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Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« on: May 05, 2014, 02:57:46 PM »
Our meetings are open to everyone in the Litecoin Community.

The meetings are presented Town Hall style, and usually last aroundt 30 to 60 minutes.
A Litecoin Association rep will bring up various items on the agenda and discuss them. After that, the floor is open to anyone who has a question, comment, or concern of their own.

They are held in IRC on Freenode in #litecoin-association (This link will open a webchat window if you can't access IRC). Check the calendar in your timezone for upcoming meetings and join in!

Litecoin Association Calendar in:
Pacific - North America
Central - North America
Eastern - North America
Central European
India Standard Time
Australia Western
Australia Eastern

If you don't see a calendar in your timezone, send a PM to Carnth.
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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2014, 02:57:59 PM »

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2014, 02:59:12 PM »
Meeting log from 2014 May 4
Code: [Select]
[13:02] Carnth There is a large amount of projects that need help.
[13:02] Carnth Projects that can help spread Litecoin awareness and acceptance.
[13:03] Carnth Please take a look at: and jump in to a project that interest you.
[13:03] Carnth Volunteers are welcome.
[13:03] newb1 I'm here... sorry to be late by four minutes!
[13:04] Carnth Especially with the Litecoin Video.
[13:04] <--| paveljanik has left #litecoin-association ("Leaving")
[13:04] Carnth We need to make our own version of "What is Litecoin"
[13:04] Carnth This will really help bost Litecoin and its image.
[13:05] Carnth Again, check the Projects section of LitecoinTalk forum and jump in. Just ask "What can I do to help"
[13:05] Carnth Speaking of projects. We need additional idea to help with Litecoin Adoption.
[13:06] Carnth How can we get Litecoin to be used as an actual currency? Together we can come up with some great ideas.
[13:07] Carnth Are there any questions specific to Litecoin awareness/adoption projects?
[13:07] -->| TheMage ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:08] Carnth Litecoin Association recognizes TheMage as being VERY LATE.
[13:08] crazik (be quiet, let TheMage think we are not here)
[13:08] crazik ;>
[13:08] Carnth
[13:08] Wolf` lol
[13:09] Carnth Anyway... Please visit the Forum and join in the Project section. Help is always needed.
[13:09] TheMage hi
[13:10] newb1 Carth, as this is my first meeting I don't know the protocol. Are you posing these questions to communicate the LA agenda in an informative way, or are you now opening the channel to

 active conversation about the questions?
[13:10] Carnth The Litecoin Video is an especially ambitious project that we (as a community) should be focused on.
[13:10] TheMage I believe we have a list of topics to discuss
[13:10] crazik newb1: feel free to discuss at any time
[13:10] |<-- [yAK] has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[13:10] Carnth newb1: I have an agenda and then I will open the discussion to everyone after.
[13:10] hidden yo
[13:11] crazik oh. fail.
[13:11] crazik Carnth: please next agenda points.
[13:11] newb1 Thank you, Carnth. I will stay quiet for now.
[13:11] hidden jesus here
[13:11] TheMage LTC_messiash im assuming?
[13:11] hidden yeah
[13:11] TheMage hi and welcome
[13:11] hidden hiya
[13:12] Carnth We desperately need talented people to help script a "What is Litecoin" video. As well as artists/musicians/ editors.
[13:12] TheMage as far as the video goes, I am escrowing ~13.5 LTC for general market funds that can be applied to the Video if we need it
[13:13] hidden & can help with this Carnth, fiverr accept Bitcoin too.
[13:13] Carnth I would like the video to be released when Litecoin Core is released.
[13:13] TheMage Need a script more than anything else at this point, the rest should follow
[13:13] Carnth But that is just a soft goal.
[13:13] hidden Resources within our community is limited i believe, we need to find more leaders.
[13:13] Carnth Next on the agenda is reddit.
[13:14] hidden hides
[13:14] TheMage all together all resources are limitted
[13:14] TheMage lol
[13:14] hidden We really need a post such as stickied on Reddit.
[13:14] Carnth I have been told that the /r/litecoin reddit could use help with revamping the menus and over look of the subredit.
[13:15] hidden Yes it can, i haven't touched the design this year.
[13:15] Carnth But my main concern is this: An the entire Litecoin Community, we need to stick together.
[13:15] hidden psst kyrio u here?
[13:16] Carnth I think the forum, reddit, etc. should all be focused one on thing, one project at a time.
[13:16] hidden Can we have more often meetings? i realise some of you are busy sometimes but if it can be made weekly we won't be missing as many.
[13:16] TheMage lets talk about that after this topic
[13:16] hidden Cool
[13:17] Carnth If we don't stick together as a community, we can't effectively foucs on what needs to get done.
[13:17] newb1 This is my first meeting, and I'm already excited for my next! Two weeks away??? The IRC channels have been so quiet lately... I miss chatting you all up.
[13:17] -->| PE ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:18] Carnth To sum up:
[13:18] Carnth Please jump right into the Project section of the forum.
[13:18] Carnth We really need help with the Litecoin Video.
[13:19] crazik We need your help with translations
[13:19] crazik for Litecoin website
[13:19] Carnth Let's spruce up reddit to attract more users there.
[13:19] crazik and bitcoin-0.9 client
[13:19] Carnth And let's stick together as a community.
[13:19] hidden crazik, regarding the Litecoin Video, has anyone looked at
[13:20] Carnth And as crazik said, if you can help with transaltions, The Dev team can use you.
[13:20] crazik hidden: we need first a good script.
[13:20] Carnth Any questions about any agenda item before I open the floor.?
[13:20] hidden regarding translation
[13:21] hidden we could source these "really need help" type of priority issues cheaply and affectively
[13:21] crazik hidden: we are asking for community help
[13:21] crazik not 'buy'
[13:21] crazik it's not a right way
[13:21] hidden i see, but a lot of funding is requested many times, i'm sure they could be used to create these
[13:21] crazik community is stronger when people are involved
[13:21] crazik not only asking for donations
[13:22] TheMage we have scores of people lining up to do much of the work, we just need a good script
[13:22] hidden ufcourse, forgive my ignorance but what use would the donations be if we such delays happen when we rely on a decending community
[13:22] TheMage so if you are a good writer, please take a look at what we have and see if you can improveon it
[13:22] Carnth Yes, there has got to be someone int the community who can write a script.
[13:22] hidden the videos are there to increase the community
[13:23] crazik hidden: someone from outside cannot write the script
[13:23] hidden ok, have you guys tried posting on reddit about this?
[13:23] newb1 Link for the existing scrypt draft?
[13:23] TheMage yes, it was stickied
[13:23] Carnth We would love to get a stick on reddit abou tthis.
[13:24] Carnth Sticky agian.
[13:24] TheMage exsisting thread
[13:24] hidden The stickies really need to be reserved for VImportant stuff, our last sticky if i recall correctly was about some chineese exchanges matching donation thing and it stuck there for over a

[13:25] Carnth OK. At this time, I'll open the floor to any question or comment.
[13:25] hidden and the most recent sticky directed the discussion to, we need the sub reddit to be as active too
[13:25] newb1 When I have time, I will read through that thread and find the scrypt, I suppose.
[13:25] TheMage activity has gone down all around, it happens what price of coin drops
[13:25] hidden not necessarily
[13:26] TheMage thanks newb
[13:26] hidden Reddit works differently, if you notice we have over 20k subscribers, nearly 21k
[13:27] Carnth newb1: Existing scripts:
[13:27] hidden If there are active posts, people upvote them. And the more upvotes there are, the chance of the post reaching the subscribers Homepage increases
[13:27] newb1 Who is leading the video project besides it being an LA endevour? I see Losh11 started the thread.
[13:27] Carnth Yes, Losh is currently leading it.
[13:27] hidden and when it reaches a larger minority/majority of the subscribers, our activity also increases
[13:28] TheMage Losh, and me to a lesser extent. To be honest Ive let him take care of it since if been busy with other things
[13:28] hidden look at /r/dogecoin for example, they do everything they can to keep this activity up
[13:28] newb1 Does Losh have Media Production skills?
[13:28] TheMage not sure, need to read the thread
[13:28] TheMage and yes hidden we are aware of that, how do you propose updating the site?
[13:29] newb1 Yes, I do. Quiet now.
[13:29] hidden which site TheMage?
[13:29] TheMage reddit
[13:29] Carnth newb1: I don't think so. Someone needed to do it and he stepped in. I'm sure if there was someone better qualified and is dedicated to completeing it, he would step down.
[13:30] TheMage also i want to mention this, I had an idea last night and posted it in the CP section
[13:30] hidden also you mentioned site, many users are pointing out that on the homepage of is really out dated, for example "With the rise of specialized ASICs for Bitcoin, Litecoin

 continues to satisfy these goals. It is unlikely for ASIC mining to be developed for Litecoin until the currency is widely used."
[13:30] TheMage we should see if we have any writers in the community that wants to write articles for CCN or Coindesk weekly for LTC
[13:31] Carnth hidden: The Dev Team (who manages is well aware of this and is working to change the text.
[13:31] TheMage thats being worked on right now
[13:31] roscoe_ thanks for positng a link to the script, I will take a look at it as well. To be honest, I have no artisitc/production skills, but can provide some feedback
[13:31] newb1 Would LA be interested in offering the project to a Media Production student? I imagine it going to a talented undergraduate Junior or Senior...
[13:31] TheMage hi Roscoe!
[13:31] roscoe_ howdy
[13:31] hidden TheMage, what do you mean by updating?
[13:31] Carnth newb1: Sure. We need people to see this through. If you can help, get on the thread and say so.
[13:32] TheMage if the student is a member of the community I cant see why not
[13:32] -->| Noogens ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:32] hidden For the Sub-Reddit, we could do with some stylesheet changes, sidebar improvements and better introductions.
[13:32] TheMage hidden, you mentioned earlier you havent touched the design in years. I assumed you meant you wanted it updated
[13:33] hidden Well you would need to look at the sub reddits for other crypto currencies to get an idea and for some comparison to what level of improvement we could have
[13:33] newb1 I am a Career Counselor for the State University of New York. I work with bachelor and master degree students from 165 different programs of study spanning quite a few disciplines

