers
[13:10] artilectinc I do web development
[13:10] FreeJack2k2 copy writers should have experience in writing marketing copy that adheres to a branding guide
[13:10] FreeJack2k2 yeah anyone who is interested in volunteering should PM me on or reddit and get in touch
[13:10] artilectinc light on the graphic elements though, but I can use photoshop, illustrator with success
[13:11] FreeJack2k2 But we have made great strides over the past week or two, in my opinion.
[13:11] mubit what about a hootsuite account, tie all the social media together, maybe even respond to people/discussions about litecoin
[13:11] FreeJack2k2 Also hoping that I can get crypto_coiner more involved, he's been a good voice in terms of marketing
[13:11] |<-- zsentinel has left freenode (Quit: ZNC -
[13:11] TheMage mubit, we are using trello to gather out marketing campaign
[13:12] Carnth Thanks FreeJack2k2 Thisis some great progress.
[13:13] Carnth TheMage: You mentioned you wanted to share.
[13:13] -->| zsentinel ([email protected]/zsentinel) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:14] TheMage hmmmm, well interestingly enough 2 smaller exchanges decided to change their trading pairs from LTC begin the main to something else. Someone from CCN (crypto news network) reached out to me for a comment/quote. I spoke on behalf of the LA.
[13:15] TheMage Aside from that, I dont think I have any particular updates.
[13:15] TheMage freejack covered the marketing stuff already
[13:15] newb1 What as your comment/quote?
[13:15] Carnth TheMage: Are you allowed to post?
[13:15] TheMage you have to go read it when its posted
[13:16] TheMage lol
[13:16] Carnth Or do you have to wait until the article is published.
[13:16] Carnth OK.
[13:16] newb1 Okay, I will wait (patiently).
[13:16] Anthony1s can you say what exchanges?
[13:16] TheMage i would wait until its published in case he comes back
[13:16] mmitech Litecoin needs to get some of its own projects...
[13:16] Carnth We'll read it then.
[13:16] TheMage Bittrex and polonex
[13:16] Carnth Last we'll open the floor to anyone;s questions or comments.
[13:16] mmitech copying from Bitcoin has become a bit old fashion
[13:17] mubit zing
[13:17] bonksnp This may be for BitcoinFridge, but is there a link to the official LA logo (the lines connecting dots one)?
[13:17] TheMage bittrex now has blackcoin tradiing pairs and polonex has monero (I spelled that wrong)
[13:17] Anthony1s oh, so they added more ltc pairs
[13:17] Carnth bonksnp: I can get you the LA logo, please send me a pm on the forum for it.
[13:17] bonksnp roger
[13:17] TheMage no, the LTC trading paris we changed to those anthony1s
[13:18] TheMage pairs*
[13:18] TheMage mmitech Litecoin has a bunch of projects, or are you specifically talking about software related ones?
[13:19] mmitech side projects are important, I dont mean sponsored by LA but we need to bring awareness so more players are willing to contribute
[13:20] mmitech some tweaks to the software also would be great
[13:20] bonksnp which bring me to something I wanted to mention
[13:20] -->| flashpunk ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:20] bonksnp Carnth, may I have the floor?
[13:20] [ERROR] No match for “mmt”.
[13:20] mmitech I know that Devs are taking things carefully and slowly but this may harm more than help Litecoin
[13:20] TheMage mmitech, freejack myself and many others are working on that in case you did not know
[13:20] TheMage banksnp, it is open!
[13:20] TheMage bonksnp*
[13:20] Carnth I agree mmitech, Getting awareness out to merchants is a big priority.
[13:21] bonksnp I wanted to issue a everyone here
[13:21] bonksnp lurking, talking, everyone
[13:21] Carnth Perhaps that can be a marketing campaign.
[13:21] bonksnp and its free and relatively easy
[13:21] -->| catchin ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:21] artilectinc @mmitech there is nothing stopping anyone from developing a project they leverages the ltc network and block chain. Everyone is free to contribute.
[13:21] bonksnp I challenge everyone to send one email, just one, to a company that you would like to see accept Litecoin.
[13:21] ferg Is it worth asking coindesk to update their GoCelery story to include ltc? Are they are responsive bunch?
[13:22] artilectinc development that edits the existing source is strictyl in the current dev's hands.
[13:22] bonksnp And at our next meeting, we can share who we emailed and if we ever got a response back
[13:22] Anthony1s everything is always worth asking
[13:22] bonksnp (2 weeks should be suffecient for some sort of response)
[13:22] thedon_ booksnp, i have been thinking about this for a while, I think we should set up a "club" that anyone can join
[13:22] mmitech artilectinc: and there is no one stopping you from going to Antarctica!! but why would you ?
[13:23] FreeJack2k2 Also, make sure that when a merchant or vendor starts accepting Litecoin you are supporting them with sales. This is really an activist effort.
[13:23] Carnth FreeJack2k2: has a really good point.
[13:23] bonksnp absolutely ^^
[13:23] Carnth Support merchants who support Litecoin.
[13:23] Anthony1s maybe figuring out a way to incentivize devs to build on top of the ltc network/blockchain would be a good thing
[13:23] thedon_ to carry out this function.. e-mailling merchants etc
[13:23] Carnth And, there are already merchants who accept Litecoin.
[13:23] FreeJack2k2 if a merchant decides to accept it but nobody spends it, then we have shot ourselves massively in the foot
[13:24] thedon_ was thinking of calling it "Litecoin Minions" and photoshop some yellow minions silver
[13:24] Carnth Support existing Litecoin merchants so they can show Litecoin releated sales figures
[13:24] Carnth This will really help spread adoption.
[13:24] artilectinc @mmitech why would I develop software and services for LTC? To answer your first question for one, "Litecoin needs to get some of its own projects..."
[13:24] thedon_ or something to fun to get people involved
[13:24] TheMage I did want to mention merchants right now, I think we need to be careful of how much we try to gain mass awareness right now. If we get too many merchants accepting too quickly we will be shooting ourselves in the foot.
[13:25] bonksnp OH OH.....instead of HODL...........SPEDN!!!!
[13:25] newb1 Spend and get more
[13:25] FreeJack2k2 As the network gains in strength, I honestly believe that it will be seen as a viable platform for a LOT of services and businesses as they seek a new "ground floor" opportunity. There's a lot of competition in the Bitcoin space, Litecoin is a lot more open.
[13:25] zethien @thedon_ I bought, its avaliable for use if someone has an idea, maybe this club?
[13:25] bonksnp TheMage: I think thats a good problem to have
[13:25] Anthony1s there are a bunch of local shops that are open to accepting bitcoin/litecoin in my city, but there are no users here
[13:25] |<-- flashpunk has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[13:25] mmitech the point is that most people look at Litecoin as the second alt but most of them doesnt see the reason of its existence, we need to work this out then everything will be easy after that.
[13:26] FreeJack2k2 mmitech - that is an issue that we are most definitely attacking with the marketing and branding ID.
[13:26] FreeJack2k2 it's coming
[13:26] zethien the hodl comes from seeing Litecoin as an investment rather than a money IMO
[13:26] zethien it does need to move over to a SPEDN
[13:26] FreeJack2k2 If we have our way, Litecoin will not be seen as "second" anything
[13:26] TheMage bonksnp, yes but if lets say overstock started to accept Litecoin, it creates a downward push on prices and we dont need that right now with so much downward pressure from asic miners selling
[13:27] bonksnp TheMage: but blows our exposure up into the stratosphere
[13:27] ferg agreed, patient we must be
[13:27] bonksnp but yea, you have a point
[13:27] TheMage mmitech, are you interested in helping out with marketing?
[13:28] mmitech how can I help ?
[13:28] FreeJack2k2 mmitech: what can you do?
[13:28] bonksnp The perfect question
[13:28] artilectinc incentivizing service providers. Think of it this way. Miners provide a service and they are provided incentive through rewards from the blocks they mine, but who provides incentive to service providers on the block chain. Maybe blocks should be distributed to service providers as well as miners. No one. Maybe that should be something considered. Any holes in that idea?
[13:29] TheMage artlectinc, we should be careful with that because people may look at that as bribing.
[13:29] mmitech FreeJack2k2: I was an IT engineer for 6 years, now they call me a troll and spammer in Bitcointalk and Litecointalk
[13:29] TheMage if you are talking about merchants
[13:29] FreeJack2k2 lol
[13:29] Anthony1s well merchants are incentivized by having lower processing and handling fees
[13:29] TheMage aside from marketing and adoption, anyone else have anything they would like to bring up?
[13:30] FreeJack2k2 mmitech: so in that capacity do you have web development/design experience?
[13:30] artilectinc @mmitech it is easy to say we gotta do something without providing something to do. Everyone knows something must be done. The hard part is inventing those opportunities. So you shoudl task yourself as much as you are tasking everyone else to come up with "something" to do.
[13:30] Anthony1s i dont think it's a merchant problem, i think it's incentivizing more people to use/spend litecoin that will be best
[13:30] Carnth mmitech: I think everyone here in this IRC channel wants Litecoin to succeed. We are all on the same side. LA is about getting us all working together.
[13:30] Carnth mmitech: If you want to help, we can use you.
[13:30] artilectinc @TheMage so are miners bribed to mine the blockchain?
[13:30] Anthony1s however, like was said already, it takes time. as long as we're deticated and stable then it will all come into place.
[13:31] ferg what about a gif/video with two stopwatches showing average transaction times for LTC vs BTC (the clocks would be sped up)
[13:31] bonksnp Anthony1: If people dont have anywhere to spend LTC, then noone will use it. It's free for merchants to begin accepting it......much less risk for merchants than users
[13:31] mmitech I dont do much of Development, I did python few years ago but I am mostly an Operation engeneer, the one who implement systems, manage teams and make sure to get things done
[13:31] TheMage artilectinc: Maybe this is something that can be posted so people can discuss :).
[13:32] mmitech so I really dont know how can I help, I asked few times before but no one seemed to be interested
[13:32] mmitech one thin I was trying to do is to bring Litecoin to Bitstamp
[13:32] Anthony1s then we need one major mechant and payment processor to accept litecoin
[13:32] bonksnp Are there any major funding/sponsorship campaigns going on with LTC right now?
[13:32] FreeJack2k2 mmitech: Well, we're definitely going to be needing people with project management experience, so that may be a place where you'd be able to help.
[13:32] bonksnp Anthony1: Bingo.
[13:33] Anthony1s one that has something for sale to everyone
[13:33] artilectinc @TheMage that would be good. It need to seriously be vetted. Protection against spamming transactions to generate rewards needs to be considered and such.
[13:33] Anthony1s something everyone wants
[13:33] TheMage as for merchants versus usage (i.e. people having it), just remember we are in a speculative phase that will likely continue until 2015. We are setting up all the marketing stuff in order to strike when we end that phase and begin the merchant adoption one :).
[13:33] FreeJack2k2 Absolutely. We want to send the right message when people coming looking at Litecoin.
[13:34] mmitech I was going to start to work there, but after talking too much and later when Nejc didnt call
[13:34] bonksnp Are there any major funding/sponsorship campaigns going on with LTC right now?
[13:35] mmitech well to be honest, he also was asking about the reason of existence of Litecoin and I asked the same question about ripple so he didnt like it and we didnt anywhere
[13:35] Carnth bonksnp: Major funding? Like 100+ LTC?
[13:35] Carnth OR 1000
[13:35] Carnth LTC?
[13:35] bonksnp 1000+
[13:35] Carnth No, no one has donated the funds for that.
[13:36] FreeJack2k2 I think if we have money to spend, it should be spent very wisely...and I personally don't believe that slapping a logo on a NASCAR completely out of context is effective marketing.
[13:36] zethien Another question I've been wondering: since half of LTC's usage is going on in China, what are they doing in terms of services, innovations, campaigns, etc? anything?
[13:36] Carnth Besides. We need FreeJack2k2's marketing to make sure we use the funds effectively.
[13:36] TheMage so about funding, I think I should mention a few things
[13:37] Anthony1s haha yea. nascar logos aren't the best idea.
[13:37] FreeJack2k2 zethien: that's a great point and we are also going to have to attack that from our end, with the website and things like that. We have to make sure everything we produce is also available in Chinese.
[13:37] bonksnp Right....I was just more wondering than anything else......totally agree the funds should be scrutinized
[13:37] FreeJack2k2 The culture surrounding this in China is much different than it is here.
[13:37] artilectinc I agree with @zethien we need a liason with chinese connections on litecointalk and bitcointalk to extend our reach
[13:38] artilectinc or at least a translator
[13:38] FreeJack2k2 gotta cruise guys, good at you later
[13:38] bonksnp
[13:38] TheMage we have funds for a few items, and some of it has been promised to certain people for specific projects before marketing took off. I will be honoring those such as the video and the merchants flyers (which have been paid). We have some funds for marketing, and we need to be more careful where we spent it at.
[13:38] ferg can you ellaborate on that point FreeJack?
[13:38] zethien that. and I also think it should have been part of the LA's duty to bridge these two demographs as well, but I havent seen much so far
[13:38] |<-- FreeJack2k2 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[13:38] Anthony1s i do have a friend in hong kong that I can ask about
[13:39] [INFO] 1 matches for “Anth”: [Anthony1s: ]
[13:39] Anthony1s he was asking me about litecoin/bitcoin back in november
[13:39] TheMage zethien, almost all the work is volunteer. So we try to work on things as we can
[13:39] TheMage anthony1s that would be great
[13:39] Carnth Anthony1s: That's good, because I don't know anyone in the Chineese market.
[13:39] zethien I think we have one guy on the marketing team who is in Hong Kong
[13:39] [ERROR] No match for “Chineese”.
[13:39] [INFO] There is nothing to tab-complete. Use F6 to cycle through the user list, input box and the chat output.
[13:39] zethien but he is not chinese himself
[13:39] Carnth Chinese
[13:39] artilectinc yes if we can get solid and consistent branding that targets western and eastern cultures we can send more powerful messages.
[13:40] Anthony1s i just gotta wait for him to come around in IRC again. He seems to stop in once a month or so.
[13:40] artilectinc I was reading somewhere this week that there ar emore chinese people online than there are in the whole of the americas
[13:41] bonksnp BTW guys, although TM paid some funds for merchant flyers, Im still going to produce them
[13:41] J988799 We are developing a Litecoin payment gatewayShould be released in a day or two on the LTC reddit!
[13:41] bonksnp and now that we have some marketing foundation, hopefully they'll start looking a little more like everything else
[13:41] TheMage like gocoin?
[13:41] J988799 So you'll be able to spend litecoin on
[13:41] artilectinc @J988799 good news! look forward to it
[13:41] J988799 it's an instant converter
[13:41] Anthony1s wow, that sounds promising J988799
[13:41] J988799 Thanks
[13:41] newb1 If the floor is still open to other concerns: As a person living in New York, I am interested in a Litecoin response to Lawsky's proposed regulations. Does anyone know if Charlie/Warren/others are planning a response of some kind?
[13:42] TheMage I have not yet responded
[13:42] artilectinc @J988799 PM me on litecointalk name is >
[13:42] -->| roscoe_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:42] TheMage but as a future business owner, its really a slap in the face to crypto's and crypto related businesses
[13:42] roscoe_ sorry for being so late
[13:42] TheMage hi rosce_!
[13:43] roscoe_ howdy
[13:43] Anthony1s heya roscoe_
[13:43] Carnth roscoe_: meetins is over like 30 min ago
[13:43] artilectinc @newb1 no reponse from any of them on the bitlicense proposal. But it is dangerous legislation. It effectively puts control over cryptos in the hands of preexisting banks
[13:43] TheMage LOL carnth
[13:43] bonksnp Carnth: ba dum psh
[13:43] roscoe_ you want to talk about quilting or ross stiching? i'm down
[13:44] roscoe_ cross, not ross. sorry
[13:44] artilectinc Maybe that would be a good marketing campaign. Publish some communications to Warren and others to get them to talk on behalf of cryptos especially litecoin.
[13:44] Carnth roscoe_: what do you think about Lawsky's proposed regualtions?
[13:44] artilectinc I'm a constituent of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I can try to set up a meeting
[13:45] roscoe_ if the man is trying to keep us down, I say Fight the Power!
[13:45] roscoe_ i'haven't read it, I'm sorry
[13:45] TheMage artilectinc, I have been trying to do that with crypto news areas and blogs. I would be ecstatic to have a meeting with legislative officials.
[13:45] bonksnp I honestly havent either.....anyone have a link?
[13:46] newb1
[13:46] mmitech I am on side channels, when you decide what you need me for let me know.
[13:46] artilectinc @TheMage its hard to set up meetings with congress people if you are not in their district. I think this might be a good opportunity to try.
[13:46] mmitech or PM me on Litecointalk
[13:46] Carnth thanks mmitech
[13:47] TheMage I (or Carnth at that) can speak on behalf of the Litecoin Association.
[13:47] artilectinc here is the reddit thread on the proposal
[13:47] TheMage I am in maryland, for a meeting with an official in NY I would most likely drive
[13:47] bonksnp Headline reads: "Legislative officials to discuss Cryptocurrency proposal with TheMage. EPA to discuss future of Central Park with TheBard."
[13:47] TheMage mmitech, I'll be in touch
[13:48] TheMage [email protected]
[13:49] Anthony1s i gotta go. nice talking with you guys.
[13:49] Carnth "DOJ to discuss future of fighter jest with ThePaladin"
[13:49] Anthony1s ill catch up with the rest of the chat later
[13:49] |<-- Webuser34097 has left freenode (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[13:49] artilectinc Warren is in Massachusetts where I'm from. Would you be willing to come up to MA for a meeting. I could head down to DC if it woudl take place there. But as much as congress is on vacation it might be up here
[13:49] |<-- a4f4 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[13:49] TheMage see you Anthony1s
[13:49] Carnth Befroe I close the meeting... Any other questions or comments?
[13:50] TheMage I could certainly try
[13:50] newb1 Hopefully I will not have to leave New York state to stay involved in Litecoin!
[13:50] artilectinc @TheMage do you want to draft some talking points for a meeting request to Warren?
[13:50] roscoe_ I looked through the DFS proposal, what a crock.... that is for NY only, correct?
[13:50] TheMage Hmmm, I could do that.
[13:51] TheMage Lets keep in contact about this, either in PMs or a thread!
[13:51] Carnth roscoe_: so far, but would be a bad precedent.
[13:51] newb1 New York only... but it could be looked at as a model.
[13:51] artilectinc @roscoe_ it is but it sets a precedent. If NY adopts it everyone will
[13:51] Carnth Any other questions or comments?
[13:51] artilectinc After all NY is the financial capital. It would soon spread to Tokyo London, Hong Kong etc
[13:51] newb1 There should be a litecoin response to the proposed regulations.
[13:52] roscoe_ i think it has horrible consequences for NY and all of USA if addopted
[13:52] bonksnp oh
[13:52] bonksnp Carnth sorry
[13:52] roscoe_ cryptos too
[13:52] zethien I just wanted to say, that if we look at the transcripts from the last couple meetings, that I said we were gonna need some legal-savvy people around here
[13:52] newb1 I don't know how that could or would happen, but it should.
[13:52] bonksnp 1 last thing.....anyone know anything about doing SEO?
[13:52] artilectinc @bonksnp yes
[13:53] bonksnp we seriously need to get this whole "Did you mean Bitcoin?" when searching for Litecoin things under control........really grinds my gears
[13:53] artilectinc yes it is like that everywhere.
[13:53] bonksnp is it fixable?
[13:53] TheMage I'm goign to end the "official" meeting, but please continue talking folks. Meeting ended

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #16 on: August 03, 2014, 12:37:56 AM »
I am going to try frequent these from now on. I'm full on crypto baby!