and industries. We have a Media Production program with students who might be interested in this. Though, some formalities may get in the way. I'll expan on the idea in the forum.
[13:33] hidden Main focus is recruiting more people who can do these.
[13:33] roscoe_ +1 SUNY
[13:34] hidden Also can i propose increasing the security on if this topic can change?
[13:34] hidden security of the level of discussion
[13:35] Carnth sure hidden, increaasing the security in what way?
[13:35] hidden You remember my pm earlier on
[13:35] TheMage real quick, you think about what you want done and lets see if we can get resources for it
[13:35] Carnth hidden: preventing scams?
[13:35] TheMage ok end of reddit discussions
[13:36] hidden Yes, we turn a blind eye on newly emerging companies
[13:36] hidden which put No Effort into proving there credibility.
[13:37] Carnth To help others with some context. hidden is talking about all the new ASIC companies promising huge hash rate while accepting pre-orders.
[13:37] Carnth This is an easy way to scam miners out of a huge amount of moneys.
[13:37] TheMage as I mentioned before, we can not be the police of the forums in those instances if they have not been shown to be scammers. The community has to decide and it is a gamble for them

as they know.
[13:39] Carnth hidden: I don't know of a way to screen all companies that pop up on the forums. We try to remove spams and keep the forum on topic. Nut if you have a sure fire way to screen companies with out alienating new-comers I'd like to hear.
[13:40] TheMage the best thing we can do is it it seems supisous, we can state so. Or maybe ask a few questions on the communities behalf that hasnt been asked before.
[13:40] newb1 Could the LA produce income from endoursing companies in some limited liability way?
[13:41] crazik newb1: LA cannot do that.
[13:41] newb1 because...?
[13:41] crazik LA have to be independent
[13:41] TheMage No, the LA is registered as a non profit
[13:41] Carnth newb1: even if we did, it would not prevent large scale scams.
[13:41] crazik and objective
[13:41] TheMage I dont think we can get involved due to that
[13:42] Carnth However, we do have a "executive" level membership which includes a company logo on the LA .org website.
[13:43] Carnth But that should not be construed as an endorsement.
[13:43] newb1 LA is not yet non-profit, from what I understand. And, even if it was, I don't think the status prohibits the organization from endoursements.
[13:44] Carnth newb1: Correct. We could endorse companies, but we choose not to.
[13:44] TheMage I dont think we should, it seems like a conflict of interest. Look at mt gox and the BTC foundation
[13:44] newb1 And while it would not prevent large scale scams, it could help consumers.
[13:45] newb1 I see
[13:45] Carnth The Litecoin Associatoin endorses Litecoin. If your company is behind Litecoin, we are behind you.
[13:45] TheMage how many people screamed for the heads of the BTC foundation when mt gox happened, and that was a very large operation
[13:45] TheMage lol carnth, what a cheesy answer
[13:46] Carnth TheMage: I thought it was awesome.
[13:46] crazik TheMage: please clean your dirty mind
[13:46] TheMage like crazik said, we need to stay objective that way if something does happen we can take appropriate action
[13:46] hidden we can not be the police <--- moderators regulate the community to a certain extent. I understand litecointalk is trying to become like bitcointalk but i hope you understand what

bitcointalk is all about
[13:46] hidden the admin, the forum is full of scams
[13:46] hidden no one cares because even the administration is corrupt
[13:47] crazik hidden: please, it's not a time for such discussion here
[13:47] hidden i get carried away still reading down
[13:47] TheMage lol
[13:47] TheMage change of topic Three things I want to put on the agenda, how to increase LA membership, propose having meetings every week, and I had blanked out on the third.....
[13:47] crazik we want litecointalk will be a nice place to talk
[13:48] crazik but we're trying to kill every scam
[13:48] Carnth TheMage: Let's talk about the third item right now. What is it?
[13:48] TheMage meetings, people have expressed interst in weekly. Is this doable?
[13:48] crazik and every such try
[13:48] hidden I'v been scammed before, lost litecoin before so i take these things a little personally
[13:48] TheMage lol carnth.....
[13:48] hidden anyway
[13:48] newb1 how about LA topic meetings that are open to anyone?
[13:48] crazik TheMage: LA had meetings every week before.
[13:49] crazik newb1: they ARE open
[13:49] TheMage ahhh interesting
[13:49] Carnth newb1: Yes, open right now.
[13:49] hidden we need to form something like #bitcoin-police
[13:49] TheMage ohhh now I remember, do we have a mailing list for all LA members?
[13:49] Carnth TheMage: Weekly meeting saw very little turn-out
[13:50] crazik TheMage: no
[13:50] TheMage ok
[13:50] Carnth TheMage: We can create one though. I don't know how the response would be to that.
[13:50] Carnth We might have to think about some kind of "opt-in" option.
[13:51] TheMage I think it worth a try trying to collect email addresses
[13:51] TheMage yes
[13:51] crazik We are still working about some 'rules' to every LA member
[13:51] crazik to accept before signup
[13:51] Carnth TheMage: we have email addresses. So it is doable.
[13:51] TheMage interesting ok thanks crazik
[13:51] roscoe_ I will continue to work on getting LTC added to the Bloomberg Professional Terminal. I am waiting to hear back on the best way to lobby Bloomberg to add virtual currencies to their main homepage as well
[13:51] TheMage fantastic!
[13:52] Carnth roscoe_: you are doing great with that.
[13:52] Carnth newb1: Did you have any item you want to discuss?
[13:52] hidden Carnth, "Nut if you have a sure fire way to screen companies with out alienating new-comers I'd like to hear.": Well we can start off with asking for more transparency by these

companies. Zeusminer has done nothing to prove there legitimacy except pitch a very good product.
[13:52] TheMage crazik, can you PM me aftr the meeting about the LA rules for membership?
[13:52] roscoe_ I will continue to update the post once I figure out the best way to go about it
[13:52] crazik TheMage: I will try to not forget
[13:52] TheMage lol thanks
[13:53] |<-- newb1 has left freenode (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[13:53] TheMage messiah, can I suggest you make a thread on off topic so we can discuss it?
[13:53] Carnth Or make the thread in Meta
[13:53] TheMage I think you feel so strongly we need to have an open discussion with everyone
[13:53] hidden I can't do that TheMage if i can i would. Tired of being acused of being a troll by this companies shills
[13:53] TheMage yes in Meta too
[13:54] hidden I have proof they are shills too, they are most active in Zeusminers discussion and they all registered during the same time frame
[13:54] hidden mods need to put effort into looking out for shills
[13:54] kyrio is the meeting over
[13:55] hidden 5 mins kyrio
[13:55] TheMage still going, hi Kyrio
[13:55] kyrio is there anything else on the agenda?
[13:55] Carnth kyrio: the floor is open.
[13:55] crazik kyrio: no, it's time for your activity
[13:55] hidden don't know if we came up with any conclusions
[13:56] crazik hidden: it's like usuall here
[13:56] kyrio my activity is to say that it looks like the meeting is over
[13:56] TheMage hidden / LTC_Messiah I stongly suggest you make a thread about it please
[13:56] hidden "I emailed a US distributor, and they told me that they will be shipping the exact same day as Zeus, so im not

 sure if they are getting pre-release HW or if they are just forwarding the request to Zeus to send directly."
[13:57] hidden This gives another red flag for Zeus, the companies that distribute for them are being scammed too
[13:57] hidden and add to there legitimacy
[13:57] -->| newb2 ([email protected]:1017:b006:1ed5:0:34:4c9f:8501) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:57] newb2 Back
[13:57] Carnth newb2: Did you have any item you want to discuss?
[13:57] TheMage welcome back
[13:57] crazik hidden: I'm open to create some group of people to spy for scams
[13:58] hidden Please do so crazik
[13:58] crazik hidden: I assume you want be involved in?
[13:58] hidden i can help contibute to discussion but can't really compile posts
[13:58] Carnth hidden: That also sounds like a great new topic.
[13:58] hidden look at #bitcoin-police carnth
[13:58] hidden crazik, we can have #litecoin-police
[13:58] TheMage hauntingshade im sure would love to get involved with that
[13:58] crazik hidden: not only irc.
[13:59] hidden uf course
[13:59] kyrio one thing
[13:59] hidden shoot
[13:59] crazik it's some retrospection to my old project
[13:59] crazik 'how to recognize scam'
[13:59] kyrio hidden: you need to drop all of the channels you've registered with the litecoin- or whatever prefixes
[13:59] kyrio the channels are all dead and/or have no ops
[14:00] kyrio since you are rarely here
[14:00] hidden which ones?
[14:00] newb2 Well, I am here typing on my phone because powerbis still out. All my neighbors have generators, but i do not. Tond of sirens going off. Typing is difficult on the phone... so i will observe

 for now.
[14:00] kyrio you have a ton of channels registered
[14:00] kyrio i'm sure there's a command to see which ones
[14:00] hidden dunno man i'v been pretty active in the past
[14:00] hidden if you notice any pm me
[14:01] kyrio even litecoin-pricetalk has only one op
[14:01] Carnth OK... if there are no other questions about the Litecoin Association. I'll call this meeting closed.

EDIT from TheMage: Scrolling makes TheMage Smash things! TheMage changed so no scroll bars!
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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
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I didn't know that this was a thing until it was too late.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2014, 02:14:32 AM »
I hate to do this, but I feel its prudent to sticky this.

EDIT: This can be our "official" meeting thread to post meeting logs.
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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
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When exactly does this happen (date and a freq period)?

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2014, 08:11:20 PM »
When exactly does this happen (date and a freq period)?
Every two weeks, on Sunday. Calendar can be downloaded in OP.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
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May 18, 2014

Meeting log

Code: [Select]
[13:00] Carnth Hello and Welcome tot he Litecoin Association public meeting.
[13:00] newb1 Hello Carnth. It is good to be here.
[13:00] TheMage hi
[13:00] -->| zyxwvut ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:01] mindtrip hello i finally made it to a meeting
[13:01] Carnth Just to get a rough estimate, how many people here are active? Please speak up even if you just want to observe.
[13:01] crazik
[13:01] TheMage im active and want to talk a lot
[13:01] infinitepeace <-- not waving
[13:01] crazik oh no.
[13:02] mindtrip i am active and talk a little
[13:02] Carnth OK.
[13:02] Carnth I'll start with the biggest agenda item. It's a carry-over from the last meeting.
[13:02] TheMage good to see a few people on
[13:02] Carnth The Litecoin Video.
[13:03] Carnth The video is something that I want the community to create.
[13:03] mindtrip forgive me as this is my firs meeting but would the video be a smiliar one that explains bitcoin
[13:03] Carnth But not-for-lack-of-trying, it has been stalled.
[13:03] crazik mindtrip: yes
[13:04] mindtrip ok, has it been started at all?
[13:04] infinitepeace what is the major hurdle facing the video
[13:04] TheMage not really
[13:04] crazik mindtrip:
[13:04] TheMage a good script if you ask me
[13:04] Carnth losh11 has decided to give up supervising the project and we need another to take over.
[13:04] TheMage but I havent read the latest ones
[13:05] mindtrip ill update myself
[13:05] TheMage I think siagoned volunteered to help manage the project
[13:05] losh11_ Yep, the scripts seem to be good, but nearly no one knows of the projects existence.
[13:05] Carnth saigoned said that he can take over the project management portion. But if you can help, please post in the thread link that crazik provided.
[13:06] -->| roscoe_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:06] Carnth Frankly, I'm a little embarrased that we can't get together to get this video complete.
[13:06] crazik many people says, that we can buy that video
[13:07] crazik but we don't want
[13:07] Carnth Personally, I want the community to come together to make our own video.
[13:07] losh11_ It could cost around $3000 to get a good quality one, with everything.
[13:07] crazik we want to involve as many people as we can
[13:07] infinitepeace agree Carnth, I had assumed it done
[13:07] losh11_ Carnth: Agreed
[13:07] Carnth We have enough talent in our own community to do this.
[13:07] Carnth We just need to work together.
[13:08] Carnth Please use the Forum, or any other resources to communicate.
[13:08] crazik maybe do you know any tool helping with group work?
[13:08] infinitepeace I would suggest a project manager
[13:08] Carnth Use this IRC channel if you like.
[13:08] crazik I know Jira
[13:08] crazik but, licence for >10 users is so expensive...
[13:09] Carnth Another way to entice people to make a video is to have a bounty/ award
[13:09] TheMage infinite, thats what siagoned suggested he could do
[13:09] Carnth If this a good method?
[13:09] Carnth Should we have a bounty/award?
[13:09] infinitepeace saigoned has a good idea imho
[13:10] [INFO] There is nothing to tab-complete. Use F6 to cycle through the user list, input box and the chat output.
[13:10] TheMage we have ~15.5 LTC for the marketing fund
[13:10] Carnth TheMage already has some LTC for this.
[13:10] crazik and LA can found some LTC too I think
[13:10] Carnth Yes.
[13:11] Carnth If we need more funds, the LA will pledge all the proceeds from the next ad auction found here:
[13:12] roscoe_ Sorry I'm late, What about the member that worked at SUNY (last LA meeting), perhaps we could have some college students work on the video?
[13:12] Carnth The bottom line is, we need to get this done.
[13:13] TheMage roscoe_ thats would be newb1
[13:13] TheMage and yes carnth
[13:13] Carnth I think siagoned can be project manager. Please post what you think in the forum.
[13:13] TheMage agreed
[13:13] infinitepeace agree, perhaps we could state which tasks are to be completed in the following week and assign responsibilities? Saigoned is okay with it?
[13:14] TheMage i think he is
[13:14] roscoe_ is newb1 around today?
[13:14] Carnth infinitepeace: siagoned has volunteered to manage the project. I say let him manage it. We should give all the details to him.
[13:15] infinitepeace In this environment it needs to look professional and polished imho
[13:15] infinitepeace agrees
[13:15] roscoe_ +1
[13:15] newb1 roscoe_: I have moved past my original vision. I don't think it possible to take on a volunteer or intern. I improved my idea by suggesting a contest; however, my vision of contest broadens the prospective list of creators beyond the litecoin commmunity and I detect a real interest to be self expressive here. For this reason, I think Saigoned is best situated to take leadership
[13:15] newb1 here.
[13:15] Carnth infinitepeace yes. This is why the LA has pledged the next ad acution proceed to this video.
[13:16] roscoe_ works for me!
[13:17] mindtrip Just my 2 cents first step should be to write the scrypt then break of the task and project manager can assign each volunteer with his own skills each task so we can set goal
[13:17] Carnth So, please take you ideas to the forum. Post what you can do to help. PM the HECK out of siagoned.
[13:17] Carnth We need to get this video done.
[13:17] infinitepeace Carnth: what do we bring in rveneue wise from ad auctions weekly?
[13:18] Carnth Ads are sold bi-wekly, we the last 3 auction have brought in 10-60 LTC
[13:19] Carnth Moving on, crazik has the next agenda item.
[13:19] crazik ok, next point
[13:19] infinitepeace A lot of variation, but hope it is helping offset hosting and other expenses, can the LA afford to donate a week?
[13:19] crazik please tell us, who is a member of LA, and who's not
[13:20] TheMage i
[13:20] mindtrip i
[13:20] TheMage and yes, i think they can inf
[13:20] infinitepeace i
[13:20] roscoe_ i
[13:20] crazik ok, as you know, we want to set rules for our members.
[13:20] crazik and we need your help
[13:21] Carnth infinitepeace: I wouldn't jeopardize our hosting.
[13:21] crazik we don't want to be like a dictators
[13:21] crazik we want to create commonly acceptable rules for every LA member
[13:21] crazik please bring your ideas here:
[13:21] crazik ok
[13:21] crazik next point
[13:22] losh11_ Is that URL limited to LA members?
[13:22] crazik losh11_: yes
[13:22] infinitepeace yes
[13:22] crazik because rules are for LA members
[13:22] crazik and will be public after acknowledge
[13:22] losh11_ I will join the LA soon.
[13:22] crazik losh11_: we'll see, it's one of next points
[13:22] crazik ;>
[13:22] crazik next point: LA website
[13:23] crazik we need many improvements
[13:23] crazik and we need someone for helping me
[13:23] crazik especially me, with good quality content
[13:23] crazik first try here:
[13:24] crazik and here:
[13:24] crazik
[13:24] crazik (second link is public for everyone)
[13:24] crazik If you have any important link about litecoin
[13:24] crazik please /msg me
[13:24] crazik or PM me
[13:24] crazik I will add to LA page
[13:24] TheMage crazik, do you need help with someone writing content or technical help on the site or both?
[13:25] crazik If you have any idea about LA page, please also let me know
[13:25] crazik TheMage: just content
[13:25] TheMage ok
[13:25] infinitepeace TheMage: did you share your idea about women in crypto
[13:25] TheMage i did, but only to the community project mods
[13:25] TheMage not to the LA
[13:25] infinitepeace ok
[13:25] crazik ok, next point
[13:25] TheMage carnth should have seen it and crazik has access but not sure if he seen
[13:25] TheMage ill mention it when he is done
[13:26] crazik TheMage: please give link after meeting
[13:26] TheMage ok
[13:26] crazik ok, next point
[13:26] crazik please take a look in your country
[13:26] crazik and in your neighborhood
[13:26] crazik and ask companies about accepting litecoin
[13:27] crazik I'm talking with one computer/electronic web shop
[13:27] crazik and later with bookstroe
[13:27] mindtrip I had found a nice website that had a directly listing i reently listed my buisness as accepting it
[13:27] crazik remember, commonly known and acceptable litecoin is the best way for its rise
[13:27] crazik mindtrip: great
[13:27] crazik ok, next point
[13:28] mindtrip I have also been informing clients casuaully about the idea since most of them have no idea even what bitcoin is
[13:28] crazik losh11_: please watch now
[13:28] losh11_ yeh
[13:28] TheMage lol
[13:28] crazik LA initially thought about 84 founding members
[13:28] crazik we don't have so many
[13:28] crazik it's only ~40
[13:29] crazik but we're thinking about closing membership program for some time
[13:29] crazik and give all current members 'founding member' status
[13:29] crazik lifetime
[13:29] roscoe_ is there currently a better option then GoCoin for merchants to accept LTC and convert it over to local flat?
[13:29] Carnth so, losh11_ hurry up.
[13:29] crazik of course, we will open registration later
[13:29] crazik but for limited time
[13:29] mindtrip i think its a nice idea try and get the current members more involved
[13:30] TheMage roscoe_ i think there is, remind me to talk to you after the meeting
[13:30] mindtrip i am pretty new but have been trying to stay involved
[13:30] losh11_ okay, when is this closing. It might take me until tomorrow to get access to my wallet.
[13:30] roscoe_ cool, I have no intention of promoting anything associated with Brooks Pedo
[13:30] crazik losh11_: we don't know yet, but not less than 7days
[13:30] TheMage LOL
[13:31] losh11_ lol
[13:31] crazik I'm thinking about making a custom payment processor
[13:31] Carnth roscoe_: try
[13:31] crazik on GPL code
[13:31] crazik it would be easier to adopt for many web services
[13:31] crazik (like a tealet did)
[13:31] infinitepeace I may not be up to speed but thought it was owned by Steve Beauregard
[13:32] roscoe_ I saw his name when the associated companines he is with was listed (KnC, GoCoin, etc.)
[13:33] roscoe_ I may be wrong, i'd have to check
[13:33] crazik ok, next point
[13:33] TheMage crazik, may i have the floor for a moment? if you are done of course
[13:33] TheMage ahh ok sorry
[13:33] crazik it's last point
[13:33] TheMage ok
[13:33] infinitepeace I have not followed it closely and we don't need to rehash now
[13:33] crazik as you saw, we want to set LA newsletter
[13:33] crazik with probably monthly info
[13:33] crazik about our projects and activities
[13:34] mindtrip great idea to sum up all the current tasks and projects at hand in one newsletter to remind us
[13:34] crazik now I'm collenting users agreement and denials, after that I will be probably making our mailing list
[13:34] crazik or google group
[13:35] crazik ok, I'm done.
[13:35] crazik TheMage: floor is yours
[13:35] TheMage ok
[13:35] infinitepeace +1 for newsletter
[13:36] TheMage first this may be premature but I would like to see the rules expand into by laws that the community has access to as well as can request changes like the Bitcoin Foundation has (one thing they did right lol), just a thought at this point
[13:36] TheMage second, the women in crypto idea was my suggestion in order to get more women involved. We can sponsor a charity for breast cancer, or womens shelter or something. A thought at this point but I believe its a great idea
[13:37] TheMage i believe this is a great untapped market that we can really use to bring more members in
[13:37] TheMage and community folks
[13:37] newb1 Correct me if I am wrong, but a constitution will be necessary if you intend to achieve not-for-profit status.
[13:38] infinitepeace We could do a pink ribbon campiagn for breats cancer, maybe we make some women's blogs?
[13:38] infinitepeace a 501c6 will need bylaws yes
[13:38] TheMage yes something like that inf
[13:38] crazik newb1: we have a 'constitution' but not rules for members
[13:38] TheMage ill give people a chance to discuss those 2 items before my third topic
[13:39] newb1 Is there a thread about this women in crypto idea?