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
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Meeting on Aug 10, 2014

Code: [Select]
[13:00] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association Public Metting Aug 10 2014
[13:01] Carnth Today's agenda will be "lite"
[13:01] zethien huehuehue
[13:01] newb1 It's only appropriate.
[13:01] chanserver OP #litecoin-association
[13:01] === The nickname “chanserver” does not exist.
[13:01] ChanServ OP #litecoin-association
[13:01] =-= Mode #litecoin-association +o Carnth by ChanServ
[13:01] TheMage hi
[13:01] Carnth The first Litecoin video was released on Youtube.
[13:02] Carnth If you haven't seen it, take a look here.
[13:02] Carnth
[13:03] Carnth After it was released to the public, I asked the community to submit subtitle translations and we had great success.
[13:03] Carnth The video is subtitle in over 10 languages.
[13:04] newb1 That's awesome.
[13:04] Carnth We need more. If you have the ability, please submit a translation. See here for more info.
[13:04] Carnth
[13:05] Carnth The second submitted video will be released in the coming weeks. submitted by jsbeiber.
[13:05] [ERROR] No match for “jsbei”.
[13:05] [ERROR] No match for “js”.
[13:06] Carnth The second video is based on the same script, and same voice over.
[13:06] -->| Anthony1s{-_-} ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:06] Carnth But it has a different take on the graphics and music.
[13:06] Carnth Consider them both "official" Litecoin videos.
[13:07] Carnth The jsbeiber2 version has a slightly different script, so translations will be needed again.
[13:07] Carnth Stay tuned for that.
[13:07] crazik hi
[13:08] Carnth And that's it for the agenda items... I told you is was Lite.
[13:09] crazik oh.
[13:09] Carnth TheMage: Have something?
[13:09] TheMage sure, I have a few things
[13:10] TheMage Dogecoin will be implementing AUXPoW (merge mine)
[13:10] TheMage I will be asking the various Litecoin pools to switch over
[13:10] TheMage in order to help them out with the transition
[13:10] TheMage this will be a good boon for miners, getting both Dogecoin and Litecoin while mining
[13:10] TheMage I believe it will be a few weeks out before it is ready
[13:11] TheMage secondly, the Marketing effort is going strong
[13:11] TheMage We are now looking at the coloring scheme and trying to determine what we will be using in the future for marketing efforts
[13:12] TheMage the branding guide is still being worked on (its comprehensive)
[13:12] TheMage and the for lack of a better terms, conops has been written up (concept of operations)
[13:12] TheMage sorry, engineer speak there
[13:12] TheMage I dont have much more than that
[13:13] TheMage crazik, do you have something
[13:13] crazik no
[13:13] TheMage ohh ok
[13:13] TheMage carnth
[13:13] Anthony1s{-_-} I have something
[13:13] Carnth OK. Then I'll open the floor to questions or comments.... Anthony1s
[13:13] Anthony1s{-_-} Are guys gonna change the litecointalk favicon to the new logo?
[13:14] crazik hides
[13:14] Anthony1s{-_-} i see the other logo is changed but not the favicon
[13:14] Carnth Yes, I'll make crazik do it.
[13:14] TheMage lol
[13:14] Carnth Where did he go?
[13:14] Anthony1s{-_-} ok. that's all i have.
[13:14] Bonksnp So I wanted to do some Litecoin Association t-shirts for my new shirt site
[13:14] Carnth crazik: I see you are still logged on to IRC. Do it.
[13:14] crazik I was very busy in last months
[13:14] Bonksnp Can I use the logo if I donate some of the proceeds to the LA?
[13:15] crazik Carnth: do we still have any LA tshirts
[13:15] crazik ?
[13:15] Bonksnp Heres a sample of the shirt I mocked up:
[13:16] Bonksnp If no, I hate you all and I quit.
[13:16] Anthony1s{-_-} me too
[13:16] Carnth LA has a tshirt for sale.
[13:16] Bonksnp Oh!
[13:16] TheMage
[13:16] Bonksnp I never saw that
[13:17] Bonksnp In that case, nevermind. But I will mention I have a crypto t-shirt site up!
[13:17] Anthony1s{-_-} I like black better than white. Stays cleaner.
[13:17] Carnth Bonksnp: If you want to make your own we should discuss this in PMs.
[13:17] TheMage shameless self plus.............I like it!
[13:17] TheMage plug*
[13:18] Bonksnp Carnth: Ok
[13:18] Bonksnp BTW I will have several more LTC shirts going up in the next few days
[13:18] Bonksnp ok Im done
[13:19] Carnth Any other questions or comments....
[13:19] pooler I have a question as a pool owner
[13:19] TheMage sure
[13:19] Anthony1s{-_-} hi pooler
[13:20] pooler I haven't been following the doge scene much, so I wonder if anybody knows how long it will take till auxpow goes live for the dogecoin mainnet
[13:20] pooler hi
[13:20] Carnth pooler: I don't know either. It's up to the Doge Dev I guess.
[13:20] TheMage in a few weeks, I asked in the dogecoindev reddit and when I asked I believe the answer was (if everything goes smooth, but I havent checked) around end of next week. I will get more information and pass it along to you.
[13:21] TheMage or maybe ill post something in the pools sub forum to let all the pools know.
[13:21] pooler great, thanks!
[13:21] TheMage welcome!
[13:21] -->| ferg ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:22] Carnth Any other questions or comments?
[13:22] zethien whats the status on the LA reorganization or whatever?
[13:23] Carnth We will be reforing in the State of Texas.
[13:23] zethien any timeline on that?
[13:23] Carnth The old entity (in the State of Florida) will need to be disolved.
[13:23] zethien just curious is all
[13:24] newb1 Why is that needed and why texas?
[13:24] Bonksnp I'm in Texas (in case you all need a steak or something)
[13:24] TheMage Tx is more frlendly to crypto's
[13:24] Bonksnp
[13:24] TheMage ship me a steak!
[13:25] Bonksnp Carnth: BTW, sent you a PM
[13:25] Bonksnp TheMage: You're a mage! conjour one up!
[13:25] Carnth And the old entity should be disolved to make sure it is completely "cleaned up." I don't want to leave used leagal entitied around.
[13:25] TheMage bonksnp lol
[13:26] Carnth I don't want to have an entity accidently miss a regulatiory tax or Sec of State submission. And then get fined, etc.
[13:26] Carnth As for the time, It will still be a while.
[13:26] Bonksnp Carnth: Seriously, I go to Austin about twice a month so if I can help in any way, please let me know
[13:27] Carnth Maybe another month. The legal paper work (to get it done right) takes a while.
[13:27] Carnth I am working with a law firm in the state of texas and things are moving.
[13:27] Bonksnp Ahh ok. Well if I need to "pay someone a visit", ya know......just let me know
[13:28] Carnth Bonksnp: Thanks, but so far, so good.
[13:28] Carnth One of the problems was try to get payment to the law firm.... if they just accepted LTC, we would be almost done by now.
[13:29] Carnth But I am working on them.
[13:29] Bonksnp ha!
[13:29] newb1 What firm is being used?
[13:29] TheMage we would prefer not to say at this point in time
[13:30] Carnth After we completely reorg I can answer.
[13:31] Carnth Any other questions or comments?
[13:31] Bonksnp newb1: I have a question when this is done
[13:31] newb1 Sure
[13:32] Carnth OK! No more questions?
[13:33] Carnth Then I'
[13:33] Carnth I'll close the meeting Thanks for participating.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #18 on: August 24, 2014, 06:55:13 PM »
Meeting on Aug 24, 2014