[13:39] mindtrip I am also working on an idea to get involved with a charity my brother has amny ties with goodwill and they expressed some interest in using crypto to fundraise
[13:39] crazik hm
[13:39] TheMage hmmm interesting mindtrip
[13:39] crazik we need a jewelery shop accepting litecoins
[13:39] mindtrip if we can get Litcoin involved early with them it could bring up some serious publicity
[13:39] TheMage can you post it?
[13:39] TheMage the idea
[13:39] infinitepeace Mage and I were talking that the Texas Bitcoin festival was like 85% men, he suggested this outreach as something no other crypto had tried
[13:40] TheMage and lol at a jewelery store
[13:40] roscoe_ I think that the LA community supporting a foundation or a cause that is inclusive of all would be awesome! The Doge communit had a big coup this weekend by voiting A driver into the NASCAR All Star Race last night. We need to counter this.
[13:40] newb1 Goodwill is a for profit business that does very well for itself.
[13:40] crazik TheMage: it's not lol
[13:40] crazik my wife has asked about that
[13:40] crazik
[13:40] TheMage haha
[13:40] crazik there is many guys who wants to just USE litecoin
[13:40] crazik why not buy something to gf/wife?
[13:41] crazik and they will be interested in litecoin too then
[13:41] mindtrip I have a few clients that own jelwery stores I ahve been slowly introducing 1 of them to the idea
[13:41] TheMage to continue on with what inf stated, the idea was to get into an untapped userbase
[13:41] infinitepeace it seems though we are stuggling with community involvement and donations for the coin, can we support a major fundraiser right now?
[13:41] infinitepeace It is a great idea, just want to make sure we succeed
[13:41] TheMage well at the time it was proposed it was a little bit better than before now. things have been more quiet as of late
[13:42] kyrio just a tip: donating to charities that "raise awareness" is idiotic
[13:42] crazik kyrio: +1
[13:42] losh11_ +1
[13:42] kyrio they are just paying themselves big bucks while they hand out 1c ribbons
[13:42] kyrio for example
[13:42] crazik please remember litecoin forrest
[13:42] crazik we can do something great
[13:43] crazik and all media will be writing about that
[13:43] kyrio if you want women in crypto, advertise on forums where women gather and get interest in businesses where women usually shop
[13:43] TheMage thats also been a thought crazik
[13:43] kyrio things like breast cancer donations are for huge businesses to get massive tax writeoffs
[13:43] mindtrip just need victory secret to start accepting LTC
[13:43] newb1 How about funding a scholarship for a double major in economics and computer science with interest in crypto?
[13:43] kyrio not to actually stop breast cancer
[13:43] TheMage understood and I know what you mean, it would have to be a careful pick of who to go with kyrio
[13:43] crazik hm
[13:43] infinitepeace Susan G. Komen is well known and it might be fun to put a pink ribbon the silver coin, maybe bottom right, and see if they will cooperate with us in advance as they have major press pull
[13:43] kyrio newb1, that's a good idea
[13:44] kyrio a scholarship that's for women only, and for computer science only
[13:44] kyrio that makes more sense
[13:44] crazik hm
[13:44] TheMage the idea was there to get more women involved, the examples were just that, examples
[13:44] crazik maybe we should give all a day/week for thinging
[13:44] TheMage yes i agree
[13:44] crazik and meet again here to talk again?
[13:44] infinitepeace that works too, just how do we get it in major media, who has the contacts to see that happen?
[13:45] kyrio ^
[13:45] kyrio that's the main point
[13:45] kyrio you need people with contacts
[13:45] roscoe_ Little bit of a crazy idea. What if the LA sponsored a woman who was rowing accross the Atlantic, running a 100 mile race, or something big for for a womans charity. We could have the LTC symbol spread to many people
[13:45] kyrio like say, someone who does marketing as a job
[13:45] infinitepeace Komen org. if they agree to work with us can push it into even NYT
[13:46] kyrio roscoe_: i think it makes much more sense to sponsor things that are useful
[13:46] TheMage we would need a lot of donations for that inf, not sure if its feasable at this point
[13:46] mindtrip I have a friend who does a car show in NY for affluent individuals he usually donates all proceeds to breast cancer reaserach to a alrge health system in NY he has some connections in that area
[13:46] kyrio not things that benefit nobody
[13:46] newb1 My wife is an Assistant Director of Financial Aid in SUNY and she's an alum of the Rochester Institute of Technology where she started out in Computer Science before going into Finance.
[13:46] TheMage hmmmmmm
[13:46] infinitepeace I want to benefit LTC
[13:46] infinitepeace and LA
[13:46] TheMage newb1, you work in a college, how do you feel about a scolarship for women?
[13:47] newb1 She left Computer Science because she was the only female in the program.
[13:47] kyrio ^
[13:47] TheMage awwww
[13:47] losh11_
[13:47] TheMage last comment from newb1 and than id like to make a final point
[13:47] infinitepeace my wife is the only female network engineering manager at a Fortune 500
[13:47] TheMage then open the floor
[13:47] Carnth These are all great ideas. This is perfect for the Project Ideas section of the forum.
[13:47] newb1 I'm less interested in gender and more interested in seeing litecoin succeed - economics and computer science seem like a good fit to me.
[13:48] infinitepeace I am typing this from Cisco Live
[13:48] TheMage nice inf
[13:48] TheMage ok last item for me
[13:48] TheMage GoCoin..........
[13:48] mindtrip is go coin the easiest way for us to get buisnesses to accept LTC?
[13:48] TheMage should we still support and advertize them even though Brock Peirce is one of the owners
[13:49] infinitepeace ah so he was an investor
[13:49] mindtrip I havent had the right direction to push new buisness owners other then coinbase
[13:49] TheMage i have not researchde yet, but i heard they can
[13:49] infinitepeace until we have an alternative I think we have to
[13:49] kyrio moolah has big red flags, imo
[13:49] TheMage why?
[13:50] infinitepeace GoCoin as a business should not be boycotted over any stockholder's personal issues imho, just like I am not boycotting Bitcoin
[13:50] kyrio one guy suddenly starts opening up high profile websites when doge comes out
[13:50] TheMage he's not just an investor from what I understand, he is listed as a founder
[13:50] kyrio after only a couple of months he opens an exchange that supposedly deals with cash
[13:51] losh11_ Brock Pierce Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder
[13:51] newb1 infitepeace: I could not agree with you more. Organizations should not come and go/succeed or fail/or be judged because of one person.
[13:51] losh11_
[13:51] kyrio in a country where banks are banning people for being affiliated with bitcoin
[13:51] TheMage Brock Pierce is a 15x entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency. He is Co-Founder of GoCoin
[13:51] kyrio and all of his "staff" are people who are his friends from highschool
[13:51] kyrio even though he supposedly had an open hiring period
[13:51] kyrio where he would hire from the bitcoin community
[13:52] TheMage ok, well in that case kyrio I guess we are stuck with gocoin until we ahve a better alternative
[13:52] kyrio even gocoin has issues
[13:52] infinitepeace does moolah have FinCen and other MSB regulatory approvals?
[13:52] kyrio but that might be the best choice
[13:52] TheMage i dont think so
[13:52] TheMage inf
[13:52] kyrio infinitepeace: i find it extremely unlikely
[13:52] kyrio which is why it reeks of scam
[13:52] Carnth I don't know. I just know that they also do payment process for Ltiecoin,
[13:53] infinitepeace then we send people to GoCoin until thereis an alternative, if Coinbase would just get off the fence...
[13:53] kyrio i can see his sites getting "hacked" in a few months
[13:53] TheMage ok to end the topic, until we have a better alternative we continue to use them
[13:53] crazik ok.
[13:53] crazik any other points?
[13:53] crazik anybody?
[13:53] Carnth OK. Floor is open to anyone.
[13:53] TheMage open the floor C&C?
[13:53] TheMage dances
[13:53] infinitepeace He will go to jail for what he has already done, if he is operating with USD at this point where there is precedent now
[13:54] TheMage on the floor
[13:54] roscoe_ I'm still woring on the Blomberg project, I will update the thread this week.
[13:54] Carnth acknowledges TheMAge's dance in the log.
[13:54] TheMage thanks roscoe_!
[13:54] roscoe_ do a jig!
[13:54] TheMage lol
[13:54] TheMage inf, i dont think they are US based thats why
[13:54] kyrio anyone with $5k-10k to spare, buy some 80MH/s asics and start balancing out the network hashrate
[13:54] kyrio
[13:54] crazik is looking for TheMage via viewfinder
[13:55] kyrio that is all
[13:55] crazik oh.
[13:55] Carnth I don't think any payment processor for LTC in based in the USA.
[13:55] crazik one more point
[13:55] crazik If you know ANY user mining on coinotron
[13:55] crazik MAKE him to change pool
[13:55] TheMage yes.....I told him last night to switch!
[13:55] crazik I'm trying to contact with pool owner
[13:55] newb1 roscoe_: PM... I know quite a few people working at McKinsey and Company... I could bring up Bloomberg, but I'm not sure what I should be asking for. I don't want to bring it up with them without understanding what I'm asking for.
[13:55] crazik but with no effect yet.
[13:56] infinitepeace can we quickly revisit the founders and closing off of membership? Will it be re-opened with a monthly dues format?
[13:56] TheMage I posted on their thread, they seem to be logging onto the forums every day
[13:56] crazik infinitepeace: it should be done in a few days, maybe to the end of month
[13:56] Carnth infinitepeace: the plan (not solid) is to have annual memberships
[13:56] TheMage let me make one last point on coinotron to C&C
[13:56] roscoe_ newb1, I will PM you with details this afternoon or tomorrow of what to ask Bloomberg
[13:56] infinitepeace ty
[13:57] TheMage tell them that if they dont communicate we will be forced to remove them from all things associated with LTC
[13:57] TheMage there is too much of a danger
[13:57] TheMage that means the wiki, reddit, forums, ect
[13:57] TheMage maybe then they will email you back
[13:57] infinitepeace they won't stop signups?
[13:57] TheMage i dont think so
[13:57] newb1 I can tell you they've jacked up their fees to move people away from LTC.
[13:57] TheMage and its really just a few jackasses with asics
[13:58] TheMage no, they jacked up fee's to balance out risk
[13:58] TheMage because they are PPS
[13:58] TheMage pay per share
[13:58] TheMage the top 7 people have 58GH.............thats 1/4 of the network
[13:59] infinitepeace this is slightly rhetorical, but does it seem our community struggles with apathy more than others, and does anyone have an idea as to why? (I do not mean the people here of course) but the exchanges, pools, large holders
[13:59] TheMage meaning what?
[13:59] infinitepeace wwell we don't have a video
[13:59] Carnth TheMage: The biggest influencers do nothing is infinitepeace's point.
[13:59] newb1 hmm... okay. You would know better than I... but their LTC number now shows 82951 while it had been above 100000
[14:00] infinitepeace community involvement is lacking comparatively
[14:00] infinitepeace what Carnth said
[14:00] TheMage ok thanks
[14:00] crazik average community member just wants to make $$$
[14:00] TheMage yes
[14:01] crazik with lowest possible cost
[14:01] TheMage nods
[14:01] crazik ok.
[14:01] crazik any other points?
[14:01] Carnth Which is ironic, because improving Litecoin, will improve their bottom line.
[14:01] roscoe_ I hope everyone has a good rest of their Sunday. Mage, I will connect with you later about the exchange stuff.
[14:01] infinitepeace precisely!
[14:01] TheMage ok sure
[14:01] newb1 ironic and moronic. strategy... invest wisely.
[14:01] infinitepeace a way to share that message might be the best thing we could do
[14:02] Carnth OK. With that. I'll close this meeting. Thank you for attending and your input.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #8 on: June 01, 2014, 07:06:56 PM »
Meeting Log. Jun 1 2014