Code: [Select]
[14:01] TheMage Welcome everyone to the regular Litecoin Association meeting!
[14:01] -->| jief78_ ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:01] TheMage the meeting has now begun
[14:01] jief78 i'm going to xchat
[14:01] |<-- jief78 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[14:02] TheMage I will be hosting this meeting, and ask Carnth and Crazik if they have anything to discuss, then the floor will be open for public discussions
[14:02] TheMage Can I get a show of hands who is here?
[14:02] Anthony1s{-_-} here i am
[14:02] Carnth waves
[14:02] newb1 howdy
[14:02] Webuser34097 Here
[14:02] crazik hides
[14:02] Carnth finds crazik and points to him
[14:03] TheMage I expect people to join as the meeting progresses
[14:03] -->| jief ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:03] Carnth Good cal TheMage
[14:03] Anthony1s{-_-} i'm half here. visiting relatives atm.
[14:03] TheMage So first on the addenda, Mycellium has reached its goal for Litecoin support
[14:03] -->| jief78 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:04] Carnth Quick "what is mycellium, for those that don't know.
[14:04] TheMage they have officially reached over $31,000
[14:04] TheMage ok i will address that in a second
[14:04] TheMage Here is the fundraiser page
[14:04] Anthony1s{-_-} It's a usb device you can plug into a printer that will generate public/private keys and print out paper wallets for you
[14:04] TheMage Thanks
[14:04] -->| zsentinel ([email protected]/zsentinel) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:05] TheMage So we now have a way to easily produce offline wallets
[14:05] -->| ranger1320 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:05] Anthony1s{-_-} little bit confused on how they will impliment it. it won't work with bitcoin and litecoin on the same device with their current device design
[14:06] Anthony1s{-_-} but time will solve my concerns
[14:06] TheMage I believe there will be some sort of configuration file in order to enable one way or another
[14:06] Anthony1s{-_-} ah
[14:06] -->| Neozonz|Disc ([email protected]/neozonz) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:06] TheMage from what I understand in my private chats with their lead
[14:06] TheMage I think he also posted it
[14:06] TheMage on reddit
[14:07] Anthony1s{-_-} cool. ill search for it sometime.
[14:07] TheMage second topic, merchant adoption
[14:07] TheMage a new company posted on the forums, who is a larger company from what I understand, that will now begin to start accepting litecoin with the assistance of gocoin
[14:08] TheMage looks for the name
[14:08] TheMage Digital Game Sales
[14:08] TheMage here is the thread
[14:08] TheMage
[14:08] |<-- Neozonz has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[14:08] TheMage so I bring this up because we as a community need to continue to push for adoption
[14:08] TheMage but more importantly
[14:08] TheMage we need to get people to utilize it
[14:09] Anthony1s{-_-} nice. GoCoin needs our support.
[14:09] -->| gotalite ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:09] Anthony1s{-_-} We can't wait around for Coinbase
[14:09] TheMage its fantastic that we have companies that are starting to accept Litecoin, but we need you, the community, to get more end user adoption
[14:10] Anthony1s{-_-} On that topic, I will be posting my emails and strategies for getting merchant adoption soon.
[14:10] TheMage fantastic, thank you
[14:10] Anthony1s{-_-} I've been working on getting my city of Scranton to start embracing litecoin and bitcoin
[14:10] TheMage scranton is located where again?
[14:10] Anthony1s{-_-} North East Pennsylvania
[14:11] TheMage ahh fantastic
[14:11] TheMage as far as end user adoption, carnth has a cool story to share
[14:11] TheMage go ahead carnth
[14:11] Carnth Yesterday I was wearing my Litecoin T-shirt
[14:12] Carnth I was out at BestBuy "just browsing"
[14:12] newb1 Wait around for coinbase? My understanding is, Coinbase adoption, at this time, would do more harm than good for Litecoin. TheMage, can you speak to this?
[14:12] Carnth Butone of the Mac salesperson came up to me.
[14:12] TheMage nerb1, yes after carnth finishes
[14:12] Carnth He Asked "What is Litecoin and why should I care"
[14:13] Carnth My Thshirt was a great conversation starter.
[14:13] Carnth I got to talk about litecoin to a total stranger.
[14:13] Carnth I told him all about it and he was gennerally interested.
[14:14] TheMage I need to get me one of those shirts
[14:14] Carnth So, if you have the gumption, get out there and spread the word.
[14:14] Anthony1s{-_-}
[14:14] Anthony1s{-_-} Do LA members get a discount on the shirts?
[14:14] Carnth I'm sure any Litecoin reatled merch can help.
[14:14] Carnth ...can help break the ice.
[14:14] TheMage anthony1s, I am not sure. Carnth?
[14:15] Carnth I'll have to check.
[14:15] Carnth Just be ready to talk. Listen. and answer questions.
[14:15] TheMage As far as coinbase, I see a lot of people asking and pleading all the time for coinbase adoption, which is a great thing.
[14:16] TheMage however, I generally feel (and this is me, not the official stance of the LA), that bringing in coinbase in this critical growth phase may cause more harm than good
[14:17] TheMage because there already exists a downward pressure on the price of litecoin from current asics on the market
[14:17] TheMage coinbase, like gocoin, are liquidators, if you use your coins with merchants who are using them, they resell those coins on the exchanges
[14:17] TheMage increasing supply
[14:18] TheMage so when the dust settles
[14:18] TheMage which I personally believe will be begining of next year
[14:18] TheMage we will be in a key position to have coinbase adoption
[14:18] TheMage again, thats just my personal views on it
[14:19] TheMage we can also discuss this topic on the forums as well
[14:19] gotalite whould you say there doesn't already exist a downward pressure on the price of bitcoin from current asics?
[14:19] gotalite of course there is
[14:19] gotalite but the price is being held up by an artificial demand
[14:19] newb1 artificial demand?
[14:19] gotalite there's absolutely no economic equillibrium in any of these coins
[14:20] TheMage I didnt want to go too deep into this convo here lol
[14:20] TheMage too much to talk about during the LA meeting
[14:20] Anthony1s{-_-} coinbase doesn't sell all it's coins though, they keep a supply to sell to customers. right?
[14:20] gotalite sorry it was only in response to your lack of enthusiasm for coinbase adoption
[14:21] Anthony1s{-_-} yea, i agree. not the time or place to discuss this
[14:21] TheMage as far as price goes, just remember that we are a coin and community are growing more and more. In both merchant/user adoption, network security, and community.
[14:21] gotalite right, lets talk about t-shirts
[14:21] |<-- aSD_ has left freenode (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[14:21] |<-- gotalite has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[14:21] Anthony1s{-_-} haha
[14:21] -->| hitchi ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:21] TheMage These are certainly exciting times for all of us who are here
[14:21] TheMage and it will be turbulent for the enxt few months
[14:22] TheMage just a few words of encouragement for everyone
[14:22] TheMage as far as the shirts, Carnth do you have a link to them?
[14:23] Carnth
[14:23] Anthony1s{-_-}
[14:23] TheMage thanks guys
[14:23] Anthony1s{-_-} beat me to it
[14:23] TheMage Wheres the "ask me about Litecoin" shirts!
[14:24] Carnth That's the shirt I was wearing.
[14:24] TheMage they look good
[14:24] TheMage I was kidding
[14:24] TheMage Ok, I dont think I have much more to discuss at this time
[14:24] TheMage Carnth or Crazik, anything for you two to bring up?
[14:25] zzzzzz (thank yall). I just found this on Twitter. Wanted to peep.
[14:25] Carnth Nothing else from me.
[14:26] Anthony1s{-_-} I have a few things.
[14:26] TheMage crazik?
[14:26] crazik nope.
[14:26] choup What about BitStamp?
[14:26] TheMage ok opening the floor to folks
[14:27] TheMage What about Bitstamp?
[14:27] -->| MdS ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:27] choup Oh nothing it's okay. I was just wondering if we could terrorise them into accepting Litecoin, or somink.
[14:27] TheMage They have not seemed interested in Litecoin for quite a while now unfortunately
[14:28] =-= Mode #litecoin-association +o Carnth by ChanServ
[14:28] choup I was wondering also if the LA could arrange for the subreddit and website to be redesigned?
[14:28] Carnth choup: Which website?
[14:29] TheMage I believe he is talking about /r/Litecoin
[14:29] choup
[14:29] choup Yep and the subreddit.
[14:29] TheMage ohh that
[14:29] -->| anon_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:29] crazik .ORG site is not under LA's care
[14:29] Carnth is maintained by the Devt Team.
[14:29] choup Ok - and the subreddit?
[14:29] TheMage Well as far as the subreddit goes, we have talked about this. I am the only mod on /r/Litecoin that is also part of the LA.
[14:29] crazik .COM website is in progress
[14:30] TheMage I think the reddit mods want to do this, but there is a time factor
[14:30] crazik LA.ORG new website is in progress too
[14:30] crazik and should be live in next 3-4 weeks.
[14:30] TheMage thats great news crazik!
[14:30] choup That sounds good.
[14:30] crazik nope.
[14:30] crazik it has 3months delay
[14:30] TheMage well its getting done, thats the most important part
[14:31] choup What's the latest news about the logo?
[14:31] choup Has it been decided upon?
[14:32] TheMage I've dropped the ball on the marketing stuff and keeping up with it. I need to get more involved in it just so I can post updates. Can anyone speak to that here?
[14:32] |<-- anon_ has left freenode (Client Quit)
[14:33] Anthony1s{-_-} I read up a little on trello and it seems like the logo is still in progress
[14:33] Anthony1s{-_-} there was discussion about it going on earlier today
[14:34] TheMage thanks
[14:34] TheMage anthony1s{-_-} did you have something else to bring up?
[14:34] Anthony1s{-_-} Yes
[14:34] -->| catchin ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:34] choup It seems to me that there is a big market for women in cryptocurrencies that is being overlooked. How can Litecoin get more women involved?
[14:35] Anthony1s{-_-} Mostly, I wanted to know the status of
[14:35] Anthony1s{-_-} I checked earlier and the site was down
[14:35] TheMage choup, I agree. This is something I personally talked about earlier this year.
[14:36] TheMage hmmmm
[14:36] TheMage I dont think the LA has insight into
[14:36] Anthony1s{-_-} Ah. I wonder who controls it
[14:36] crazik hmm
[14:36] crazik I think that was aspect
[14:36] Anthony1s{-_-} That's the main site I use for checking the ltc blockchain
[14:36] newb1 Ask Someguy123.. I'm pretty sure he knows who it is.
[14:37] Someguy123 huh?
[14:37] Someguy123 that was aspect.
[14:37] Someguy123 Anthony1s{-_-}, you can use
[14:37] Anthony1s{-_-} is he still around? can we get in touch to see what's up?
[14:37] Someguy123 that's the one I run, and it's always online.
[14:37] crazik I will ping aspect for fix
[14:37] newb1 You see, Someguy123 does know who it is.
[14:37] Anthony1s{-_-} yea, but that's not as nice looking.
[14:37] newb1 Someguy123, I wasn't saying it was you. I just thought you know for sure who it was.
[14:38] Anthony1s{-_-} okay, 2nd. last meeting I mentioned that changing the litecointalk favicon to make the other logo on the site. I see it hasn't been changed yet.
[14:38] Anthony1s{-_-} not a big deal seeing as the logo is still being worked on though
[14:39] TheMage you are corerct, we should change it to the new silver one until marketing is done with the logo
[14:39] Carnth Gah
[14:39] TheMage lol carnth
[14:39] Carnth I'll ask crazik to make the change.
[14:39] crazik email send
[14:39] crazik sent*
[14:39] Carnth crazik: can you make the change?
[14:39] crazik sure, I can.
[14:40] Carnth crazik: Thank you very much
[14:40] Anthony1s{-_-} ok cool. that's all I have to bring up.
[14:41] TheMage Anyone else have anything to bring up?
[14:41] choup Any news on LitecoinAverage?
[14:41] TheMage good question, I will hav to get back to you on that because I do not know
[14:41] TheMage makes a note
[14:41] choup Okey thanks.
[14:42] choup That's all for me.
[14:42] Anthony1s{-_-} what is litecoinaverage?
[14:42] Anthony1s{-_-} refresh my memory
[14:42] crazik check bitcoinaverage
[14:42] choup Metrics.
[14:42] Anthony1s{-_-} ahh thnx
[14:43] TheMage seems there are a few things from this meeting I need to go off and research
[14:43] choup The hallmarks of a constructive meeting.
[14:43] TheMage lol
[14:44] Anthony1s{-_-} same, I always make notes before and after the meetings
[14:44] catchin anyone posting the minutes?
[14:44] Anthony1s{-_-} minutes = chat log?
[14:44] Anthony1s{-_-} Carnth posts them in the LA meeting thread
[14:44] TheMage back to the women comment, this is something I personally believe needs to be addressed as well. I have had thoughts about it months ago, but if someone wants to make a topic on the forums about it please do so!
[14:44] catchin thanks
[14:44] Carnth I will post the chat log
[14:45] TheMage minutes are always posted here
[14:45] Anthony1s{-_-} With the women thing. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to start your ideas without the associations approval
[14:45] Anthony1s{-_-} speaking on my own, right here
[14:45] TheMage absolutely!
[14:46] choup Good idea.
[14:46] catchin sry i missed the women thing?
[14:46] TheMage essentially how can we get more women involved with Litecoin in general
[14:46] Anthony1s{-_-} I think we need to survey women about that. Men know nothing about women.
[14:47] TheMage seems to be a demograph that many coins have issue with
[14:47] Anthony1s{-_-} not even worth speculating on haha
[14:47] choup That there is a gap in the market for women users of crypto currencies in general, and Litecoin is possibly missing a trick by not filling that gap.
[14:47] catchin it's a demograph of most tech
[14:47] TheMage well, if you guys have wives/girlfriends you can talk to them about it
[14:47] Anthony1s{-_-} Ask bed, bath, and beyond to accept litecoin? or Vera Bradley. i dunno haha
[14:47] TheMage get their input
[14:48] |<-- Webuser34097 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[14:48] catchin rgr
[14:48] choup Yes. Consultancy is needed on how best to go with it.
[14:48] TheMage I know one persons wife who is here that is involved, maybe she can share her ideas
[14:49] choup That would be great.
[14:49] TheMage well him, not the wife
[14:49] TheMage Anything else?
[14:49] choup If we can kinda set up some kind of informal mission to tackle this that would be ideal.
[14:49] Anthony1s{-_-} I gotta get going, but before I go I wanna say I'm glad to see the new faces in here. choup and catchin
[14:50] catchin i will talk to IT ladies at my work
[14:50] catchin hi btw
[14:50] TheMage thanks Ant
[14:50] TheMage and yes, im always glad to see new faces here
[14:50] choup hello
[14:50] choup and thanks
[14:50] Anthony1s{-_-} np, hi, and ttyl
[14:50] TheMage last call for new topics, otherwise I will close the meeting
[14:51] TheMage Thank you everyone for attending, please feel free to stick around and chat
[14:51] TheMage Meeting is now closed

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #19 on: September 07, 2014, 06:58:34 PM »
Meeting on Sept 7, 2014

Code: [Select]
[14:02] TheMage Welcome everyone to the Litecoin Association meeting
[14:02] TheMage Before I continue, can I get a show of hands who all is present
[14:02] newb2 Here on mobile
[14:02] Pabl0 pablo325, here
[14:02] Webuser34097 Here
[14:03] Murphy Present.
[14:03] TheMage I think we have a number of lurkers here, more than 4 people just joined within the hour
[14:03] Bonksnp here
[14:03] Bonksnp and lurkjing
[14:03] newb2 Is carnth lurking?
[14:03] TheMage I will be hosting the meeting today, Carnth and Crazik are afk at the moment and hopefully will be joining us shortly
[14:04] Carnth is lurking
[14:04] TheMage The first topic on the agenda, the reddit sticky on /r/Litecoin
[14:05] -->| thedon_ ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:05] TheMage I have been preoccupied with a number of activities and have not sat down and thought of information to put in a new update
[14:05] TheMage I would be moer than happy for folks to PM me either on /r/Litecoin or litecointalk about topics they would like me to put in a new sticky
[14:05] TheMage So if you have any suggestions, I am all ears
[14:06] newb2 Im not sure whats in the old sticky, sobi will look there first
[14:06] TheMage second topic of discussion, AUXPoW (merge mine) with Dogecoin
[14:07] TheMage for reference, here is the sticky
[14:07] TheMage ok, AUXPoW
[14:07] TheMage I have been working on soliciting pools and exchanges to implement the new Dogecoin wallet
[14:08] TheMage This is related to Litecoin for obvious reasons, so I ask the community that they ask pools and exchanges to switch over when the time comes, which should be within the next week if I remember correctly
[14:09] TheMage for pools that switch over, this means your hash rate will contribute to both the Dogecoin and Litecoin networks, and you will be paid in both as you mine at that pool
[14:09] audio how AUXPOW helps litecoin?
[14:09] TheMage so its a win-win situation all around for everyone
[14:09] Pabl0 Will you post to reddit when the time comes? thanks. (new to these meetings. are questions and comments okay?)
[14:09] TheMage AUXPoW helps litecoin by not having to fight over hash rate between Dogecoin and Litecoin network
[14:09] newb2 Welcome pabl0
[14:10] TheMage Also meeting minutes are recorded and placed here
[14:11] TheMage This thread is also linked fairly often on reddit, normally on meeting days so folks can see their time zones for the meeting
[14:11] TheMage Any comments so far on these topics before I continue? I should have asked earlier
[14:12] newb2 Only that it is awesome to see it come to fruition!
[14:12] TheMage also Pab10 (and anyone else new to the meetings), we normally open up with an LA representative who will talk about topics, then the floor will be open for public discussion on whatever people want to talk about
[14:13] TheMage newb2, which topic is that?
[14:13] newb2 Aux
[14:13] TheMage ahh yes
[14:14] audio Do you think dogecoin and litecoin should cooperate more?
[14:14] TheMage Next topic of discussion, Litecoin Marketing team
[14:14] TheMage absolutly
[14:14] TheMage ill hold off on marketing to talk about something else
[14:14] Pabl0 Great, thank you
[14:15] TheMage A number of weeks ago, and initiative took place where all of the coins moderators on reddit have been collected in one new sub reddit which is closed to the public
[14:15] audio Can dogecoin and litecoin work together on 2.0 coins, to become greater then bitcoin?
[14:16] TheMage the new sub reddit is called /r/Cryptomods, and it has 53 members across quite a number of coins
[14:16] TheMage This area is for reddit moderators can talk with each other, break barriers, and have better community interaction within all the coins
[14:17] catchin good idea
[14:17] audio *than
[14:17] newb2 Any discussion there aboutvthe supernet?
[14:17] TheMage I am unsure about how much we can openly discuss, I will need to check on that
[14:18] TheMage I wanted to mention it because there was a serious need to have more inner community relationships being built
[14:18] catchin i agree with that, seems pretty hollow IMO
[14:19] TheMage and to audio, one activity at a time ;). Right now the push it to get AUXPoW implemented
[14:19] TheMage Any more comments before I continue?
[14:19] catchin no
[14:19] othe there is a mining proxy for p2pool which supports mergemining btw (
[14:20] TheMage thank you othe, yes I forgot to mention that!
[14:20] Pabl0 r/cryptomods sounds like a good idea, it would be great if we could some how stay updated on what is being discussed
[14:21] Pabl0 on what is not strictly confidential
[14:21] TheMage I will ask the other mods and see what their feelings are about this, I dont have a problem with it but considering its the mods of all the top coins sub-reddits some may have issues :).
[14:22] Pabl0 Thanks
[14:22] TheMage Back to marketing, I will be perfectly honest, I have not had the time to keep up with it as many others have had. Just too much going on for me right now. But I do know they are looking for help from the community.
[14:23] catchin they?
[14:23] TheMage I made a post 2 weeks ago on litcointalk and on /r/litecoin asking for help, and will continue to do so
[14:24] TheMage sorry, they are in the marketing team
[14:24] TheMage here is the link spelling out what skills the marketing team is looking for
[14:25] catchin i can most certainly donate some time to web design/dev
[14:25] TheMage if you have any of the skills mentioned, and feel compelled to help out, please let FreeJack2k (litecointalk account) know
[14:25] catchin ok
[14:25] TheMage and his reddit account is FreeJack2k2 (an extra 2 at the end)
[14:25] TheMage thank you catchin
[14:26] catchin ok sending him a PM as we speak
[14:26] TheMage excellent
[14:26] TheMage anyone else with comments on marketing?
[14:27] Bonksnp sorta
[14:27] TheMage go ahead bonksnp (BTW he is part of the team)
[14:27] -->| Not ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:27] Bonksnp As some of you know I have a crypto shirt site. I wanted to let you all know that if any of you are going to be attending a Bitcoin/Litecoin/crypto conference
[14:28] Bonksnp that we are giving away some shirts for people to wear to these events
[14:28] Bonksnp so if you happen to be going to one, PM me on Litecointalk and we'll go from there
[14:28] Bonksnp
[14:28] TheMage Fantastic, thank you Bonksnp
[14:29] TheMage (maybe toss one Coblee's way)
[14:29] catchin or any other conference for that matter
[14:29] Bonksnp One is already on the way to him
[14:29] Pabl0 Thanks, will keep that in mind. Ive been wanting to attend one
[14:29] Not Assuming the Winklevoss ETF goes through for BTC, is there any effort from the litecoin association to spearhead a LTC ETF? Since LTC is Silver to BTC gold and ETF takes years to go through I feel it is in our interest to have a LTC ETF. What efforts is the litecoin association taking to allow a LTC ETF?
[14:30] TheMage With that said, I do not think I have any other major topics to discuss. Carnth are you still with us and do you have anything you would like to bring up?
[14:30] Not I would prefer an answer to ym questions mage
[14:30] TheMage not, I can address that when the floor is open
[14:30] Carnth Nothing from me this week.
[14:31] TheMage ok, crazik are you there or afk still? Do you have anything?
[14:31] TheMage Not, what is "ym"?
[14:31] Not my, its a typo lol
[14:32] |<-- Webuser34097 has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[14:32] TheMage gotcha
[14:32] Bonksnp Oh and the t-shirt site is (shameless plug!) We also have a LA shirt where all the profits are donated to the LA.
[14:32] TheMage ok looks like crazik is afk. I am not opening the floor to questions and comments as well as address not's question on an ETF
[14:33] TheMage The LA currently has no plans to work on an ETF, this type of venture is something that should be done with a private entity and the LA is registered as a non-profit org. We can asssit someone who desires to do something if they need some sort of help, but the LA can not get involved with an ETF directly.
[14:34] Not Are there any entities that are currently working on a LTC ETF that we are aware of?
[14:34] TheMage However I personally would like to see someone pick this up
[14:34] TheMage not that I am aware of
[14:34] Bonksnp Was there any update on the LA reorg? (I've missed the last couple meetings so I may have missed it)
[14:34] TheMage Carnth can you comment on the LA reorg?
[14:35] TheMage FYI carnth has been working on that, one of the many thankless jobs he does
[14:36] TheMage guess he is afk again, Bonksnp I will see if I can get an update for you
[14:36] Bonksnp Grassy ass
[14:37] TheMage it has been a slow process due to the legal framework that needs to happen unfortunately
[14:37] TheMage floor is open now, anyone else?
[14:37] -->| drezden ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:37] Bonksnp Do you know if you guys are still at least looking to Texas?
[14:37] TheMage can you elaborate?
[14:38] Bonksnp I thought I remembered you saying that you were looking to do the legal stuff in TExas since it was a more crypto friendly state
[14:38] Bonksnp or maybe that was the exchange youre working on?
[14:38] Bonksnp (sorry don't mean to drag the meeting out)
[14:39] TheMage that was my exchange, not the LA
[14:39] TheMage I believe the LA will continue to be in FL
[14:39] Pabl0 Is a Litecoin to usd/eur etc. google conversion only possible once LTC is on coinbase? is coinbase providing the current google bitcoin calculation?
[14:39] audio News:
[14:39] TheMage the meeting is until 3PM eastern,k so you are not dragging it out
[14:39] Bonksnp ok thanks
[14:40] Bonksnp audio: THAT IS AWESOME
[14:41] TheMage Pabl0, I am not sure about that. I think the conversion may be coming from Bitcoinaverage (whos developers are also working on Litecoinaverage)
[14:41] TheMage I emailed them today to see if there is an update, I will post once there is one
[14:41] TheMage good news audio, thank you for sharing
[14:41] Pabl0 thanks Mage
[14:42] TheMage no problem!
[14:43] Not This question is for coblee. Which exchange is the most likely candidate to buy/sell LTC on coinbase behalf? Bitstamp does not seem to want to carry LTC, but which other exchanges would be the most likely for coinbase to partner with?
[14:43] TheMage I dont think he is here
[14:43] Pabl0 I dont believe we need any more eggs in the Bitstamp basket either
[14:44] TheMage also dont think you are going to get an answer from him on that one personally haha
[14:44] Not i dont think so either lol
[14:44] Not just thought i would ask though
[14:45] TheMage lots of people here, I expected more people to pop up with topics
[14:45] -->| Sam96 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:45] catchin sry just learning the ropes here
[14:45] Bonksnp How about I just toss something out to get some people talking?
[14:46] TheMage sure bonksnp
[14:46] TheMage its an open floor
[14:46] Bonksnp Those of you who mine, what are you mining with?
[14:46] Bonksnp pops some popcorn
[14:47] TheMage well, open floor for LA/Litecoin specific topics haha
[14:47] audio Question: Will there be something similar to counterparty/dogeparty for litecoin?
[14:47] catchin heh
[14:47] Bonksnp audio: God I hope not
[14:47] |<-- Sam96 has left freenode (K-Lined)
[14:47] |<-- drezden has left freenode (K-Lined)
[14:47] |<-- Not has left freenode (K-Lined)
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[14:47] |<-- Murphy has left freenode (K-Lined)
[14:47] |<-- audio has left freenode (K-Lined)
[14:47] TheMage audio, as far as I am aware of no there will not be
[14:47] TheMage hmmmmm
[14:48] TheMage looks like we lost people haha
[14:48] TheMage anyone else here?
[14:48] catchin here
[14:48] newb2 I am
[14:48] TheMage do either of you have something to bring up? Otherwise ill give these guys 2 minutes and close the meeting early
[14:49] catchin nothing here thanks
[14:49] newb2 Not i
[14:49] TheMage ok
[14:49] -->| drezden ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:49] drezden any particular reason I was booted?....
[14:50] -->| coin ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:50] -->| Murphy ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:51] TheMage there goes everyone
[14:52] TheMage no it was IRC, it was not me or anyone else. 7 people were dropped drezden
[14:52] -->| tommyguun ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:52] |<-- tommyguun has left freenode (Client Quit)
[14:52] TheMage last call, if anyone has anything they want to discuss
[14:53] coin I've asked a question about counterparty
[14:53] TheMage ok
[14:54] coin Question: Will there be something similar to counterparty/dogeparty for litecoin?
[14:54] TheMage no there will not be
[14:54] TheMage sorry i answered just as everyone dropped
[14:55] newb2 In a sentence or two, what is counter/doge party?
[14:55] crazik oops
[14:55] crazik lost in time:/
[14:55] TheMage hi crazik
[14:55] crazik hi TheMage
[14:56] TheMage I was jsut about to end the meeting, do you have any topics to discuss?
[14:57] crazik 'how to force crazik to be present on LA meetings'
[14:57] crazik ;>
[14:57] TheMage ha!
[14:57] TheMage ok with that said, this concludes the Litecoin Association meeting. Feel free to stick around and talk for a bit if you would like. I will be posting the minutes on
[14:57] TheMage thank you all for coming!