Code: [Select]
[13:00] Carnth Hello and welcome
[13:00] Carnth This is the Litecoin Association's publice IRC meeting.
[13:01] TheMage hi
[13:01] Carnth Before we get started, please announce if you are active right now.
[13:01] computerchris is active
[13:01] TheMage active
[13:01] kyrio i am not active
[13:01] kyrio bye
[13:02] TheMage
[13:02] Carnth First, I will have agenda items, then other LA agenda item, then we will open the channel for everyone.
[13:02] -->| roscoe_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:03] Carnth The number one agenda item is a new program called "The Safe Hash Rate Alliance"
[13:03] Carnth You can read full details about it here:
[13:04] Carnth The Safe Hash Rate Alliance was created to combat a single mining pool from getting too much of the Network Hash rate.
[13:04] -->| arubi ([email protected]/tor-sasl/ese168) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:04] Carnth The Alliance works in two ways.
[13:05] Carnth 1. It will help spread awareness among miners about the dangers of a single entity having to much of the netowrk hash rate.
[13:05] Carnth 2. Mining pools will pledge to keep thier own hash rate below a certain threshold. 28%
[13:07] Carnth The pledge is a promise made by mining pool operators to the entire Litecoin community that they will keep a safe hash rate. And that they will take action if their rate begins to creep too high.
[13:07] Carnth This was brought about because of the recent coinotron problem where they reach above 50% of the netwrok hash rate.
[13:08] Carnth To keep Litecoin safe, this must be prevented in the future.
[13:08] peyman active
[13:09] Carnth Now, in order to make the Safe Hash Alliance program effective, the mining community must be on board with the program and ask their mining pool operators to make the pledge.
[13:09] -->| smk ([email protected]/smk) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:09] TheMage As a side note, I plan to collect all active initiatives to include this one and make a sticky on reddit so folks there can see as well
[13:10] Carnth After the mining pool operators make the pledge to the community, their pool will be listed in a specail sticky thread at the top of the Mining Pool section of the forum.
[13:10] Carnth The pools will also be able to display the Alliance logo on their website.
[13:11] Carnth Are there any questions about the Safe Hash Rate Alliance?
[13:11] crazik in
[13:11] arubi yes
[13:11] Carnth arubi: fire away
[13:12] arubi if one pool operator can open multiple pools that are each <28% under different names, how would we "catch" her?
[13:12] Carnth I specifically want each pool operator to make the pledge to keep below 28%. Not each of their pools.
[13:13] crazik if pools are independent
[13:13] arubi I get it, but we wouldn't be able to know if two pool operators are actualy one.
[13:13] TheMage I dont see a way to do that, plus there isnt too much of a concern with that. The main issue is not the pool operators going rouge, it would kill their golden goose. Instead some folks out there that may want to see LTC or other altcoins fail might hack the pool and cause an attack
[13:13] arubi right
[13:13] crazik on different infrastructure..
[13:14] TheMage thats my take anyways
[13:14] -->| maps ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:14] Carnth The point of the Alliance is to make the Network safer. I would think it would be in the best interest to keep the network safe and make the pledge if your miners demand it.
[13:15] arubi it would be impossible to know, but it will keep the less mining-savvy users at peace
[13:15] Carnth arubi: You are correct, it is not 100% enforceable.
[13:15] crazik the most important is miners awareness
[13:16] crazik average miner says 'why not'
[13:16] Carnth But if a pool took the pledge and was later found to have broken it, the miners will be able to see this in the sticky.
[13:16] TheMage yes, make the miners aware and have them tell their pools to make the pledge
[13:16] crazik and doesn't see any problem
[13:16] arubi I'm alright with that, it's just important to explain the point that although it's impossible to be sure, this is being asked in good faith
[13:16] Carnth This program derives its power from the miners demanding a safer network.
[13:17] Carnth The miners get to chose where they point their hash rate.
[13:17] arubi well, the pool does
[13:17] arubi they choose the pool
[13:18] Carnth If a pool doesn't make blocks, then it wont earn their fees.
[13:18] arubi they'll make blocks, but an attack like that could be used for double spends, and that's what miners should be aware of
[13:18] TheMage yes
[13:19] arubi or even to attack a different chain. it might look to a miner like a 5% drop in luck and that's it
[13:20] Carnth TheMage: crazik; Your agenda items?
[13:21] TheMage hmmmm
[13:22] TheMage We are looking for submittions for the new 0.9 client splash screen to replace the current one, please see this topic here
[13:22] TheMage also the Litecoin video seems to be coming along nicely now, everyone can see updates here
[13:22] crazik hm.
[13:23] -->| ThomasFX ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:23] crazik I've one, important thing. We all are now watching bitcoin rise, and asking 'why not litecoin'.
[13:23] crazik but..
[13:23] TheMage I made a Litecoin "state of the union" posting on reddit to try to combat FUD and trolls out there (it helped.....somewhat lol). That can be seen here
[13:23] crazik we should remember, that we want to USE litecoin, not only sell
[13:23] crazik so please ask your local businesses for Litecoin payments
[13:24] TheMage crazik, ive addressed that in my reddit thread
[13:24] TheMage and yes! We need to do that, which brings me to my next point
[13:24] TheMage I'm going to start a new community project to make a "merchant basket", which will contain instructions and details on how a merchant can start accepting LTC
[13:24] roscoe_ is there any promotional or informational materials we can give to merchants when we ask them to support our coin?
[13:24] TheMage ^^
[13:25] TheMage we need to put it together, look for a post from me today sometime in the CP section
[13:25] roscoe_ ha, i type too slow...
[13:25] crazik roscoe_: not yet
[13:25] crazik not in one, simple form
[13:25] Carnth TheMage: mean Community Projects section
[13:25] crazik and, of course, it can be hard in some realities
[13:25] TheMage My hopes is that we can produce some material in PDF form that people can print out in a nice package and give to merchants
[13:26] crazik TheMage: +1
[13:26] TheMage yes.....the community projects lol
[13:26] peyman good idea TheMage
[13:26] TheMage So we will need artists and help from the community to put it together
[13:26] ThomasFX Many websites have like a ´Press Kit´, maybe we need that too?
[13:27] TheMage this should help when people ask their local businesses to accept LTC
[13:27] ThomasFX Example: (Bottom right)
[13:27] TheMage Good idea Thomas!
[13:27] arubi good idea ThomasFX
[13:27] roscoe_ when there is one, I think there is a good population of business here in Colorado that are "shut out" of the traditional banking system that would embrace LTC as payment if they are guaranteed to get paid
[13:27] ThomasFX It cointains: graphics, PDF file with instructions etc
[13:28] ThomasFX I collected some graphic files here already:
[13:28] roscoe_ the exchange issue from LTC to local flat is the hardest part to explain, IMO
[13:28] ThomasFX Then we just need one or more PDF files with instructions
[13:28] ThomasFX Or maybe something they can print out and hang outside, like ´We accept Litecoins´
[13:29] ThomasFX True, as well as the uncertainty and volatility
[13:29] TheMage While I dont like them due to the entire Brock Peirce thing, we have GoCoin to help process payments. As well as I think
[13:29] leetbean reiki111
[13:29] crazik ThomasFX: nice
[13:29] crazik I will place that on LA Press subpage
[13:30] roscoe_ yeah, the gocoin thing is a sticking point to me, but one I probably need to move past for the good of LTC
[13:30] TheMage other options will happen within the next me there will be other payment processors
[13:31] crazik sure
[13:31] crazik there is interesting startup in CZ
[13:31] roscoe_ I look forward to seeing your project progress
[13:31] crazik and one more in PL
[13:32] Carnth OK, are there any other agenda items? Other questions?
[13:32] ThomasFX I heard someone by the name of TheMage is starting an exchange
[13:32] ThomasFX Carnth, yes, a more consistent use of the Litecoin logo
[13:33] ThomasFX The forum has another logo than the official site. Same for the favicons on the forums, site or wiki..
[13:33] TheMage I think ive addressed all agenda items, one more note is that if you havent already register at reddit. We need more good people to combat the trolls over there and let the reddit community know what we are doing for LTC. They seem to be at a loss with all of what we are doing as a community
[13:34] ThomasFX TheMage affirmative, upvote the good/important posts, while ignoring the spam/troll ones
[13:34] TheMage ahh yes my exchange, yes im making one.....still looking for more devs due to unforeseen circumstances. So if you are one or know of one let me know! (bad mage for self
[13:34] crazik ok, one more question from my side: anybody has problems with wiki/forum? everything works fine? speed/quality/etc?
[13:34] TheMage ok i have nothing else to address
[13:34] TheMage they work good for me crazik
[13:35] ThomasFX crazik that part is fine, works all flawlessly
[13:35] Carnth OK .Let's open the floor to everyone.
[13:35] roscoe_ Getting LCT listed on Bloomberg is progressing, please think of anyone who has acess to a Professional Terminal to contact Bloomberg and ask for LTC to be listed.
[13:36] roscoe_ Financial services firms, law firms, government offices, etc.
[13:37] TheMage I will add this to the reddit list roscoe
[13:38] roscoe_ Thank you
[13:38] roscoe_ I wll continue to update the thread on the forum as well.
[13:38] Carnth thanks roscoe_
[13:39] Carnth Any other items from anyone?
[13:39] ThomasFX Maybe this was addressed before; but how do we, in general, update the general public or enthusiast about Litecoin updates?
[13:39] crazik we are on way to create newsletter
[13:39] ThomasFX Some say the Litecoin developement progress is slowing down etc
[13:39] crazik but need good writers for that
[13:39] ThomasFX How will people be able to subscribe?
[13:39] crazik it's for LA members
[13:39] Carnth ThomasFX: The Dev Team annouces Litecoin updates. Litecoin Association retweets, re posts them.
[13:39] crazik so everyone by default
[13:39] ThomasFX So not for the general public?
[13:40] crazik no
[13:40] crazik ThomasFX: for public we have g+/twitter
[13:40] TheMage are there plans to post the letter on the LA website?
[13:40] crazik what letter?
[13:40] TheMage the newsletter
[13:40] crazik hm
[13:40] crazik I'm not sure, but we'll see
[13:40] ThomasFX TheMage I would love to see this. Or make it a blog on the LA website with recent updates? Each 3 posts, a newsletter is sent
[13:40] TheMage send it out to folks in the LA, but also post it in the public
[13:41] ThomasFX Like the dev team does
[13:41] crazik there is many things happening behind the scenes