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #20 on: September 21, 2014, 06:55:25 PM »
Meeting on Sep 21 2014

Code: [Select]
[13:01] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association public meeting Sep 21 2014
[13:01] dresden here
[13:01] Bonksnp here
[13:02] Carnth First on the agenda: Crazik has a few words about the websites.
[13:02] crazik first one -
[13:03] Carnth (
[13:03] crazik I still have no progress due to lack of time
[13:03] crazik but, the main part is done and after few days of pure work should be released.
[13:03] crazik next thing - litecoin.ORG website
[13:03] -->| newb2 ([email protected]:1017:b12a:d1dc:0:4c:e90d:6a01) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:03] crazik there was some misunderstanding
[13:03] newb2 Here
[13:03] crazik and I want to clarify
[13:04] crazik I'm not creating a new design/website
[13:04] Anthony1s{-_-} can you talk about what changes will be made the the LA site, crazik ?
[13:04] crazik Anthony1s{-_-}: one moment
[13:04] catchin <-- here
[13:04] Anthony1s{-_-} no prob
[13:04] crazik I'm/was rewriting/enhancing current code to new, based on bootstrap
[13:05] crazik using static content generation framework
[13:05] crazik now is ready for new subpages and changes.
[13:05] crazik LA website
[13:06] crazik will have better desing, and more content
[13:06] -->| roscoe_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:06] Anthony1s are you solely working on both?
[13:06] crazik if you want to give any ideas about content, please let me know.
[13:06] Bonksnp for either?
[13:06] crazik Bonksnp: only for LA
[13:07] smk is there a bounty for ideas?
[13:07] Carnth Thanks crazik.
[13:07] Carnth I would like to sum up for crazik.
[13:07] crazik smk: I don't have any bounty for myself for that
[13:07] crazik i'm a volunteer
[13:07] Anthony1s i think we have a good backbone for the LA site... maybe add a news section for what the LA is currently working on?
[13:08] Carnth crazik is helping warren and the dev team with the backend framework for the website.
[13:08] smk from what i understand the litcoin project was founded on the basis of volunteering
[13:08] Carnth But the Litecoin Association does not control
[13:08] Carnth The Dev Team control the content on, and always has.
[13:09] Anthony1s{-_-} everything that starts out with volunteering eventually needs to hire people
[13:09] Carnth the Litecoin association will undergoing a huge overhaul.
[13:09] Anthony1s{-_-} look at any successful open source project
[13:09] Carnth crazik *is* the sole developer working on it. It will be great when it's finished.
[13:10] Carnth Any other questions about the websites before i move on to the next agenda item?
[13:10] Anthony1s{-_-} not from me
[13:10] dresden the wiki site
[13:10] dresden i think that needs to be put on a list for working on at some point too
[13:11] Zerock What have I missed?
[13:11] Carnth dresden: I would ask that you create a list of idea and make a new post on the forum. It will be great to discuss it further.
[13:11] Anthony1s{-_-} not much Zerock. we're talking about our websites.,, and
[13:12] Carnth Next agenda item: The forum has gone through a slight change.
[13:12] Carnth the Projects category has been expanded into several new--and more descriptive-- catagories.
[13:12] Anthony1s{-_-} i can figure out how to add my PoS terminal guide to the wiki, but I don't have anything else I currently canadd
[13:13] Anthony1s{-_-} my guide needs to be re-written though
[13:14] Carnth Several project have now been re-sorted into more descriptive categories based on the way the public feel they should be sorted.
[13:14] Carnth These include Projects that are on track, late/failed, new/upcoming, taking preorders.
[13:15] Carnth My goal with these new catagories is to help forums user identify the overal status of a project more easily before investing (time, money, energy, etc)
[13:16] Anthony1s{-_-} good idea. That section should be the main hub of all projects
[13:17] Carnth Anthony1s{-_-}: Yes. That is the goal. And the mods/admin will rely on the public forum users to use the "report to mod" function if a project needs to be moved into a new category.
[13:17] Zerock Now this is referring to projects directly related to Litecoin, correct? Not projects simply funded with Litecoin?
[13:18] Carnth Zerock: Correct. Such as scrypt ASIC mining devices or hardware wallets, etc.
[13:18] Anthony1s{-_-} looks like funded with litecoin too. as there is an 'investing/pre-orders' section
[13:19] Carnth Any other questions about the new Projects categories?
[13:19] Anthony1s{-_-} if the investing/pre-orders section isn't for funding projects with litecoin, maybe we can add that section
[13:20] Anthony1s{-_-} it could encourage people to start projects
[13:20] Zerock Right. For instance when people want to provide services or sell skills for Litecoin instead of physical products.
[13:21] Zerock For instance, advertising one's skill as a web developer and accepting Litecoin.
[13:21] catchin heh cool
[13:21] Carnth The investing/preorder section is for projects related to litecoin (which could be a broad). Again. If something is in the wrong section. Please use the "report to mod" function.
[13:22] Zerock (disclaimer: I am not a web developer. Just an example.)
[13:22] Anthony1s{-_-} that wasn't exatly my train of thought
[13:22] Anthony1s{-_-} we have a jobs4litecoins section on reddit for that
[13:22] Bonksnp and /r/LTCMarket
[13:23] Carnth Next agenda item: Who has an update on Litecoin Marketing?
[13:23] Anthony1s{-_-} well I know the trello group is working on that
[13:23] Anthony1s{-_-} but they need more people
[13:23] Anthony1s{-_-} I only see 3-4 people actively participating in it
[13:24] Anthony1s{-_-} and that's split between and marketing and other stuff
[13:24] Carnth Other stuff??
[13:25] Anthony1s{-_-} copy writing, design, research, resources, etc
[13:25] Carnth Ahh. OK.
[13:25] <--| Zerock has left #litecoin-association ("Leaving")
[13:25] Bonksnp I think alot of people want to help (myself included) but don't have as much time or cannot commit to regular participation
[13:26] Bonksnp Unfortunately this is a volunteer project......all of it
[13:26] Bonksnp (mostly)
[13:26] Anthony1s{-_-} i want to help, but have no skills in what they need
[13:26] Anthony1s{-_-} we should think about how to get more people involved
[13:26] Bonksnp sounds like youre doing something to help right there
[13:26] Bonksnp
[13:26] Anthony1s{-_-} I know they hate the idea, but maybe they can show some of their designs to thecommunity
[13:27] dresden honestly i think we should either pay some one, or pay these guys
[13:27] Anthony1s{-_-} they don't have to take anyone's advice, but it might be good in getting more people to join
[13:27] Anthony1s{-_-} yea, i agree dresden
[13:27] Carnth We do have a marketing budget. But it is all from donations.
[13:27] Anthony1s{-_-} we can't be volunteer forever
[13:27] catchin i can handle research
[13:27] Bonksnp I think thats easier said than done guys (Sorry Carnth I hope were not going too off topic here)
[13:27] catchin since that's my profession
[13:28] smk lots of talented people living on mustard sandwiches out there
[13:28] Anthony1s{-_-} if we go the pay route, we can post job listings on coinality
[13:28] catchin i wouldn't mind doing it on the side, as long as there aren't any expectations that it will occupy a lot fo my time
[13:28] Carnth And with that, I'll open the floor to any questions comments.
[13:28] smk
[13:28] catchin what does research involve?
[13:29] Anthony1s{-_-} one second, ill look
[13:29] catchin is there a set list of required things that need looking into?
[13:29] dresden are you on the trello group catchin?
[13:29] dresden and you want to work on market research?
[13:29] Bonksnp Guys, I don't want to speak for FreeJack, but I agree with the decision to keep the designs from the "public". If any of you were around for the whole Litecoin logo debacle a couple months ago, you understand that presenting designs in a public forum is a never ending argument
[13:29] Anthony1s{-_-} it's market research
[13:30] catchin dresden: i am not
[13:30] Carnth Bonksnp: speaks the truth
[13:30] dresden catchin, and anyone else who desires to contribute (actually contribute not lurk) sign up for trello here:
[13:30] dresden and send me your user name, I will add you
[13:31] catchin k
[13:31] Bonksnp They are doing ALOT of research and discussion on how they'd like it to look and bitcoinfridge is coming up with some unreal logos. It takes time. It seems like nothing is getting done but they are having conversations virtually every day on what should stay and go to refine down what they need
[13:31] catchin my username is the same as my nick dresden
[13:31] Anthony1s{-_-} i will be researching how to get more people involved in our projects. From what I read so far, it's a long and deticated process to get people truly involved
[13:31] Bonksnp I've been part of the marketing since the beginning but I recently had to step down for a bit due to some other stuff. I'll be rejoining them and getting back into the swing of things and, if everyone would like, can give a better update on whats going on
[13:32] Bonksnp during later meetings
[13:32] Anthony1s{-_-} good to hear
[13:33] Bonksnp I also wanted to mention that I have access to the wiki (editing bapabilities) but I agree with Carnth we should make a thread in the forum and I can actively make changes
[13:33] Bonksnp wow capabilities*
[13:33] catchin lol
[13:34] Bonksnp maybe I shouldn't be
[13:34] Anthony1s{-_-} hey, at least you knew the correct word
[13:35] Bonksnp Carnth: any word on the LA reorg?
[13:36] dresden bonksnp would you like to start the thread in the forums on that?
[13:36] Carnth Bonksnp: Yep. We just need to get a registered agent and then its a matter of submitting the paperwork to the state a fed. Things are moving along.
[13:36] dresden cuz I honesly dont want to lol
[13:36] Bonksnp dresden, no problem.
[13:36] Bonksnp Carnth: awesome. Any ETA?
[13:37] Carnth No definate ETA, but about a month
[13:38] Anthony1s{-_-} what's the overall consensus on hiring people?
[13:38] Bonksnp dresden: btw I'll be starting the thread under the "Community Projects" section under General Discussion so keep an eye out
[13:38] Anthony1s{-_-} sorry to change the subject. I can wait.
[13:38] Bonksnp We dont have the budget Anthony (at least I don't think)
[13:39] Anthony1s{-_-} hmm
[13:39] roscoe_ can I ask for a quick overview on the LA changes? I've been MIA for the last several meetings. Thanks.
[13:40] Anthony1s{-_-} sucks that prices are so low lately. no one wants to do anything with their coins
[13:40] Anthony1s{-_-} myself included.
[13:40] catchin yeah
[13:40] catchin just the nature of things
[13:41] Anthony1s{-_-} yea, unfortuneately
[13:41] Carnth Yes, crypto's tend to be cyclical.
[13:42] Anthony1s{-_-} I'm not sure of the changes, roscoe_. That's a question for Carnth
[13:42] smk intellects in general
[13:42] Anthony1s{-_-} Carnth: you said there was a marketing budget (i think it was you). can you pm me with how much we have?
[13:43] Carnth Anthony1s{-_-}: TheMage has the marketing funds
[13:43] Anthony1s{-_-} ok
[13:44] Anthony1s{-_-} I would really like to hire some people, but looks like we need to do some sort of fundraiser first.
[13:44] smk a volunteer board may be a good idea to judge progress and applicants if some of a donation fund is to be set aside for hires
[13:44] Carnth Anthony1s{-_-}: I think so. If we want to hire, we would need a lot of money
[13:44] Anthony1s{-_-} yea
[13:44] Anthony1s{-_-} anyone know any venture capitolists?
[13:44] Anthony1s{-_-} haha
[13:45] Bonksnp or know how to bake cookies?
[13:45] catchin i can put out some feelers
[13:45] catchin no promises though
[13:45] catchin LOL
[13:45] smk probably would not take much to inspire some productivity, this isnt litecoin dev coin territory for sure
[13:45] catchin yes i can bake cookies
[13:45] Anthony1s{-_-} ok. we shoould have a plan before we ask people
[13:45] newb1 I do, but they are not going to invest in a not-for-profit organization. They are goint to invest in businesses.
[13:45] catchin of course
[13:46] roscoe_ i don't think the numbers would work for a VC or private equity investment, esp with the low price. Cookies on the other hand may be a good idea
[13:46] catchin right
[13:46] catchin you gotta come at them with a good plan
[13:46] Anthony1s{-_-} well im officially frustrated
[13:46] catchin if you sound disorganized and lacking vision, they will boot you quick
[13:47] Anthony1s{-_-} yea, good investements come to solid ideas
[13:47] Anthony1s{-_-} well, besides the ASIC debacles
[13:47] roscoe_ don't get too down, it sounds like your doing a lot for the coin
[13:48] Anthony1s{-_-} bottom line is we need funding
[13:49] newb1 Most NPO's I have experience with raise funds through membership dues, fund-drives, donations, grants, and professional development offerings.
[13:49] Carnth I'm open to ideas, but I'm going to end the meeting. Feel free to hang out and keep talking.
[13:50] Anthony1s{-_-} and through merchandise
[13:50] Anthony1s{-_-} ill think about some of those things, newb1
[13:50] catchin ok thanks Carnth
[13:50] Anthony1s{-_-} see what I can come up with
[13:50] Bonksnp Thanks Carnth
[13:50] roscoe_ Carnth. is there a section on the forum about the LA changes?

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #21 on: October 05, 2014, 06:23:34 PM »
Meeting on Oct 5 2014

Short meeting, not many people were there :P

Code: [Select]
[14:02] Carnth Welcome to the Oct 5 Public Litecoin Association meeting.
[14:03] Carnth TheMage has today's agenda.
[14:03] TheMage hi everyone
[14:03] newb2 Hi
[14:04] TheMage show of hands, who is here?
[14:04] TheMage just one person?
[14:04] TheMage going to be a slow meeting today hehe
[14:04] newb2 Could it be the three of us + lurkers?
[14:05] Carnth is here.
[14:05] TheMage well alright then, ill get us started
[14:05] TheMage The first topic is the LA restructuring
[14:05] TheMage Strong progress has been made and the bylaws are expected to be finished by next meeting.
[14:05] TheMage which was the last major hurdle to overcome
[14:06] TheMage we are hoping to finish up hopefully soon and reopen the LA for membership again
[14:06] newb2 Might we see a draft before the meeting?
[14:06] TheMage hmmmm, let me talk to the board and see if that is possible
[14:07] TheMage might be able to post it in the LA section
[14:07] TheMage i'll keep you updated on that
[14:07] newb2 Ok, thank you.
[14:07] TheMage welcome
[14:07] TheMage second item is /r/Litecoin on reddit
[14:08] TheMage Bossman was recently promoted to a mod on reddit and has already contributed quite a bit to get things updated
[14:09] TheMage he took the lead on getting the new splash at the top (I guess thats what its called), with the help of bonksnp, zipzo (kyrio), and the picture is courtesy of bitcoinfridge
[14:09] newb2 The updates are looking good!
[14:09] TheMage a new sticky has been put in place now, and we are looking for flair ideas. So please feel free to contribute!
[14:10] TheMage aside from those, I can not really thing of too much else that I can update during this meeting aside from some minor things
[14:10] TheMage so i'll open the floor to the members
[14:11] TheMage got any questions newb2? lol
[14:12] newb2 Some of you know that I was in Cleveland this weekend for the premier of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin...
[14:12] TheMage ahh yes, tell us how that went!
[14:12] newb2 The event was held at the Cedar Lee theater on bitcoin blvd.
[14:13] newb2 All in, the weekend was awesome! Super inspiring. Tons of bitcoiners around. I talked to Daniel Mross at length.
[14:14] TheMage very cool!
[14:14] Carnth I want to chine in one one thing.
[14:14] Carnth *Chime*
[14:15] TheMage go ahead carnth
[14:15] newb2 I also searched for a vender accepting litecoin... unsuccessfully so. I walked away wanting to see a litecoin lane
[14:15] TheMage awww, sorry to hear that newb2
[14:16] Carnth Please make sure that you go to and upgrade to the latest version of the Litecoin wallet. <- Friendly reminder. And please help to remind everyone else to upgrade.
[14:16] |<-- rdymac has left freenode (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[14:16] newb2 Carnth, does that upgrade affect the droid app as well?
[14:18] TheMage newb2, dont know
[14:18] newb2 The other thing I wanted to say about the event... it seems everyone knew Warren and there was lots of praise for him and his efforts.
[14:19] TheMage ohh I do have one more item to add, crazik has been working on the new LA website. He is looking for people that can help him populate it with material.
[14:19] TheMage Ohh very nice newb2!
[14:21] TheMage Last call for anything, else I will close the meeting
[14:21] |<-- Bonksnp has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[14:21] TheMage Ok with that the meeting has ended, thank you all for participating

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #22 on: October 12, 2014, 06:55:12 PM »
Will surely be present for the meeting as I feel that this is a great way to learn new stuff and deal with latest, innovative ideas

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #23 on: October 19, 2014, 06:42:24 PM »
Meeting log from Oct 19 2014

Code: [Select]
[13:00] Carnth hello! And wellcome to the Litecoin Association public meeting.
[13:00] mubit there he is
[13:00] mubit right at 2
[13:00] Carnth
[13:00] Anthony1s hi Carnth
[13:00] TheMage he is punctual
[13:00] Carnth Can I get an Idea of who is here? Even if you are lurking, just say "Here"
[13:01] -->| OneMiner ([email protected]/oneminer) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:01] TheMage here
[13:01] Anthony1s I'm here
[13:01] Carnth Hmm... I guess mubit isn't here
[13:01] newb1 here
[13:01] mubit here
[13:02] TheMage lol
[13:02] mubit sorry some kid talking to m
[13:02] mubit lol
[13:02] Anthony1s hi newb1
[13:02] Carnth On today's agenda I will be talking about LA's progress twoards the reorg.
[13:02] TheMage oneminer just joined, i think he is here
[13:03] Carnth In case you were not aware. Litecoin Association is currently a non-profit registered in Florida.
[13:03] Carnth LA will be changing "homes" and will reorganize in the state of Texas.
[13:03] newb1 howdy Anthony1s, etc.
[13:04] Carnth Texas seems to be more up-to-date with the new laws surround crypto and looks to be a more "welcoming" state in that regard.
[13:04] artilectinc nice
[13:04] Carnth There has been a lot of progress behind the scenes. But it's mostly boring lawyer work.
[13:04] TheMage I second that, Tx seems to be building itself to become the new home for crypto business
[13:05] artilectinc they ran out of oil so they need something
[13:05] Anthony1s What's the ETA to being fully moved over?
[13:05] mubit lol
[13:05] Carnth This "boring lawyer work" consists of re-doing the LA's articles of incorporation and LA's by-laws.
[13:06] Carnth Much of this is now complete. We have complete drafts of each and all that needs to be done is:
[13:06] Carnth Review the drafts of the Articles and By-laws.
[13:06] artilectinc texas is one of the best states to inc in.. wyoming, delaware, nevada, and texas.
[13:06] Anthony1s Nice
[13:07] Carnth ... Submit our registration to the State of Texas.
[13:07] Anthony1s Will there be an addition to the by-laws for the donations plan I have?
[13:07] Anthony1s I will update on that plan when it's my turn to speak
[13:07] Carnth ... Then we are pretty much done.
[13:08] newb1 Was a draft of the by-laws made available to members?
[13:09] Carnth Anthony1s: The by-laws are the biggest part of the reorg. And although the draft is complete. the board members needs to makes sure that the proper provisions for accepting donations, accepting new memberships... etc are complete and fit with how LA operates.
[13:09] Carnth newb1: The draft was not made available to anyone except the board members. And the draft was completed only 2-3 days ago.
[13:10] Carnth After the LA board members review the draft and make necessary changes, it will be released to existing members.
[13:10] OneMiner Hi guys, I'm here.
[13:11] TheMage hello oneminer
[13:11] Carnth So, things are moving along.
[13:12] Carnth Next on my agenda....'
[13:12] TheMage for everyones edification, I have been reviewing the documents and hope to be done my part by end of the week pending personal issues im dealing with now
[13:13] Carnth I want to publicly announce thaIt I am an employee of Coinbase (on a contract basis).
[13:13] Anthony1s TheMage, can I talk to you sometime about my donation plan. So you can check the by-laws fit in with what I want to do?
[13:14] TheMage Congrats!!
[13:14] TheMage yes, id love to anthony1s
[13:14] Carnth It won't change my position at LA, but was a personal choice to advance my career (And to try to get one more Litecoin person in Coinbase)
[13:15] Anthony1s Nice. What position?
[13:15] Carnth I love crypto and shifting my career to crypto seemed only logical.
[13:16] Carnth For disclosure, I want to announce my job at Coinbase, but I don't feel at liberty to give more info than that.
[13:17] Carnth With that, I'll open the floor to questions.
[13:17] TheMage This is something a lot of us can only dream of, being fully employed with an employer that works exclusively with cryptos. Big congrats Crnth!
[13:17] TheMage Carnth*
[13:17] Carnth Thanks TheMage. Again... I just started this week.
[13:17] TheMage This open floor now carnth?
[13:18] Carnth Yes.
[13:18] OneMiner Good for you either way. It's heartening to hear about crypto biz going forward and legal work being done for the Association.
[13:18] OneMiner Cheers and salutations
[13:19] TheMage I just wanted to let everyone know if you hve investments or coins with moolah or mintpal if you can get them out as soon as possible due to the recent issues with CEO of Moolah
[13:19] Carnth OneMiner: Thank you.
[13:19] TheMage both services in my opinion will be shutting down
[13:19] -->| FX256-2 ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:19] Carnth Another Reminder: Upgrade your version of Litecoin if you use the standard wallet.
[13:19] =-= FX256-2 is now known as bonksnp
[13:20] TheMage I know this mainly affects dogecoin folks, but a variety of folks use mintpal
[13:20] TheMage ahhh yes, upgrade your wallet!
[13:20] newb1 Carnth, any news on the litecoin android app? Does it too have to be upgraded?
[13:21] Carnth I haven't heard any news on the Android app. I'll ask warren if anythign needs to be done.
[13:21] OneMiner Maybe it would be in LA's interest to hype it's activities some more. Looking for donations and resources if it's needed. I haven't been around for a while so I'm not really representative, but... yea. idk, would highlighting the goings on be helpful in your opinions?
[13:21] TheMage and in case anyone wants to know, you can get an official copy of the updated wallet from
[13:22] Carnth OneMiner: LA has been "on the down-low" during this reorg.
[13:22] OneMiner Ahh I see. Very good then, carry on ^_^
[13:22] TheMage Also another important piece of info if you all are not aware, litecoinlocal will be shutting down. So please get your coins out of there if you can.
[13:22] Carnth After it's complete, LA will actively seek more attention, memberships, etc.
[13:23] Carnth Any other comments? Questions?
[13:23] OneMiner Yes, ducks need to be ordered, many dots and crosses needed. I dig it. Stable base will be useful.
[13:23] newb1 Just a reminder for those who are on twitter... tweet it up!
[13:23] Anthony1s Yea, I have something to talk about.
[13:24] TheMage I just sent one before the meeting.....but not about the [email protected]
[13:24] Carnth Anthony1s: Go for it.
[13:24] Anthony1s It's an update on my donation plan... The plan is selling merchandise, similiar to how EFF does it.
[13:25] -->| HashStatz ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:25] Anthony1s I am in the process of taking a new job, so I don't have as much time to focus on LA and Litecoin anymore.
[13:26] Anthony1s but I will be using money I make from that job to buy merchandise to sell.
[13:26] artilectinc I'd liek to make a comment
[13:26] artilectinc For anyone in the Western Massachusetts, New England area there is a meetup scheduled for Nov 9th
[13:27] Anthony1s But pretty much my comment is that it's still something I'm working on and something I want to get done.
[13:27] Carnth Anthony1s: I understand about jobs (just getting a new one myself.)
[13:27] artilectinc It's the but we are going to promote more than BTC
[13:28] Carnth Anthony1s: I'm glad you will still be able to help. Especailly when the reorg is compelte.
[13:28] artilectinc POssibly create a sister org for ltc or crypto in general
[13:28] Anthony1s Yea it sucks but it's good at the same time. I have to learn SQL and JAVA, which I've had 0 knowledge of up until the last week.
[13:28] crazik sorry for being late
[13:28] Carnth artilectinc: That is awesome. I wish I could come to these meetups.
[13:28] Carnth bans crazik for being late.
[13:29] artilectinc no worries. stop by when you cane, they will be monthly
[13:29] TheMage these will be in western MA?
[13:29] artilectinc yes
[13:29] TheMage hmmm
[13:29] TheMage calculates the driving time
[13:29] Anthony1s 4hr for me
[13:29] artilectinc Its been going on for a couple months (focus on BTC) now but expanding it is the plan
[13:30] TheMage where are you anthony1s?
[13:30] Carnth 12hr drive for me one-way
[13:30] Anthony1s North east Pennsylvania
[13:30] TheMage well shit, not that far from me
[13:30] TheMage NE balitmore
[13:31] Carnth unbans crazik.
[13:31] Carnth Hello crazik
[13:31] crazik
[13:31] TheMage artilectinc, will you guys be posting minutes or anything like topics discussed?
[13:31] TheMage also hi crazik!
[13:31] artilectinc I'll post updates for anyone that can't attend. Maybe upload video for youguys
[13:32] TheMage that would be awesome, thank you
[13:32] crazik everyone please say big 'thank you Carnth'
[13:32] bonksnp webcast!
[13:32] crazik I cannot say why, but he is worth that
[13:32] crazik
[13:32] Anthony1s feel free to flood our subreddit and forum with anything related, artilectinc
[13:32] newb1 Big thanks to Carnth!
[13:32] TheMage crazik, he mentioned it already
[13:32] artilectinc tip Carnth 1 million LTC
[13:33] TheMage ohh wait, maybe not (he said he works for coinbase now)
[13:33] Anthony1s Thanks
[13:33] crazik TheMage: it's something different
[13:33] TheMage anyways, thank you carnth, for whatever you do
[13:33] Carnth 1M LTC? Damn.
[13:33] Carnth Maybe just 1
[13:34] newb1 Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth! Carnth!
[13:34] newb1 Join in the chant!
[13:34] newb1 Sorry... a little too excited...
[13:34] bonksnp Carnth works for Coinbase now?
[13:34] Carnth We're a team. Though I do appreciate the chant.
[13:34] artilectinc darm tip bot didnt work sorry Carnth
[13:34] Carnth bonksnp: yes. I switched carrers.
[13:35] bonksnp wow congrats
[13:35] TheMage i remember why, and yes a VERY big thank you carnth.
[13:36] Carnth OK. Any other comments? Questions?
[13:37] crazik I have one
[13:37] crazik last call to help fill new LA website with content
[13:37] crazik
[13:37] TheMage crazik, will you be posting your current site that you developed in order to get an idea of what to fill it with?
[13:37] crazik main carousel needs short descriptions
[13:37] TheMage well there you go!
[13:38] crazik if you have any other ideas - please send me PM
[13:38] Carnth crazik: good point. We just need some blurbs to fill in some spares areas. Please help out and submit suggestions to crazik.
[13:38] TheMage crazik, I will post this link on the forums. Is that ok?
[13:38] crazik not yet
[13:38] crazik I want to make it live in few days
[13:38] TheMage to help with content?
[13:39] TheMage I mean, these minutes are posted
[13:39] crazik and I don't want to get 100 strange ideas
[13:39] crazik saying how bad it is
[13:39] TheMage i like it!
[13:39] Carnth OK. With that, I'm going to close this meeting. Thank you everyone for participating.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #24 on: November 02, 2014, 08:02:18 PM »
Meeting log from Nov 2 2014