[13:41] ThomasFX I can´t imaging the info in the newsletter is super secret
[13:41] crazik and we don't have much time for blogging
[13:41] ThomasFX And when you put effort in writing the newsletter, better let it be read by 1000 instead of 100 people
[13:42] Carnth I make Twitter and G+ announcements at leats once a week.
[13:42] ThomasFX It can be small blog posts, like 5 to 15 sentences
[13:42] TheMage Thomas, want to make a post in the LA section to discuss this?
[13:42] crazik we can insert our twitter/g+ feed on LA website
[13:42] crazik instead of blog
[13:42] ThomasFX TheMage will do
[13:42] TheMage thats a good diea
[13:42] ThomasFX Crazik should be easy enough
[13:42] TheMage idea*
[13:42] ThomasFX Btw, how many LA members are there atm?
[13:42] crazik but..
[13:42] ThomasFX I have the impression we are with quite a few, but only very few are really active
[13:43] crazik we need more content authors for LA page
[13:43] crazik hm.
[13:43] Carnth It's easier if I can post to one or two sites instead on posting on twitter, G_, blog, forum, redit, etc. etc wt c
[13:43] crazik members.. last time it was ~35-50
[13:43] crazik 35-40
[13:43] ThomasFX If we blog; that content can than be shared on social media?
[13:44] Carnth ThomasFX: Yeah, if you have a significant blog post, let me know and I'll put it on the social netowrks,
[13:44] crazik ThomasFX: blog is one more thing to manage, remember, and place to write
[13:44] TheMage ThomasFX, I think his point was we need more help from folks
[13:44] ThomasFX Carnth Cool
[13:44] ThomasFX crazik True, but that would mean we have one central point where we provide updates
[13:44] ThomasFX TheMage Who are you referring to?
[13:44] crazik g+ is central point
[13:45] TheMage crazik mainly since he does the website updates
[13:45] crazik yeah
[13:45] crazik and I need help with content
[13:45] ThomasFX TheMage Ok I see
[13:45] crazik my english is 'engrish'
[13:45] crazik
[13:45] TheMage LOL
[13:45] ThomasFX crazik
[13:45] ThomasFX you no speak good english ? (:
[13:46] crazik yeah
[13:46] Carnth crazik's English is Plinglish
[13:46] TheMage crazik, want me to advertize on reddit to find someone to help? Maybe you can make a post in the general section and I can link to it?
[13:46] ThomasFX I always tought you were all native speakers
[13:46] crazik TheMage: there was topic about creating 'charity' section..
[13:46] ThomasFX Or get in touch with people who have currently a blog?
[13:46] crazik with no response
[13:46] crazik Carnth: we call that 'ponglish'
[13:47] TheMage crazik, charity section? sorry I dont know what you mean
[13:47] Carnth
[13:47] ThomasFX crazik Something like this?
[13:47] crazik TheMage: i asked for help ...
[13:47] TheMage ahh ok, thanks ThomasFX
[13:48] TheMage yes I do remember now.....unfortunately I dont have the skills. Let me go back to your post and lets start the dicussion again
[13:48] ThomasFX crazik, is it just a list of charities? Or really a page were the charity is introduced etc?
[13:48] crazik TheMage:
[13:48] ThomasFX TheMage sounds like a goog plan, maybe it got burried
[13:49] TheMage We are all working on multiple things, i think this is a case where it got dropped off
[13:49] TheMage lets revisit it and see if we can get help from the community
[13:49] crazik we are working on give Jira to LA
[13:49] crazik for managing projects
[13:49] ThomasFX Also, I´m kind of waiting for the Litecoin video in order to start another charity or another project
[13:49] crazik do you know Jira?
[13:49] Carnth crazik. yes, still in progress.
[13:49] ThomasFX Since I want to include the video thenI see there is progress, but very slowly
[13:50] ThomasFX crazik negative, who is Jira?
[13:50] crazik ThomasFX: Atlassian Jira
[13:50] TheMage i dont know Jira
[13:50] crazik google that
[13:50] Carnth Jitra is a project managemt app/tool.
[13:50] crazik software for managing tasks, projects, etc
[13:50] ThomasFX Oh, it´s software, not a person
[13:50] Carnth It's very big and awesome.
[13:50] crazik and, may be used as Helpdesk
[13:51] ThomasFX Agile FTW
[13:51] ThomasFX But yes, looks very handy to me
[13:51] TheMage anyone else have something they want to bring up?
[13:52] ThomasFX Yes, nobody replied on my remarks regarding the different logos of Litecoin being used
[13:52] TheMage link?
[13:53] Carnth ThomasFX: Specifically in the Forum and wiki website, correct?
[13:53] ThomasFX It´s in this chat, let me search
[13:53] -->| ferg_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:53] ThomasFX Carnth, yes, a more consistent use of the Litecoin logo
[13:53] ThomasFX <ThomasFX> The forum has another logo than the official site. Same for the favicons on the forums, site or wiki..
[13:54] Carnth ThomasFX: As Far as I know, coblee never annouced an Official Logo, that everyone should use.
[13:54] Carnth Several logos have been posted and coblee has liked a number of them.
[13:54] Carnth The LitecoinTalk logo is the newest one created by BitcoinFridge.
[13:55] Carnth the board members liked the new logo so much, we started using it as the Fourm Logo
[13:55] ThomasFX Okay great, so we can pick any logo. Still, it would be - in my opinion - better to have one logo used on all the official sites
[13:55] Carnth But you are correct, we also need to update the favicon as well.
[13:55] ferg_ time for another vote on thenlogo then?
[13:56] ThomasFX Carnth regarding the forum logo, I made a post and suggested to add a padding-top of 5px
[13:56] ThomasFX it´s not horizontally centered
[13:56] Carnth ferg_: The logo used on the Forum has been decided,
[13:56] ThomasFX ferg, I don´t really mind which logo it is, just the fact that we should have one
[13:56] Carnth ThomasFX: you are correct.... crazik please take notes and make changes!
[13:57] crazik khm.
[13:57] ThomasFX I´m willing to create the fitting meta tags, ready for mobile
[13:57] crazik i'm not sure about that padding
[13:58] ThomasFX I don´t know if it was 5px, let me see my post
[13:58] ThomasFX I tested it out
[13:58] crazik I want to have as small header as we can
[13:58] ThomasFX
[13:59] ThomasFX I also compressed the image so it saves bandwidth
[13:59] crazik 3kb?
[13:59] crazik bitch, please
[13:59] crazik
[13:59] ThomasFX Yea, I always want to score 90% + on Google PageSpeed
[13:59] crazik not with cloudflare
[13:59] ThomasFX Also, it saves an HTTP request when you put a data URI instead
[14:00] crazik static files are served from CF cache
[14:00] TheMage [email protected] crazik "bitch please"
[14:00] Carnth BTW... some log history if anyone wants to take a look:
[14:00] crazik ThomasFX: I will try fix in css
[14:01] ThomasFX crazik cool, thanks
[14:01] crazik if not
[14:01] crazik please ping me here
[14:01] crazik
[14:01] ThomasFX Carnth ugh, the first logo was made by Coblee himself ?
[14:01] Carnth Ok. If there are no further items, I'll close this meeting. Thanks for coming.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #9 on: June 01, 2014, 09:24:23 PM »
Dang it, I wanted to make this but family obligations ended up happening.  Will certainly make the next one.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #10 on: June 15, 2014, 06:48:16 PM »
Code: [Select]
[14:01] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association meeting.
[14:01] -->| roscoe_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:01] roscoe_ howdy
[14:01] Carnth Even if you don't have a question, get I get a show of hands for who is here and active?
[14:01] Carnth ** Can I get...
[14:02] Carnth Just say "here"
[14:02] zethien here
[14:02] newb1 here
[14:02] TheMage here
[14:02] roscoe_ here
[14:03] Carnth OK. The last couple of weeks have been very exciting.
[14:03] Carnth The Litecoin Video has finalized the script and we have Stephanie Murphy to voice it!
[14:04] Carnth S_Murphy has done other professional VO work and is on "Let's Talk Bitcoin"
[14:05] Carnth People have started to submit story boards for how the video can look.
[14:05] Carnth There is even a rough draft animatic that puts the storybaord together with my test VO.
[14:06] Carnth There is still a lot to be done. We still need people to animate and add music.
[14:06] -->| Litecoin ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[14:06] Carnth I can't wait to see it finished. It's truly exciting to see the community come together like this.
[14:07] Carnth IF you want to help please see:
[14:07] TheMage Ok from here im going to take the meeting over
[14:08] -->| bonksnp ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:08] TheMage aside from the video, everyone knows there are several other activities going on.
[14:08] roscoe_ The video will go a long way in helping explain litecoin to merchants - good job to all who have contributed !
[14:08] TheMage Yes we are very happy to see so many people join in and help
[14:09] TheMage One of the more major activities is
[14:09] TheMage err
[14:09] TheMage Charlie owns the domain name, and he wants something done with it
[14:10] TheMage The community requested it be focused towards merchants, so that is the approach we are going to take (but still have other information listed such as links to the forums,, etc)
[14:10] zethien Has Charlie himself stated any requirements or what he'd like to see done with the domain?
[14:11] TheMage There are 2 people now working on the site itself, Crazik and Zethien. I gave it one more week to see if anyone else want to join and then let those 2 loose on it. Whether or not they work together or seperatly I dont know at this point
[14:11] TheMage no, not specifically. Just merchant oriented.
[14:11] TheMage he donated 100 LTC, and I received 37.2 from other donations. So total 137.2 LTC for working on the site
[14:12] newb1 I will point out, Warren chimed in expressing a preference for it to become like
[14:12] TheMage I am currently leading the project, but insights are required from the community. So everyone needs to give their thoughts on the site
[14:13] TheMage I need to go back and see that lol, I dont remember but he very well could have
[14:14] TheMage also interestingly enough, recently just got an upgrade, very similar to what we have been discussing
[14:14] TheMage Lastly, Boonksnp is leading the merchant basket, we need more input from folks on that
[14:14] TheMage I might collect all the info from the various threads and make one new one
[14:15] zethien I have offered my help to bonksnp through PM
[14:15] TheMage thanks
[14:15] TheMage The LA newsletter has been sent out, this is the first of many in the future
[14:16] TheMage This was sent out to LA members only, but in the future we may open up to more. I have to discuss this with the board members.
[14:16] TheMage The information in it was mainly extracted from my stickied thread over on reddit
[14:16] roscoe_ LA newsletter looked great
[14:16] TheMage Thanks
[14:17] TheMage So far so good, we have a ton of activities going on and more people joining the forums by the day. It makes me happy to see this :).
[14:17] TheMage With that said, I dont have too much more to add. I would like to open the floor up to whomever wants to bring something up for discussion
[14:17] bonksnp I'll go first
[14:17] bonksnp ?
[14:18] zethien I would like to bring up discussion the website, go for it bonksnp
[14:18] zethien ill go after you