Code: [Select]
[14:01] TheMage Welcome everyone to the Litefcoin Association public meeting
[14:01] roscoe_ howdy y'all
[14:01] ThomasFX Anyway, I´m PM´ing with someone who wanted to know more about the spiritual part of Bitcoin. Oh, the joy
[14:01] newb1 Howdy
[14:01] ThomasFX Hi, roscoe_ and newb1
[14:01] TheMage looks like there is some activity going on in here, can I get a show of hands on who is here?
[14:01] crazik hi everybody
[14:01] bonksnp howdy
[14:02] peoplma is here, saying hi as mod from /r/dogecoin
[14:02] peoplma (don't hate me plz)
[14:02] roscoe_ I don't think that I have ever heard "the spitirual side of bitcoin"....interesting
[14:02] crazik
[14:02] TheMage welcome peoplma, we always welcome people to LA meetings
[14:02] peoplma thanks
[14:02] TheMage its open for the public
[14:03] ThomasFX roscoe_ You don´t want to know, that guy/girl wants to change her/his name in ´hugs´. Not sure if trolling, but I had fun with her/his story
[14:03] newb1 Is Litecoincurious here?
[14:03] TheMage we have a number of things on the agenda for today
[14:03] crazik sharpens the sword
[14:03] TheMage I would like to start off that we have kicked off the effort again
[14:03] crazik newb1: good question
[14:03] roscoe_ you can keep that one, glad you enjoyed the conversation
[14:04] ThomasFX TheMage good to hear, I have been wondering what happened to that project
[14:04] TheMage Special thank you to artilectinc for taking the lead on the development on this
[14:04] TheMage The team just started a few days ago and they are now in the process of creating a statement of work
[14:05] TheMage the hard date to deliver is Dec 31st, but I personally can imagine it will be complete before then since we have some older material to work off of.
[14:05] TheMage any questions or comments about before I move onto the enxt subject?
[14:06] bonksnp (don't forget we have 2 major holidays between now and then)
[14:06] ThomasFX Cool, good to hear. I´d love to review the technical side of it, like website performance, semantics, SEO, ...
[14:06] crazik
[14:06] TheMage sure thomas
[14:06] ThomasFX bonksnp that could be a good thing as well
[14:07] crazik ThomasFX: performance of CloudFlare?
[14:07] ThomasFX TheMage I did the same for, submitted changes, but my changes were never commited
[14:07] TheMage gotcha
[14:07] TheMage if you are interested, send me a PM with your email (I think I have it but just to be sure)
[14:08] ThomasFX crazik performance of the pageload in general; compression of plain text files, image compression, css sprites, reducing http requests.. all these things
[14:08] TheMage Next topic, by laws and the LA reorg
[14:08] ThomasFX as well as adding code to make the site more understandeable for search engines
[14:08] ThomasFX TheMage will do
[14:09] peoplma is the website open source?
[14:09] TheMage I personally have not finished reviewing the by laws (its very dry legalese), im about 1/2 way done and hope to set aside a solid few hours to complete. I think the others are still int he process of review as well.
[14:09] TheMage No I dont think it will be poeplma
[14:10] TheMage to wrap some context around this, once the by laws are complete it will be the last major hurdle for the LA reorg
[14:10] TheMage we are reincorporating our non-profit status from FL to Tx
[14:11] TheMage once we are complete, there will be a few changes. Some minor some major, as to the way the LA operates.
[14:11] TheMage we hope to provide a copy to all current LA members before it is fully published (if possible)
[14:12] crazik and there we will open membership program
[14:12] TheMage when this is all done, LA membership will reopen and we will have better direction for the LA and what we want to do as an organization.
[14:12] TheMage any comments/questions/concerns about the LA reorg or LA in general?
[14:13] crazik they sleep...
[14:13] crazik
[14:13] smk all hail they hypno mage
[14:13] newb1 Where is the not for profit status in the mix of the re-incorporation?
[14:13] TheMage disappointing that some folks who were asking about LA information within the last 2 weeks are not here to ask
[14:14] |<-- bonksnp has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[14:14] TheMage hmmm, newb1 I need to ask carnth, he is handling that portion I believe.
[14:14] -->| bonksnp ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:14] TheMage I dont think he is able to make todays meeting because of personal issues
[14:14] TheMage so my apologizes I do not have an answer right now
[14:15] TheMage crazik did you have something to mention about the LA in general?
[14:15] newb1 That's fine... but I do hope the not-for-profit status can be established along with the re-organization.
[14:15] crazik well.
[14:16] crazik I want only say: If you have ANY question about LA, just ask. here or forum.
[14:16] TheMage newb1 it will be, we are registering as a 501(c)(6)
[14:16] crazik reddit is not an officially supported channel
[14:16] peoplma lol
[14:16] newb1 I understand that... I am eager to see it achieved.
[14:16] crazik or just use our contact form on website
[14:16] crazik (still old)
[14:17] bonksnp Theres quite a bit of old info on the LA website actually
[14:17] TheMage not that people cant ask, its just that it would be easier to get answers trough other avenues
[14:17] TheMage bonksnp, crazik is nearly finished with a new LA website
[14:18] bonksnp Oh thats right......sorry I forgot about that
[14:18] TheMage hehe no problem
[14:18] crazik well
[14:18] bonksnp HURRY UP CRAZIK
[14:18] crazik website is almost ready
[14:18] crazik but
[14:18] crazik waits for help with content
[14:18] crazik check:
[14:18] TheMage if you are an LA member, please look at craziks post in the LA section and help where you can
[14:19] crazik anyone can help
[14:19] TheMage or there
[14:19] TheMage lol
[14:19] crazik we need a short story about each slide at main carousel
[14:19] bonksnp maybe move the thread to the general discussion TM?
[14:19] bonksnp since it's open to the public for discussion
[14:19] TheMage thats up to crazik
[14:19] bonksnp plus more visability
[14:20] crazik I wanted to avoid unnecessary mess
[14:20] crazik and talking 'why/why not'
[14:20] bonksnp double edged sword I guess
[14:21] TheMage next topic, litecoin wiki
[14:21] TheMage saigoned mentioned he will have some time to help getting some of the information sorted
[14:21] TheMage and a few others have mentioned they want to help as well
[14:21] crazik if you need your account activated - just PM me
[14:22] crazik or in case of any problem
[14:22] TheMage if you want to help but do not have access, please ask crazik or kyrio (zipzo on reddit) for access
[14:22] TheMage the reason we do this is to prevent people going in and making a larger mess of it, trolls and such
[14:22] TheMage so if you want to fix something, please help out! Dont just point it out, fix it!
[14:23] newb1 But I like to complain and offer no solutions.
[14:23] bonksnp 'atta boy!
[14:23] TheMage haha
[14:23] TheMage next topic
[14:23] newb1 Sorry, bad joke.
[14:23] peoplma i didn't realize the litecoin wiki was open to edit by anyone
[14:23] bonksnp it's not
[14:24] TheMage only to people who have access
[14:24] crazik it needs a micropayment
[14:24] TheMage or ask special request to avoid
[14:24] TheMage which is just a PM
[14:24] peoplma ah, so how do you get access to edit?
[14:24] peoplma ok
[14:24] TheMage ask crazik or kyrio
[14:24] crazik peoplma: create account, follow Special:Cryptopayment
[14:24] TheMage they can help you
[14:25] crazik and that's all
[14:25] TheMage or that lol
[14:25] crazik peoplma: but now we have to kill you.
[14:25] crazik it was our secret
[14:25] crazik
[14:25] peoplma lol
[14:25] TheMage lol
[14:25] TheMage ok next two topics
[14:25] crazik for the NSA needs (it was joke)
[14:26] TheMage Ive asked Peoplma to join us today because of these, as he stated before he is a moderator over at /r/dogecoin
[14:26] crazik doublekill
[14:26] TheMage everyone knows I have always pushed for more/better relationships with other coins, most recently dogecoin since the AUXPoW happened
[14:27] TheMage Dogecoin is holding a charity called Doge4Christmas
[14:27] TheMage the original thread is here
[14:27] |<-- rdymac has left freenode (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[14:27] TheMage they asked if the Litecoin community would be interested in helping out bring a special Christmas for those in need
[14:28] TheMage I said I would be more than happy to bring this up at the LA meeting to see if this was something people were interested in doing as a partnership
[14:29] bonksnp well
[14:29] TheMage so thoughts? understand that I'm still going to post something about it because it doesnt hurt to help others out
[14:29] bonksnp I dont want to sound like a bad guy here
[14:29] TheMage its ok feel free to speak freely
[14:29] mubit dogecoin raised a lot of awareness when they had donation drives in the past
[14:29] TheMage no ones going to crucify you
[14:29] mubit articles etc
[14:30] bonksnp but maybe everyone is thinking we don't want to come together as a community and have all the promotional credit go to Dogecoin (no offense to dogecoiners)
[14:30] TheMage understood
[14:30] -->| speculator ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:30] peoplma that's a good point
[14:30] bonksnp what if we hosted a side by side charity? or something where we could say at the end "We raised 5,000,000 Doge and 150 LTC for the charity"
[14:31] TheMage so perhaps maybe in the near/far future we can do an official joint effort? I'm sure it would certainly raise eyebrows in the media seeing us do this
[14:31] peoplma it shouldn't be viewed as a competition between dogecoin/litecoin
[14:31] mubit dogecoin is already chained to litecoin
[14:31] bonksnp absolutely not.....a joint effort
[14:31] peoplma yeah
[14:31] mubit the dogecoin community clearly had a good marketing efforrt
[14:31] TheMage any other thoughts?
[14:31] mubit it would be good to follow them on thiis
[14:32] TheMage yea they have been great at that mubit
[14:32] crazik I think, we shouldn't go together with the name 'doge4...'
[14:32] crazik separate actions, or both coins in the name
[14:32] bonksnp OR
[14:32] peoplma i can talk to the people organizing it about calling it something like crypto4
[14:33] mubit scrypt4
[14:33] artilectinc give them some credit for starting the idea
[14:33] bonksnp Litecoin could simply put together thier own charity........honestly I hate that the litecoin community follows what others are doing (again no offense to doge)
[14:33] bonksnp but it always seems to take someone else to start something and then us follow it.
[14:34] bonksnp I would love if we did our own thing like the go vap or trees charity
[14:34] TheMage well think of it as a fostering of relationships and working together bonksnp, we can do something like "script for Christmas" or something, and do something else
[14:34] bonksnp Ok, sorry I don't mean to sound like the whiney LTC brat taking my ball and going home
[14:35] bonksnp I just want our community to get credit
[14:35] TheMage absolutly
[14:35] bonksnp where credit is due
[14:35] TheMage nope I understand, and thats the feedback I am looking for
[14:35] TheMage so thanks
[14:35] newb1 I will point out that I once mentioned the idea of creating a scholarship opportunity...
[14:35] TheMage that would be a good one
[14:36] TheMage i personally see it as a win all around, shows outsiders that crypto doesnt have to fight each other, raises awareness of both Litecoin and Dogecoin for doing good to others, and the charity obviously wins as well
[14:36] newb1 I imagine a pool of litecoin to be distributed to a collegiate applicant who wishes to study cryptocurrency in a scholarly setting.
[14:36] bonksnp that is true's really about helping people in the end
[14:37] artilectinc I agree that the litecoin community needs to get more active. I do support the doge4christmas however it works. Even if it means we have a supporting role "... with support from LA"
[14:37] TheMage I'm sure that there are many in the media that would love to report on this as well
[14:37] bonksnp and my wife is I'm completely down for helping with this
[14:37] TheMage haha nice
[14:37] artilectinc I"m willing to put up 200LTC to doge4xmas
[14:37] bonksnp and no she doesn't have a tail
[14:37] |<-- Anthony1s{-_-} has left freenode (Quit: Leaving)
[14:37] crazik artilectinc: wow
[14:37] bonksnp whoa artilectinc
[14:38] newb1 wowza, artilecting... that is very generous.
[14:38] TheMage peoplma, lets me and you have a side chat with lob and see what we can come up with
[14:38] peoplma such wow
[14:38] TheMage wow art, thats awesome
[14:38] peoplma sure
[14:38] artilectinc it has to start somewhere
[14:38] bonksnp did you accidently hit an extra 0?
[14:38] TheMage lol
[14:38] artilectinc lol
[14:38] artilectinc no
[14:38] artilectinc 2 0 0 .
[14:38] TheMage ill also try to solicit some people personally for donations as well
[14:38] TheMage ok
[14:39] bonksnp where are donations going?
[14:39] bonksnp I mean where do we send donations?
[14:39] TheMage well, I'll hash out with peoplma if we should maybe change the name or make a new charity
[14:39] TheMage not determined yet
[14:39] bonksnp ok
[14:39] TheMage sound good peoplma?
[14:40] peoplma sounds good
[14:40] artilectinc I'm happy to provide the donation in any demomination 50% DOGE/LTC
[14:40] peoplma we'll get them to set up a litecoin donation address
[14:40] TheMage next topic, and I'll hand it over to peoplma to explain Shibify
[14:40] peoplma oh right
[14:41] TheMage he brought this up with me and I thought it would be good to let him talk about it
[14:41] crazik now shibes will protest
[14:41] peoplma shibify is an easy way to set up an online store to sell your stuff
[14:41] TheMage crazik, no they wont
[14:42] peoplma it's not craigslist or ebay, and it's not exactly your own personal business, it's somewhere in between
[14:42] peoplma like shopify
[14:42] peoplma but easier than shopify or etsy
[14:42] peoplma
[14:43] peoplma they currently only accept doge
[14:43] bonksnp that looks awefully similar to the shopify logo
[14:43] peoplma they were created in the fallout from moolah stores closing without notice
[14:43] peoplma yeah heh
[14:44] peoplma so if you guys want, we can ask them to accept litecoin too
[14:44] bonksnp
[14:44] TheMage lol
[14:44] bonksnp (kidding)
[14:44] peoplma they use as a payment processor, so i don't see any reason they couldnt
[14:44] peoplma heh
[14:44] bonksnp peoplma, question
[14:45] bonksnp whats the benefit of using shibify over shopify or esty?
[14:45] bonksnp I have a shopify store and I accept, Doge, Litecoin and Bitcoin
[14:46] peoplma etsy is mostly for crafts and things, and there's no way to check out with crypto, you have to contact the store owner directly to pay with crypto
[14:46] peoplma and yes, shopify is probably a better option if you are a professional business
[14:47] peoplma shibify is more for people who have a day job, and want to sell stuff on the side
[14:47] newb1 etsy needs to be gocoin enabled...
[14:47] bonksnp Oh I see it is free though.....thats cool
[14:47] TheMage i brought this up mainly because its another place for adoption as I see it. But the Dogecoin twist may be a turn off for some people
[14:47] peoplma it's easier to set up
[14:47] TheMage again, getting a pulse of what people thing
[14:48] TheMage mull over it, and if you would rather provide thoughts in a PM please feel free to
[14:48] TheMage again, its another place for adoption
[14:48] newb1 You are asking if shibify should accept litecoin?
[14:49] TheMage yes
[14:49] crazik yes, they should
[14:49] newb1 Of course they should.
[14:49] TheMage if we should ask them
[14:49] TheMage haha
[14:49] newb1 Yes, ask them.
[14:49] peoplma yeah, just saying, i can talk to them about accepting lite if you guys want
[14:49] TheMage ok well there is the answer
[14:49] peoplma kk
[14:49] TheMage looks like thats a thumbs up
[14:50] TheMage ok
[14:50] TheMage with that said, I would like to open the floor for the rest of the meeting
[14:50] crazik any questions to LA?
[14:50] TheMage feel free to ask/discuss anything on your minds
[14:50] bonksnp crazik you have a hard date before putting up new la website?
[14:51] crazik bonksnp: yes. it's ~3 months ago
[14:51] crazik
[14:51] bonksnp lol
[14:51] TheMage haha
[14:51] artilectinc
[14:51] bonksnp before new years?
[14:51] crazik unfortunatelly I changed my job
[14:51] crazik and have no free time
[14:51] bonksnp same here
[14:52] crazik well. new job is good, but lack of time is bad
[14:53] TheMage anyone have anything else?
[14:54] newb1 If you had to guess, when will membership reopen?
[14:54] newb1 Sometime in November? December? In the new year?
[14:54] TheMage I would like to hope that it will happen before the end of the year
[14:54] crazik newb1: it depends on reorg date
[14:55] newb1 What new positions will exist in the reorganization? Or, perhaps its too early to say?
[14:55] roscoe_ I'm still keeping on Bloomberg, it's hard with the depressed asset price of LTC
[14:55] crazik newb1: well, there will be a lot of changes
[14:55] TheMage hmmmm, i think its too early to say right now. Its in the by laws and since those are a draft I dont want to mention anything because it could change.
[14:55] crazik well. my bitcoin friends have a deeper depression
[14:56] TheMage thanks Roscoe_, btw good to see you again
[14:56] TheMage ill keep bumping the thread as appropriate
[14:57] roscoe_ thank you, sorry for my extended absence here and on the forums.
[14:57] TheMage its ok, just like everyone else im sure you have personal stuff to deal with (work, family, etc)
[14:57] TheMage last call for comments otherwise I will close the meeting and post the minutes
[14:57] roscoe_ stupid lottery........HA
[14:58] newb1 I have one last thing to say...
[14:58] TheMage did you win roscoe_? lol
[14:58] TheMage ok newb1
[14:58] roscoe_ I thought you were guaranted to win, WTF?
[14:58] TheMage lol
[14:59] newb1 It's nice to see so many people here today and actively participating in the meeting. Not to long ago, the meeting was essentially three people. I encourage Litecoin interested people to participate in the meetings and to dialog about what is, what could be, and about our goals and process for achieving them.
[15:00] TheMage thanks newb1
[15:00] newb1 Thank you, TheMage, for leading our meeting today in Carnth's absence.
[15:00] peoplma thanks for welcoming me guys hopefully we'll continue to have a great relationship and work together to further the crypto cause
[15:00] TheMage happy you could attend peoplma! hope to see you here more in the future as well
[15:01] TheMage ok thank you everyone, meeting is closed.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #25 on: November 16, 2014, 08:25:33 PM »
Meeting log from Nov 16 2014