[14:18] bonksnp thanks.....just wanted to mention that Im throwing out several designs on those merchant flyers
[14:18] OneMiner I'm in attendance too. Hi guys. No questions yet.
[14:18] bonksnp to hopefully get a feel for what the website will look like
[14:19] crazik bonksnp: I will only ask for better font
[14:19] bonksnp it'll would be helpful to know if those colors/styles are what crazik/zethein will be using?
[14:19] bonksnp and fonts :))
[14:19] crazik bonksnp: no, please don't suggest with our colours
[14:19] crazik but be ready to rearrange
[14:19] crazik bonksnp: fonts have to look professional
[14:20] crazik and compose with whole flyers
[14:20] TheMage Yes the one digital font you used was hard on teh eyes
[14:20] zethien I think we should also come to agreement on what we want the fliers to say specifically. I dont know if you've put up a google doc or something, but maybe that would be good so we can all help refine the message
[14:21] bonksnp Actually I've been shooting from the hip on these flyers other than a little guidance from TheMage
[14:21] bonksnp I've gottena little feedback, but the more the better
[14:21] zethien (shooting from the hip has been my problem with the proposal for the website as well)
[14:22] bonksnp its hard to put alot of work into something you think looks nice and then have people just not like it.....I think zethein would agree
[14:22] crazik sure
[14:22] zethien indeed
[14:22] TheMage hence the reason I stated more need to get involved with opinions and constructive feedback. Otherwise ill make the call on what to do and everyone else can complain how I went ahead with little input haha
[14:22] crazik bonksnp: it's why i'm saying 'just make svg drafts'
[14:22] crazik and wait for final content
[14:22] TheMage I'm thinking a fresh thread for you guys might be benificial
[14:23] bonksnp ok
[14:23] crazik well
[14:23] newb1 True or false: At this time, we have two different website designs proposals.
[14:23] crazik I think, we should close submission to that part in a few days
[14:23] zethien perhaps it was a problem of my expectations, but I was hoping more people would be readily throwing things out there, kinda like the synergy I see when I lurk in the dogecoin forums...
[14:23] crazik newb1: true
[14:23] TheMage true, craziks and zethein
[14:23] zethien (feedback wise I mean)
[14:24] roscoe_ no matter what, you will have complainers:) I'm looking forward to using these materials to explain Litecoin to the public and merchants
[14:24] bonksnp I have an idea
[14:24] crazik newb1: my intention was havign 3-4 concurrent designs
[14:24] crazik and let the community choose the best candidate
[14:24] TheMage yes bonksnp?
[14:24] zethien I think true? for the 2 design proposals
[14:24] newb1 true or false: We wish to have more designs on the table before selecting a visual and structural path.
[14:24] crazik newb1: true, but we have deadline now
[14:24] bonksnp Why don't zethein, crazik and I all just make and design the whole thing together?
[14:24] crazik bonksnp: because we have a different point of view
[14:24] zethien that is what I would like bonksnp
[14:25] bonksnp right
[14:25] bonksnp crazik: right =which is why would we would toghtther
[14:25] newb1 crazik: What is the deadline? I know, I should know this. Excuse me, I have been MIA for about a week.
[14:25] bonksnp (sorry for my typing )
[14:25] TheMage Bonksnp, this is what I would personally like to see. But if we have more ideas the better. I will see what happens at the end of next week and decide on how to proceed.
[14:25] TheMage its 6/20
[14:25] zethien are we moving discussion to specifically the website?
[14:25] crazik newb1: ^^
[14:26] crazik after deadline
[14:26] crazik community will choose
[14:26] TheMage Also, another new member (lurker) made a design as well that I like. Perhaps we can get his help with graphics. Please see this thread here;topicseen
[14:26] crazik and... I want we all will work together on the choosen project
[14:26] TheMage Armi2009 is his forum name
[14:26] bonksnp crazik: I see....that works too
[14:27] zethien I think we are all more inline than perhaps we think.
[14:27] crazik bonksnp: but it's only my vision, not 'rules'
[14:27] crazik I want to be flexible
[14:27] crazik and do not push anyone to use my project
[14:28] newb1 TheMage, where do I see lurker's proposal? With his we have three, not two?
[14:28] crazik and help as much as I can with _any_ project
[14:28] crazik newb1:
[14:28] TheMage newb, his is purely graphical
[14:29] TheMage no layout, design, or coding
[14:29] TheMage and the link crazik provided, I asked him to change the blue to silver/grey, which he did
[14:30] newb1 got it
[14:30] Litecoin i think we need an advertising fund to go with these sites, google adwords, and offline advertising.. we need to do more to introduce and make the community bigger and better
[14:30] TheMage Litecoin (nice name btw lol), we will get to that point im sure. But we need to set up the infrastructure to point people to it
[14:30] zethien well so more specifically one the topic of the website proposal: I'd like to see if we can foster more community feedback. I was hoping that people would take issue more with the way that I proposed to organize things rather than what background wallpaper I was temporarily using
[14:31] TheMage zethien, i tend to agree
[14:31] bonksnp so do I
[14:31] zethien One of the things that I'd like feedback on is the idea of moving alot of the buzzwords out, such as "decentralize", "currency", ect
[14:31] TheMage Ok i will sometime today make a new thread to collect the info, we have 3-4 threads now with info
[14:31] zethien and maybe instead focus on the idea of "Means of Payment"
[14:32] zethien my reasoning, living in a lesser tech-orientated area is that people dont actually understand money, but they understand getting paid
[14:32] Litecoin yeah i agree, we don't need to over comtemplate it for new users
[14:33] Litecoin *complicate
[14:33] -->| Armi2009 ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[14:33] TheMage speak of the devil lol, hi Armi2009
[14:33] Armi2009 hi
[14:34] zethien taking example from Paypal, I think it would be a better strategy to work inline, so to speak, with fiat. Instead of the opposition-natured message that bitcoin and others carry
[14:34] roscoe_ IMO, when you have "coin" tied to something i.e. Litecoin, I think that currency is valuable to have as a descriptor
[14:34] zethien reason being, is that people's view of "internet" is like the lame hackers you see in movies. This is an untrustworthy image
[14:35] TheMage Website aside, anyone else have something they would like to bring up?
[14:35] zethien roscoe, agreed, but to immediately state how banks are currupt, etc, may not be the best way of saying that (like the website does very quickly)
[14:35] bonksnp did we already discuss the video?
[14:36] TheMage yes we did, Carnth brought it up first thing
[14:36] zethien I think just a status update about the video was given
[14:36] bonksnp ok, Ill check the log after...I was late
[14:36] TheMage was there something specific you wanted to ask Bonksnp?
[14:36] TheMage ok no problem
[14:36] bonksnp na
[14:37] roscoe_ If uesd, we need to utulize it in a positive way. I think being positive about Litecon to the public in our materials with make Litecoin seem not so scary or wierd to the GP:)
[14:37] Litecoin i think zethien makes a great point, litecoin has its uses but when explaining it to new people, once they here that its a new kind of currency - thats a hard concept for the lay person to accept
[14:37] TheMage I have one thing to bring up, someone recently asked about LA membership and I saw that registration was closed on the LA website. If you are still interested in joining please contact Carnth.
[14:38] zethien I am interested in joining. I will contact him.
[14:38] TheMage i agree roscoe and Litecoin
[14:38] TheMage ok zethien
[14:38] Litecoin i am also interested in joining..
[14:38] crazik please ask Carnth on /msg here, or PM on forum
[14:39] TheMage great! You have a forum account Litecoin?
[14:39] newb1 In passing, I will say that I have always liked thinking of crypto as e-cash.
[14:39] zethien he's litecoin, the whole thing is his! lol
[14:39] roscoe_ I think positive is the way to go, I see a lot of negative attitudes in bitcoin talk, etc.
[14:39] bonksnp I agree as well...positive will bring in many more than negative
[14:39] Litecoin yeah lol, the amount im holding i might as well be litecoin lol
[14:39] bonksnp and I need to start getting my flyers to reflect that
[14:40] zethien not everyone wants to be a revolutionist, but that doesn't mean that can't use litecoin
[14:40] zethien most people are apathetic and risk-avoiding
[14:41] zethien this is what I think bitcoin has failed so far to nurture in their image
[14:41] zethien and an area where I think we can one-up them
[14:41] bonksnp its a fine line
[14:41] Litecoin i find comparing it to emails when talking to any non tech friends is when they start to appreciate it
[14:41] newb1 I encourage a guarded attitude about qualifying "most people." The biological diversity in this world is extraordinary.
[14:42] newb1 I agree that the message should be positive.
[14:42] bonksnp does anyone have an opinion as to which demographic we should aim at?
[14:43] crazik .com should be for >30
[14:43] roscoe_ I see the litecoin community making a positive pitch and effort to expand with the public; we are starting with the infrastructure and moving from there. We just need an exchange (hint, hint):)
[14:43] TheMage lol roscoe
[14:44] zethien I think the tech-orientated peoples will gravitate to litecoin and all the current resources about it naturally. I think we should try to focus on those not so tech orientated
[14:44] bonksnp like facebook users?
[14:44] zethien to include policy-makers and regulators down the line
[14:44] bonksnp
[14:44] roscoe_ <zethien> i agree. Lets get the masses on board!
[14:44] zethien not necessarily facebook users, but like business owners
[14:45] roscoe_ <TheMage> lol roscoe - I'll PM you this week so we can talk.
[14:45] zethien people just trying to get through the week. our message that they will be more profitiable and competitive using a cheaper means of payment system
[14:45] TheMage Does anyone else have anything they would like to bring up? Otherwise im going to close the meeting but you can still stick around and chat.
[14:45] Litecoin i agree with zerhian, too many coins are trying to convince techies with their specs etc
[14:45] roscoe_ we off topic.....
[14:45] zethien (sorry I kinda took over the conversation)
[14:45] zethien I tend to do that
[14:46] Litecoin and travellers! my friend has been working in south korea and the fees to get his money transferred back home is crazy, target the poeple who will benefit most from litecoin
[14:46] zethien Lets close then by maybe starting a subboard or something for just the website?
[14:46] zethien that way we can have different topics for all the different aspects
[14:47] TheMage zethien, I will be posting it in the community projects section
[14:47] zethien messaging, layout, merchant list, fliers, etc
[14:47] TheMage Thats the most appropriate area to do this
[14:47] TheMage ok with that said the LA meeting is over. Thank you everyone for participating