Code: [Select]
[14:00] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association Public meeting.
[14:00] Carnth before we get started with our agenda, please let me know you are here (not idle)
[14:00] TheMage here
[14:00] crazik here
[14:00] burst here
[14:00] artilectinc here
[14:00] Anthony1s here
[14:00] jief78 hello here
[14:01] Carnth OK.
[14:01] Carnth Let's get started.
[14:01] Carnth TheMage has today's agenda.
[14:01] TheMage thank you everyone for attending, and for those that can't be here I hope you enjoy the meeting minutes
[14:02] newb1 here
[14:02] TheMage lots of good things happening over the last 2 weeks
[14:03] TheMage I'd like to start off with a new initiative that was created by a community member to have LTCGear shares donated for both the developers and the LA
[14:03] TheMage I hold the account for this, and the main post on this is located here for those that are interested
[14:03] TheMage I also stickied a topic in the cloud mining section
[14:04] TheMage basically for those that do not know, these are cloud mining shares that people are donating, 75% of the payouts go to the core developers fund and 25% is going to the LA
[14:04] TheMage any questions on that?
[14:05] Carnth This is a great way to donate... without donating LTC directly.
[14:05] TheMage absolutely!
[14:05] TheMage we already have ~1700 shares donated, with a few that have promised. I am keeping a tracking spreadsheet of all that have donated.
[14:06] TheMage Also I need to sit down and figure out what that means in terms of payouts, I have not had the time to do that (i.e. what is a share worth)
[14:06] Carnth If you want to donate LTCGear shares for this cause, send them directly to account TheMage is managing for the Dev Team and LA.
[14:07] -->| AT_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:07] TheMage next on the agenda, there have been 2 new sub forums created. The first one is cloud mining section under Marketplace --> computer hardware, and the other is physical goods under the marketplace section
[14:07] newb1 Is there a benefit to donating shares instead of litecoin directly? Or, is this just another way to donate?
[14:08] Carnth newb1: Just another way to donate
[14:08] TheMage this is just another way to donate, I guess the benefit of it is that its a "growing" donation
[14:08] TheMage since payouts are weekly I believe
[14:08] -->| peachboy ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:08] jief78 1600 shares are worth $850 at ltcgear
[14:08] crazik peachboy: welcome
[14:09] newb1 I will have to look at cloud mining a little more closely. My understanding of it is vague, but thank you for elaborating.
[14:09] peachboy Hi there. Thanks!
[14:09] TheMage thank you jief78
[14:09] AT_ Hi
[14:10] Carnth About the new sub forums: We are trying to organize the LitecoinTalk forum better.
[14:10] crazik hello AT
[14:10] TheMage so back to the other topic, the mods at Litecointalk have already gone through and hopefully got all of the cloud mining threads into the new section. As far as I know we still need to go filter the physical goods threads into that new section.
[14:10] peachboy I've been on the LA for almost a year but this is my first IRC meeting.
[14:10] TheMage haha welcome peachboy
[14:11] newb1 Welcome Peachboy!
[14:11] TheMage so if anyone has any future suggestions for new sections please post in the meta section of
[14:11] peachboy Thanks TheMage - and congrats on the promotion.
[14:11] TheMage Thank you
[14:11] AT_ I Think we should just have one super thread for cloud mining share sales
[14:11] TheMage As Carnth said, we want to try to organize the forums as best we can.
[14:12] TheMage well we have multiple companies, so a super thread wouldnt work out too well
[14:12] AT_ Would prevent so many new threads and would make moderating that section a lot easier
[14:12] AT_ How about super thread for each cloud company?
[14:13] TheMage well, there are also multiple sub companies now selling services. I dont think that would be fair to them.
[14:13] crazik forum has to stay neutral
[14:13] crazik so we cant do that
[14:14] Carnth We will take things one step at a time. The CLoud Mining sections is where all Cloud mining threads should go.
[14:14] mubit the way the 'press' board is structured, it doesnt get used much
[14:14] TheMage This was the best thing to do in my opinion, let each company or sub company have their own threads in the cloud mining section
[14:14] mubit most 'news' topics end up in general
[14:14] crazik mubit: it's my source for LA website news
[14:14] mubit thats fine, but maybe a main section for litecoin news
[14:14] crazik and good source for some new, media visitors
[14:15] TheMage Ive noticed the news section does not get used as much as well
[14:15] TheMage Maybe ill make a meta thread and ask others what they think of it
[14:15] crazik ok
[14:15] mubit as a 'press' section it makes sense
[14:15] -->| AT101 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:15] mubit but general newsworthy stories that people find could have a section perhaps
[14:16] AT101 Switched to PC as mobile IRC wasn't working well
[14:17] |<-- AT_ has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[14:17] TheMage Next item: I wanted to share quote from Warren on Litecoin development in case no one has seen it
[14:17] TheMage please bear in mind I have no additional news other than the quote, so I can not ellaborate
[14:17] TheMage Today coblee asked me to add a change to Litecoin 0.9.3 to better support things like sidechains and atomic on-chain transactions. I'm testing it now.
[14:17] TheMage That's separate from aspect's proposal for a hardfork to change the multisig address prefix. That will require community buy in and many months of planning after Litecoin 0.9.x.
[14:18] TheMage I thought it was very interesting so I wanted to share it
[14:19] crazik there was more good quotes from warren
[14:19] newb1 This IS very interesting. While I understand enough about sidechains to appreciate this development, does anyone know what an atomic on-chain transaction is and can they elaborate? Huh?
[14:19] AT101 No clue
[14:19] crazik newb1: check bitcoind last changes on github
[14:19] jief78 I don't even understand sidechains
[14:19] crazik or pull requests
[14:19] crazik maybe you will find there something connected
[14:19] peachboy For the multisig address prefix there seemed to be a disagreement as to whether this was a hardfork or a softfork... any news on this?
[14:20] Carnth TheMage: We don't have any other news on this.
[14:20] Carnth We don't have any other news on this.
[14:20] TheMage I have no more information than whats posted sorry
[14:20] Carnth The Dev team will have to reveal their intentions.
[14:21] peachboy That's fair enough.
[14:21] jief78 isn't their any litecoin dev here now?
[14:21] Carnth But as crazik said, you can get a "sneak preview" of possible thing for Litecoin, by looking at Bitcoind's github changes.
[14:21] TheMage feel free any of you too post in the Litecoin Development & technical discussion section and ask the devs to elaboration
[14:22] Carnth jief78: No. Not right now.
[14:22] TheMage the next item to talk about is Liteshibes4Christmas
[14:22] peachboy Woot!
[14:23] jief78 and habitualy? did they come to la meeting?
[14:23] crazik TheMage: I request a short note about it on our website!
[14:23] TheMage yes crazik, go ahead and post an update on that if you would like
[14:23] AT101 Who's orchestrating that? Doge or LTC admins?
[14:23] TheMage ill hold off on my next item
[14:24] crazik TheMage: go ahead
[14:24] TheMage lol ok I guess ill do it
[14:24] TheMage The new Litecoin Association website was published today
[14:25] TheMage We are going to need help filling it in
[14:25] newb1 BOOM
[14:25] Carnth Thanks to crazik for his hard work on the website.
[14:25] TheMage there are a few things missing, and we need the communities help to do it
[14:25] TheMage Yes, a LARGE thank you to Crazik for making this!
[14:25] Carnth New website just updated... 25 minutes ago (start of this meeting)
[14:25] crazik is now red...
[14:25] peachboy Looks good. Well done all.
[14:26] crazik it really needs YOUR content
[14:26] crazik fresh news
[14:26] crazik community activites, etc
[14:26] TheMage I will be making a posting about it after this meeting asking folks to help with submittions
[14:26] crazik and all charities
[14:26] TheMage again this is one of those times where people who ask "what can I do to help" have an opportunity to help all of us out
[14:27] crazik TheMage: +1
[14:27] TheMage ok next, Liteshibes4Christmas
[14:27] peachboy Woot!
[14:27] TheMage I have to confirm, but I believe that we have hit out $2k mark!
[14:28] peachboy That's fantastic.
[14:28] TheMage we have raised so far a bit over $1500, and the Dogecoin mods have the previous $500 they raised
[14:28] jief78 nice!
[14:29] peachboy Congrats to all who donated.
[14:29] jief78 what is the end date?
[14:29] TheMage I have been talking with CathyKeith, and she will ensure to take a ton of pictures and videos for it
[14:29] TheMage the end date is officially first week of Dec
[14:29] TheMage so we will keep it open for 2 more weeks
[14:29] TheMage extra money will be distributed amoung 100 children
[14:30] TheMage I hold the Litecoin funds for this, and within the next week will transfer over the amount to CathyKeith so she can get a head start with buying presents
[14:30] peachboy Fabulous.
[14:31] TheMage This is going to make a lot of children who have very little a very special Christmas
[14:31] peachboy Very proud of Litecoin for donating so much. This is a win for all.
[14:31] TheMage yes it is!
[14:31] AT101 What is the donation address?
[14:32] TheMage its a win win win as far as I see it, we help out those in need, we raise awareness of Litecoin, and we are building bridges across the communities
[14:32] TheMage Litecoin address
[14:32] TheMage Dogecoin Address
[14:33] TheMage We even got a mention in the international business times for this effort
[14:33] TheMage (short FYI on that, those quotes were mind and I requested a correction from the author lol)
[14:33] TheMage mind = mine*
[14:34] Carnth TheMage: got robbed.
[14:34] TheMage We also have 2 articles in coinsource and CCN on this
[14:34] crazik link?
[14:34] -->| Mullac998 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:34] crazik ok, may be later
[14:35] TheMage
[14:35] Mullac998 yo guys is it still worth to start mining litecoins
[14:35] TheMage
[14:35] TheMage Mullac998, wrong channel to ask that :D. We are having a Litecoin Association meeting right now.
[14:35] Carnth Mullac998: please hold questions like that until the end of our meeitng or ask in #litecoin
[14:36] Mullac998 oh ok thanks
[14:36] TheMage So for those who have donated and supported the Liteshibes4Christmas effort, I wanted to say THANK YOU!
[14:37] TheMage Last item that I have to talk about today
[14:38] TheMage I am putting together a letter to send to the HM Treasury department (UK equivalent of the US treasury department)
[14:38] TheMage They specifically called for Bitcoin and Litecoin
[14:38] TheMage Which I thought was amazing that they didnt just say Bitcoin
[14:39] TheMage Ive asked for input from community members on it, the thread is located here
[14:39] peachboy Well, Litecoin is the next best thing.
[14:39] TheMage it is
[14:40] TheMage So I posted this on both reddit and Litecointalk, asking for public options
[14:40] peachboy I have posted to that thread, so my opinions are to be discovered as such.
[14:40] newb1 Are you intending to address each of their 13 questions?
[14:40] TheMage in addition, feel free to write a letter to them yourself
[14:40] TheMage I have not determined yet how I am going to approach it, it will most likely be a very long drawn out letter
[14:41] TheMage so I want to say yes, and throw in additional infomation
[14:41] newb1 Are you working with some deadline or other scheduled structure?
[14:41] peachboy Do you have ideas of what you are going to say?
[14:42] TheMage This is important as a community, if you want Litecoin to influence how regulators approch digital currency we have the perfect platform right now
[14:42] -->| Anthony85 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:42] TheMage they have a deadline yes, I believe is it the first of dec but I need to verify that
[14:43] newb1 December 1st? OMG, don't blink!
[14:43] TheMage also I have started a document already, the first thing I am doing is explaining the crypto eco system from wallets to exchanges, payment processors, businesses, to person to person transactions
[14:44] TheMage I believe that framing this in the correct context will give better leverage to answering and having them understand the answers to their questions.
[14:44] peachboy My overview is that the UK would be catastophically missing out if it didn't seize the opportunity to build upon its financial history by embracing digital currencies.
[14:44] newb1 That's awesome. Thank you for your effort on this front. It's important and especially so since Litecoin was named directly.
[14:45] peachboy Specifically referencing Denmark, where BTC and LTC profits are untaxed.
[14:45] TheMage Peachboy, yes exactly
[14:45] TheMage newb1, thank you
[14:45] TheMage again, I urge others to submit on behalf of Litecoin as well!
[14:45] newb1 Is anyone in LA knowledgable about the history of UK currency?
[14:46] peachboy I'm a UK resident.
[14:46] newb1 The Brits were decidedly not part of the euro... our thoughts might be well positioned within the context of their historical thinking on the matter.
[14:46] TheMage I might be tapping certain people to get additional insight
[14:46] AT101 UK UK UK
[14:46] TheMage (UK people)
[14:47] TheMage with that said, that is all I have for the day. I would like to open up the floor for anythign that folks would like to bring up
[14:47] peachboy The UK responds well to a mix of radicalism, libertarianism, socialism, and creativism. If you know this, you can't go wrong.
[14:48] peachboy The trick is, putting it all together in one cake.
[14:48] TheMage I will keep that in mind
[14:49] Carnth Any other questions? Comments?
[14:49] <--| mubit has left #litecoin-association
[14:49] AT101 The call for info closes on the 3rd of Dec
[14:49] peachboy Yah.
[14:49] TheMage great thank you!
[14:50] TheMage I'll keep that in mind, looks like I got 2 weeks
[14:50] TheMage I will share the document when I finish it with everyone
[14:50] peachboy Any top down insight onto the direction of the branding?
[14:50] Anthony85 Hi Guys I'm not yet part o the Litecoin Association but l would love to be,not long ago' I had a good idea to sponsor Litecoin with social media and I think it would be great if we could make it happen
[14:51] peachboy There's a potential split between silver... and "beyond silver"..... thoughts?
[14:51] jief78 thank you the mage this is really important for LITECOIN
[14:51] TheMage in terms of branding, the team originally working on it is still working on it. There was some disagreement on the direction and we respectfully decided to part ways.
[14:52] newb1 What do you mean by sponsor litecoin with social media? I generally try to tweet about litecoin each day.
[14:52] TheMage Anthony85, what were you thinking?
[14:53] Anthony85 I was trying to promote the idea to have on out social media profile picture the image of a Litecoin
[14:54] TheMage ahh, you mean everyone change their pic to a litecoin?
[14:54] Anthony85 it could be for one day or more,it al depends and maybe to spread this in a faster way we could collect some funds and give a small bonus to the people who will be part of it
[14:54] Anthony85 TheMage yes
[14:54] TheMage we should have done that a few weeks ago when Litecoin turned 3 lol
[14:54] TheMage would have been perfect
[14:55] Anthony85 That's true but I still it would be great and it would make a lot of people get interest on Litecoin
[14:55] TheMage yea I think thats a good idea, maybe post about it again and see what peoples thoughts are
[14:56] Anthony85 Okay great I have to impost it in a better way,will think about something
[14:56] TheMage ok
[14:56] TheMage anyone else have anything?
[14:57] TheMage Carnth?
[14:57] Carnth I'm good
[14:57] Carnth I think this will conclude today's meeting.
[14:58] Carnth Thanks everyone for attending.
[14:58] peachboy Thanks! Good to speak with you all.
[14:58] TheMage Thank you very much everyone!
[14:58] TheMage same
[14:58] jief78 thanks to you!

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #26 on: November 17, 2014, 11:58:37 AM »
From what I heard Yesterday's meeting was epic ;)

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #27 on: November 30, 2014, 07:42:34 PM »
Meeting log from Nov 30 2014

Code: [Select]
[14:00] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association Public meeting.
[14:00] Carnth Can I get a show of who is here (active) even if you plan to lurk?
[14:00] crazik is lurking
[14:00] newb1 Here
[14:00] TheMage hi
[14:01] goto_ hi
[14:01] Carnth I'm glad you are here.
[14:01] newb1 Happy to be here!
[14:01] TheMage not too many people on today, might be a short meeting
[14:01] -->| byte ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:02] Carnth TheMage: Please give us an update.
[14:02] newb1 Some join a few minutes late...
[14:02] TheMage Sure
[14:02] TheMage so the first topic I would like to cover is the Liteshibes4Christmas charity
[14:03] TheMage tomorrow will be the last day for donations
[14:03] TheMage All together, we have raise over $2k between Litecoin and Dogecoin
[14:03] TheMage which has met our max target
[14:03] HashStatz here, lurking and watching kids
[14:03] Carnth That's awesome news!
[14:04] newb1 How does it brrak down doge vs ltc?
[14:04] TheMage this means that we will give 100 children a very special christmas
[14:04] crazik TheMage: great!
[14:04] crazik do we want more = more children gets gifts?
[14:04] crazik or we should stop?
[14:04] TheMage Newb1, I need to go back and check on it. Since we pre sent some of the coins a week or two ago to give Cathy some time to start buying gifts
[14:04] -->| enLighteN85 ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:05] -->| jadefalke ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:05] TheMage crazik, I am not sure on how exactly any extra will be spent. The amounts listed were approximations in terms of how many children will receive how much
[14:06] TheMage cathykeith will be posting picture and videos of it all in the coming weeks for everyone
[14:06] TheMage so thank you, all of you, who donated to this
[14:07] Carnth That will be hartwarming to see.
[14:07] TheMage next topic, I wanted to talk briefly about the LTCGear dev and LA donation funds
[14:08] TheMage We received our first payout on Friday, and I sent 75% of it to the core developers funds
[14:08] TheMage here is the post on that
[14:08] -->| mubit ([email protected]:1af8:4010:a01b:1::) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:08] TheMage ~48.57 was received, and ~36.4 were sent to the developers
[14:09] TheMage the remaining amount the LA is holding to help pay for things like the forum costs and other LA related business expenses (no, im not goign to be taking a trip to Hawaii with it)
[14:10] TheMage donations are always open to help with the LA and the developers
[14:10] TheMage I am personally managing the account, and the account name is "TheMage"
[14:11] TheMage donations are tracked on a spreadsheet located here
[14:12] TheMage Next up, the letter from the LA to the HM tres dept
[14:12] TheMage I'm working on it, slowly but surely.....thats really all the update I have on that lol
[14:12] TheMage I am hoping to put a few hours aside today and get it completed. When I do I will share it with everyone.
[14:13] newb1 I think they stated a deadline. Will you meet it? Is help needed?
[14:13] TheMage the deadline is dec 3rd, and if you are offering I think help would be appreciated. But more so I might need a second or third look before I sent it off rather than content (unless you have some ideas in mind already)
[14:14] newb1 I would be happy to edit and supplement with ideas whrre I have them. When yoy like, send me a draft.
[14:15] TheMage sure!
[14:15] TheMage for me, I believe those are all the updates I have
[14:16] TheMage It's been quiet lately on the forums
[14:16] newb1 FYI, I do not think saigoned got my email. Is he still doing a video with losh?
[14:16] TheMage I am not completely sure, I would hope he would
[14:17] TheMage if not, perhaps we can use an edited version of yours?
[14:17] TheMage I like how you went to check the blockchain after you sent the coins
[14:17] newb1 Any of mine can be used. Feel free.
[14:17] TheMage excellent
[14:17] TheMage ohhh I do have something else
[14:18] TheMage that I want to share with everyone here (and who are reading teh minutes log)
[14:18] TheMage ive recently been talking to a large amount of people from other coin communities, partially for my own purposes that im not going to talk about
[14:19] newb1 Or you can delete it from the log and motivate more real time participation! Joking...
[14:19] TheMage a few of them have expressed that there is the perception that Litecoin members dislike or hate their communities after a year + of being berated
[14:20] TheMage I would like to think that this is no longer the case at all, and that we are a more inclusive community
[14:20] -->| Rick__ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:20] Rick__ Hi everybody!
[14:20] TheMage everyone here knows that I personally try to bring people together and want to see the coin on coin hate eliminated (if possible, there will always be trolls lol)
[14:21] TheMage hi rick
[14:21] newb1 Hi rick
[14:21] TheMage anyways, I guess what im saying is that we need to change this perception that Litecoin community members hate other coins, because its counter productive
[14:22] Rick__ I think there are certain coins we need to warn people about
[14:22] mubit bitcoin hates litecoin, litecoin hates x coin
[14:22] mubit it rolls downhill
[14:22] TheMage so if you see a troll or someone that is saying something that isnt nice, make an effort to tell them we need to be more inclusive because its doing nothing for us as a whole crypto ecosystem
[14:22] newb1 I am trying to recall any ltc hate on other communities and I am struggling. Though, I have observed a lot of hate on ltc snd other alts from members of btc
[14:23] Carnth mubit: "hate" only spreads when people choose to spread it.
[14:23] TheMage newb1, dogecoin, darkcoin, blackcoin, feathercoin
[14:23] TheMage hate begets hate, we need to make a greater effort to be more friendly towards other communities
[14:24] Rick__ i disagree, how can we get more people into the crypto community when people promote coins which are not founded on solid principles, insta mines, bad reward schedules. These are all things that cryptocommunity should be calling out
[14:24] TheMage rick, im mainly talking about older more solid communities
[14:24] Rick__ there is no need to hate, but calling out another coins bad reward schedule is not hate
[14:24] TheMage not ones that started a few weeks ago
[14:24] newb1 Analysis and hate are different...
[14:24] TheMage understood
[14:24] Carnth Rick__: I agree with you there. Pre-mines and scams are just bad for everyone.
[14:25] Rick__ but here is the thing. I actually dont think dogecoin is a good coin due to the nature of the reward schedule. Is that hate?
[14:26] newb1 In my view that is analysis.
[14:26] TheMage I would like to think that even though there was some bad feelings towards one another a fwe months ago, Litecoin and dogecoin are MUCH more friendlier with each other. Especially considering the AUXPoW, teh Liteshibe flairs on reddit, and the charity :). This is a perfect example of what we should be doing!
[14:26] Rick__ I actually would prefer not to be associated with dogecoin
[14:26] newb1 Hate is bashing on someone because they support doge
[14:26] Rick__ feels like our association with dogecoin was sort of forced
[14:27] TheMage and thats fine rick, and newb1's example is what I am talking about
[14:27] Rick__ we can still be firendly to shibes, but I would really prefer if we kept association with them to a minimum
[14:27] TheMage well im sorry you feel that way rick
[14:27] mubit its a nice statement, but i doubt much will change
[14:28] Rick__ i just dont think litecoin should be associated with a coin that has a very bad reward schedule.
[14:28] syntaks i think what we need is more geniune collaboration with able entities rather than segragation
[14:28] syntaks it can only strengthen the message crypto sends to those unknowing
[14:28] TheMage mubit, I'm personally making it as part of my mission to bring communities together. I have spoken with a number of coin devs and community leaders and they feel the same way.
[14:29] syntaks further from that however, the more distain shown for other existing projects in the cryptosphere - the more people are turned off and hesitant to support it
[14:29] Rick__ dogecoin was not founded on sound economics. It was no surprise that they had to mergemine with litecoin. The reward schedule was not sustainable. I would prefer not to be associated with that
[14:29] mubit dogecoin didnt have sound economics, but it brought people to crypto
[14:29] syntaks dogecoin has something that many other projects haven't yet been able to accomplish
[14:29] mubit so is it bad? whos to say
[14:29] syntaks community
[14:29] TheMage Rick, im talking about the community
[14:29] syntaks whether or not you agree with the silly antics (i personally can't really see "such many wow" for too long)
[14:30] syntaks the underlying message is there
[14:30] Rick__ mubit, so why do we still support dogecoin? There were lots of people who got into cryptos around that timeframe. mostly due to bitcoins and litecoins rise
[14:30] syntaks people were brought together on a somewhat unfamiliar plain
[14:30] syntaks and they stuck together
[14:30] TheMage syntaks has it right, we are in it for mass adoption. If people see a lot of infighting it would be a big turn off.
[14:30] Rick__ Im just saying you dont keep an accountant around because she is nice for the community
[14:30] syntaks Rick__: economics is only a small fraction of what crypto is
[14:30] syntaks about*
[14:31] Rick__ syntaks, ECONOMICS is a HUGE part of cryptos
[14:31] syntaks it plays a role, and heavily i'll add, but in the grand scheme of things we're looking towards revolutionary movement here
[14:31] mubit pretty sure it IS economics
[14:31] Rick__ economics was the reason cryptos started
[14:31] TheMage ok, I have an idea
[14:31] TheMage Lets take this discussion to the forums. I think this is a great topic that everyone should talk about
[14:32] Rick__ im fine here
[14:32] TheMage I'll make a post about it today
[14:32] TheMage great!
[14:32] syntaks crypto plays a bigger role in society or can than just basic economics is my opinion, that's all
[14:32] Rick__ but go ahead, you can talk about it on the forums too
[14:32] syntaks it symbolizes moving away from a governed economy
[14:32] TheMage ok, I hope to get your input as well Rick
[14:32] syntaks freedom, etc.
[14:33] TheMage with all of that said, I do not have anymore updates
[14:33] syntaks it seems though it's more political than anything lately
[14:33] TheMage Carnth, crazik?
[14:33] TheMage sorry syntaks talking over you lol
[14:33] crazik free beer I heard?
[14:33] syntaks no no
[14:33] syntaks your world man
[14:33] syntaks i'm just living in it
[14:33] Carnth It's our world.
[14:33] Carnth I have no other updates.
[14:33] TheMage fyi we have a celebrity here, syntaks is the developer of neoscoin
[14:34] syntaks pft
[14:34] newb1 It is good to see syntaks here!
[14:34] syntaks i'm no celebrity
[14:34] syntaks hiya newb
[14:34] TheMage crazik anything to share?
[14:34] -->| zd_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:35] crazik no, i don't have anything new
[14:36] newb1 So sorry, but I have to go. I will read up the rest on ltctalk. Thank you all!
[14:36] TheMage ok with that said I would like to open the floor for everyone
[14:36] TheMage cyas newb1
[14:36] syntaks take care newb
[14:36] |<-- newb1 has left freenode (Quit: Bye)
[14:37] TheMage I guess no one has anything they would like to bring up?
[14:37] mubit i made a pancake during the meeting
[14:37] crazik
[14:37] Anthony1s
[14:37] TheMage ha!
[14:38] TheMage ok with a pancake, I am going to end todays meeting. Thank you everyone for participating! Minutes will be posted as usual.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #28 on: December 16, 2014, 04:26:11 AM »
Meeting log from Dec 14th 2014

5 minute meeting, only 1 person showed up. No log to post.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #29 on: December 28, 2014, 07:32:15 PM »
Meeting log from Dec 28th 2014

Code: [Select]
[14:00] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association public meeting.
[14:00] Carnth I'm Carnth! Your meeting moderator.
[14:01] Carnth I would like to get a show for here is active, Even if you plan to lurk, just say "Here" to let me know that you are here.
[14:01] TheMage here
[14:01] litecamel here
[14:01] litecamel oh please let it be more than us three. I stayed up all morning for this.
[14:01] crazik looking
[14:01] litecamel lol
[14:02] TheMage sometimes we have people jump in late, I posted about the meeting on the forums reddit and twitter
[14:02] litecamel Gotcha;
[14:02] Carnth Well, litecamel, we will give you personal attention. No pressure. LOL
[14:02] -->| Cobleeh ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:02] -->| muegen ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:02] litecamel
[14:02] litecamel is Cobleeh coblee?
[14:02] TheMage cobleeh.....? lol
[14:03] litecamel lol
[14:03] Carnth litecamel: No
[14:03] litecamel didnt think so
[14:03] Cobleeh no i am not
[14:03] litecamel hehe
[14:03] Carnth TheMage: Whats on the agenda.
[14:03] Carnth Cobleeh: welcome.
[14:04] TheMage Well first, Id like to say that I posted some thoughts on Litecoin and crypto in 2014. I though it was a good representation of what we have seen and done this year, and look forward to 2015. Here is the thread for those who are interested in reading it.
[14:05] Carnth I just want to announce that we are having trouble with the wiki... But it will be back withing 15 to 20 minutes.
[14:05] Cobleeh good read, I recommend to everybody read what TheMage posted
[14:05] litecamel thanks Carnth
[14:06] TheMage Also feel free to retweet it (I guess shameless RT request lol)
[14:06] TheMage also thank you cobleeh
[14:06] TheMage next item
[14:06] litecamel shameless RT granted
[14:06] litecamel
[14:06] TheMage haha thanks
[14:07] -->| newb1 ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:07] TheMage next item, due to the increased workload in the cloud mining section, the admins/mods on litecointalk have promoted a new moderator to the marketplace section
[14:07] Carnth newb1: Meeting is over. Thanks for playing.
[14:07] TheMage lol carnth
[14:07] litecamel ??
[14:07] litecamel Oh.
[14:07] newb1 So sad! Ciao!
[14:07] litecamel newb1, i remember him.
[14:07] litecamel lol.
[14:07] Carnth litecamel: I'm soryy. I was joking.
[14:08] litecamel no it makes sense now.
[14:08] litecamel lol.
[14:08] TheMage Everyone feel free to welcome Sukarti as part of the mod team
[14:08] TheMage He is specifically helping out with the marketplace section and sub forums under it
[14:08] newb1 Litecamel remembers me, but are those memories positive? I hope so!
[14:08] newb1 And yes... Carnth... hardy har.
[14:08] newb1 Sorry to be late
[14:09] litecamel memories are memories. Whether or not they're positive is dependent on your current state of mind
[14:09] newb1 Im in Toronto and had to find wifi for the phone
[14:09] TheMage Third item which many people may have missed
[14:10] TheMage The Litecoin network earlier this week peaked at 2.2TH with a +30% diff adjustment
[14:10] crazik insane
[14:10] litecamel Wow! I missed that
[14:10] TheMage I was watching it live that night and sent out a few tweets about it
[14:10] litecamel thats incredible
[14:11] Cobleeh hmm, more mining power = more dumps
[14:11] TheMage it has since dropped down which I can only assume a mix between others shutting off their miners and the large person on the network turning off a few machines in order to keep the3 diff down
[14:12] TheMage so yea, I nearly crapped myself seeing the +30% diff adjustment
[14:12] litecamel lool!
[14:12] newb1 Cobleeh? Charlie?
[14:12] TheMage no lol
[14:13] TheMage already asked
[14:13] Cobleeh nah next time I use my real nick, sorry for that, I am not Coblee
[14:13] TheMage I guess the last item I have is that the site is coming along slowly but surely
[14:13] litecamel sheesh newb1! off your game
[14:13] litecamel
[14:14] litecamel Cobleeh: what is your real nick?
[14:14] TheMage With that asid, Carnth or Crazik do you guys have anything?
[14:14] crazik nothing from me
[14:14] TheMage Id imagine we will get more people in the meetings after the holidays, last 2 have been slow/minimal participation
[14:14] crazik well
[14:15] crazik just wait for the better price
[14:15] Carnth Nothing from me. Been slow on the Litecoin front over the holidays.
[14:15] TheMage haha yes im sure
[14:15] Anthony1s_ Hey guys
[14:15] Cobleeh litecamel: mirrax
[14:15] litecamel ah; thank you.
[14:15] TheMage hi anthony1s_
[14:16] TheMage Ohh
[14:16] TheMage I guess one last thing from me
[14:16] TheMage Starting in 2015 im going to try to hit the ground running, get more participation from people, get more activity going on, and get things really moving again
[14:17] TheMage ok thats all I have, floor is open for questions comments concerns or if anyone wants to call me names
[14:17] Cobleeh is it ok to talk about price?
[14:17] litecamel sure
[14:18] litecamel (if i have the authority to say that?)
[14:18] litecamel lol
[14:18] crazik yes and no
[14:18] TheMage sure, floor is open for whatever you want to talk about
[14:18] Anthony1s_ lol. price is kinda off topic. but feel free to talk about it after the meeting
[14:18] crazik
[14:18] TheMage lol crazik
[14:18] Anthony1s_ oh lo,.
[14:18] Anthony1s_ lol*
[14:18] litecamel
[14:18] TheMage well what about the price specifically, that its down?
[14:18] litecamel lol
[14:19] litecamel it is!?
[14:19] crazik yes = feel free to ask, no = but we cannot give you any answer for price related questions
[14:19] Cobleeh so there is nothing we can do to fight dumping miners, maybe if some huge whale pick up some news to change the trend for a while, right?
[14:19] TheMage well
[14:19] litecamel hrm
[14:19] litecamel Am I allowed to chime in here?
[14:19] TheMage I dont think there is anything we can do (we as in the LA) nor is it something that is part of our charter
[14:20] TheMage sure litecamel
[14:20] litecamel okay.
[14:20] litecamel abstains.
[14:20] TheMage lol
[14:20] Cobleeh
[14:20] TheMage but on a personal note, I think that being anchored to BTC has hurt way more than dumping miners
[14:20] Carnth Price is down for BTC as well.
[14:20] TheMage because at the end of the day, its all about the traders
[14:20] Carnth I'm sure many people sold to cover holiday expenses.
[14:20] litecamel Carnth: proportionally though, LTC is farther down
[14:21] litecamel significantly.
[14:21] litecamel I dont think LTC holiday sales had anything to do with it.
[14:21] litecamel IMO
[14:21] TheMage yes the ratio is affected by miners dumping
[14:21] TheMage the LTC/USD is from being tied to BTC
[14:21] Cobleeh so when BTC reverse LTC will follow but slower?
[14:21] TheMage oct 2015 is when we will have the halvening (trademarked)
[14:22] TheMage no
[14:22] TheMage when BTC reverses LTC will go down a bit
[14:22] litecamel LTC has been leading BTC movements this week
[14:22] TheMage then it will rise after the fact
[14:22] litecamel idk if anyone else has noticed.
[14:22] newb1 trademarked, seriously or jokingly?
[14:22] TheMage joking
[14:22] Carnth If we want price stability, then the coin needs to be used as a currency. We need more adoption and more people to use it, not convert it. Price will stabilize then.
[14:22] TheMage exactly
[14:22] litecamel Carnth: thats what my goal is.
[14:23] Cobleeh Namecoin just halved and nothing happend, halving can mean anythig just not doubling of price
[14:23] newb1 Price stability at $350 per coin sounds about right to me.
[14:23] Carnth BTC did not double in price during it's halvening.
[14:23] litecamel I think halving is irrelevant
[14:24] Carnth But there was a bubble prior to it.
[14:24] TheMage ok
[14:24] TheMage price talk aside
[14:24] TheMage anything else?
[14:24] litecamel Hmm
[14:24] TheMage otherwise we can close the meeting and continue to talk about prices
[14:24] litecamel Who is in charge of graphics
[14:24] litecamel and such
[14:24] Carnth litecamel: it's a state of mind. We all know exactly when the halvening will occur, so there is no surprise to it.
[14:24] -->| jief78 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:25] jief78 hi sorry i'm late again!
[14:25] litecamel lel
[14:25] TheMage we have no one specifically in charge of graphics, in the past bitcoinfridge has done a lot of work
[14:25] litecamel 5 minutes from closing.
[14:25] Cobleeh I was dissapointed about Charlies quote of irelevant development right now...I think this is just wrong
[14:25] Carnth jief78: Yeah, we are jsut about done.
[14:25] litecamel Cobleeh: i agree.
[14:25] TheMage cobleeh, it was taken out of context I believe
[14:25] litecamel to a certain extent
[14:25] litecamel but yeah
[14:25] litecamel out of context.
[14:26] TheMage yes
[14:26] litecamel Anyway
[14:26] litecamel i will be devoting a lotof time to projects
[14:26] litecamel this next week
[14:26] Cobleeh so maybe we put it back into context? otherwise we look like bunch of idiots maybe?
[14:26] newb1 Bitcoinfridges work is excellent
[14:26] litecamel if any of you want to give me feedback
[14:26] litecamel or talk to me
[14:26] litecamel about it. feel free to IRC me here
[14:27] TheMage thanks litecamel
[14:27] TheMage ill be sure to keep in touch and help where i can
[14:27] litecamel thanks!
[14:27] litecamel I just one more quick question
[14:27] litecamel if you guys had to pick between "mainstream" adoption
[14:27] litecamel and online adoption
[14:27] litecamel which would you rather have
[14:27] Cobleeh mainstream
[14:27] litecamel i.e. retail outlets, or online paymen
[14:28] litecamel What type of mainstream
[14:28] litecamel coffee shops?
[14:28] litecamel restaurants?
[14:28] -->| ehmecks ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:28] jief78 all
[14:28] litecamel lol.
[14:28] TheMage cobleeh, all Charlie meant is that Litecoin doesnt need fancy features in order to be successful. What matters is adoption and that should be the goal. Other coins are using their innovations to see if they can get adopted. Also keep in mind most other coins are not in it to help bring cryptos to the world, just to make a quick buck.
[14:28] litecamel jief78: we need to start somewhere.
[14:28] jief78 mainstream
[14:29] TheMage and when I say most, I mean the literal 1-2k coins out there
[14:29] litecamel themage agreed - but those who are looking to make a quick buck are a fundamental part of keeping the influx of $$$ running through LTC.
[14:29] TheMage not the more well known ones
[14:29] Cobleeh TheMage true but continuing the development is critical, we can not sleep
[14:29] TheMage I dont disagree
[14:30] litecamel You can't rule that out and say it's irrelevant to LTC
[14:30] TheMage I fully understand its part of the ecosystem, even the ones in it for a quick buck are intrinsically tied into the ecosystem.
[14:30] TheMage ok
[14:30] TheMage Going to close the metting
[14:30] TheMage meeting
[14:31] TheMage thank you all for coming! I will be posting the logs