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #11 on: June 29, 2014, 06:27:07 PM »
I have been missing these due to british summertime clock.  They start at 7pm in the UK due to British summertime.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #12 on: June 29, 2014, 07:05:50 PM »
Meeting on Jun 29, 2014

Code: [Select]
[13:00] Carnth Welcome to the Litecoin Association meeting 2014 Jun 29
[13:00] Carnth To get an idea who is here, please say "here"
[13:00] MRinspired here
[13:00] TheMage here
[13:00] andrzejlipski_ar here
[13:01] newb1 here
[13:01] crazik with only one eye
[13:01] MRinspired better than none Crazik!
[13:01] Carnth OK!
[13:02] Carnth There has been a huge explosion of activity from the community lately,
[13:02] zethien here
[13:02] Carnth This is awesome! And it make me proud to be part of it.
[13:02] MRinspired yes, it seems alot of the recent activity and hardwork of the LA and community has vastly improved
[13:03] MRinspired awlays a good thing!
[13:03] -->| roscoe_ ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:03] Carnth (everyone ignore rosce so he think we left already)
[13:03] TheMage LOL
[13:04] MRinspired meeting ajorned says the leaders!
[13:04] MRinspired heh
[13:04] Carnth Recently, the Litecoin logo has been going through some "growing changes"
[13:04] roscoe_ howdy
[13:04] newb1 howdy roscoe! welcome!
[13:04] MRinspired I like the color change personally.
[13:04] Carnth The silvery gery logo with the backgroud stripes looks awesome, but doesn't scale well. So a new logo has been proposed.
[13:05] newb1 Is there time for a quick definition of "doesn't scale well?"
[13:05] Carnth Please take a look at the prosoed logo changes and vote on your favorite.
[13:05] newb1 Does that mean size?
[13:05] Carnth newb1: scale well, means it look awful when sized down.
[13:05] MRinspired probably DPI/format issue ?
[13:05] crazik just gradeints
[13:06] zethien for logos its best to have something that can go on multiple media easily
[13:06] Carnth If you size down the current grey logo, it looks like a grey blob.
[13:06] thedon_ When are we going to finalise the logo? Have you got a new deadline?
[13:06] zethien its not just DPI or format, its just the content density to the available space of pixels
[13:07] newb1 I would like to go on the record and say that the current logo DOES look awesome and should be kept. If scale-ability is a problem, consider making an alternative logo for small size-purpose. That's all I'll say about that.
[13:07] Carnth Please take a look at the proposed logo changes and vote on your favorite.
[13:07] andrzejlipski_ar yes logos need to be simple to scale well and design trends today are going for simple flat images
[13:08] andrzejlipski_ar I like the first one, it is bold and stands out more
[13:08] Carnth Also note that this vote is for community drive projects. The Litecoin Dev team can choose what ever logo they like (and will probably keep the exisiting logo for the official wallet)
[13:08] zethien I actual tried to download bitcoinfridge's svg that was linked to me, it appears to have some sort of error in it that doesn't allow it to be opened in illustrator or displayed on firefox at least
[13:08] TheMage most likely we will end up with 2 logo's, the original and the flat one.
[13:08] Carnth zethien: Send BitcoinFridge a PM and ask directly.
[13:08] newb1 TheMage makes me smile.
[13:09] TheMage lol
[13:09] Carnth Next, The Litecoin video is so close to official release!
[13:09] thedon_ Is that a good idea? Should we not have one logo?
[13:09] MRinspired awesome. I was unaware it was close.
[13:09] MRinspired did we get the voice acting thing covered?
[13:09] TheMage people will still use the old one, with that said next topic
[13:09] Carnth We need everyone to vote on which of two videos will be the first official release.
[13:09] andrzejlipski_ar the logos up for vote are the same except for color. I don't see why you couldn't go with two of them for different treatments (dark backgrounds/light backgrounds)
[13:10] Carnth MRinspired: Yes. Stephanie Murphy did a fantastic job on the voice over.
[13:10] |<-- zethien has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[13:10] MRinspired is threre a thread for the video vote? or not yet?
[13:10] Carnth Pleas see the video and vote here:
[13:10] -->| zethien ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:10] newb1 I agree, Stephanie did a great job... but there's a heavy S going on... I wonder if the audi of the video can be tweaked to minimize that ssssssss.
[13:10] Carnth Make sure to comment in the thread and give props to both people for their effort.
[13:11] zethien goddamn it, too many tabs open
[13:11] crazik andrzejlipski_ar: wczesniej byl inny watek, tam byly rozniaste loga
[13:11] -->| bonksnp ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:11] crazik zethien: stop using IE
[13:11] Carnth bonksnp: too late, meeting over.
[13:11] Carnth
[13:12] MRinspired IE...gasp.people still use that mosnter?
[13:12] bonksnp (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[13:12] zethien i dont use IE, but I do have 4 monitors each with a Firefox window open
[13:12] andrzejlipski_ar crazik, sorry I don't understand Polish that much. First generation american. I can speak it somewhat but reading is difficult for me.
[13:12] zethien i get confused easily
[13:12] crazik andrzejlipski_ar: uh, sorry. my fault
[13:13] Carnth bonksnp: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)
[13:13] andrzejlipski_ar no worries
[13:13] bonksnp meeting is now or in an hour?
[13:13] TheMage its now
[13:13] TheMage but people are
[13:13] Carnth Just joking bonksnp
[13:13] bonksnp ahh sry
[13:13] Carnth Next on the agenda is more serious
[13:14] Carnth Litecoin Association is going through a small reorg with our by-laws
[13:14] ChanServ OP carnth
[13:14] ChanServ Channel carnth is not registered.
[13:14] ChanServ OP #litecoin-association
[13:14] =-= Mode #litecoin-association +o Carnth by ChanServ
[13:15] Carnth We have had some email issues lately.
[13:15] Carnth crazik: can you tell us about the emails?
[13:16] crazik our mailserver was added to few bad-reputation blacklist
[13:16] crazik delisting process is in progress
[13:16] crazik so you may not receive your emails from forum
[13:16] crazik or it may be in SPAM folders
[13:16] crazik it should be fixed in a 1-2 days
[13:16] andrzejlipski_ar crazik you should put the server on a few whitelists. That will keep the chance of listing on a blacklist down to a minimum
[13:17] Carnth Yeah, thats what happens sometimes when you get IPs from big hosters
[13:17] crazik andrzejlipski_ar: it's because of high mail traffic
[13:17] crazik new registrations
[13:17] crazik etc
[13:17] crazik and some disconfiguration after moving mx
[13:18] Carnth Some of those IPs are balcklisted from previous clients and then we get it. And its difficult to get away from a tarnished IP.
[13:18] crazik Carnth: please continue
[13:18] Carnth Next. Litecoin Association is reorganizing its by-laws.
[13:18] andrzejlipski_ar either way it helped a previous employer I was at. We were getting blacklisted at least once a month because of our newsletter distributions
[13:19] Carnth The by-laws are the rules the way LA operates and they aren't very clear.
[13:20] Carnth This is why new membership registrations are currently closed. I don't want to have a new member sign up and then sudenly the rules change.
[13:20] zethien How significantly would the rules change for general membership?
[13:21] Carnth The By-laws will be rewritten under advisment and then posted on the LA website. At that tie, new registrations will be open.
[13:21] Carnth One thing that we are looking at is the various membership levels, zethien
[13:22] newb1 Good idea, Carnth. I'm happy to hear that is happening.
[13:22] zethien gotcha
[13:22] Carnth We are thinking about including a class that can vote a memeber to be part of the Board.
[13:22] -->| dlresponse ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip. has joined #litecoin-association
[13:23] TheMage In order to clarify this a bit, Litecoin is still growing and will continue to grow with some bouts of explosions in membership. This needs to be done now in order to avoid future complications.
[13:23] Carnth Again, I really shouldn't say too much further until everything is complete, but I was everyone to know what is going on and why registrations are closed.
[13:23] newb1 Wise move...
[13:24] Carnth TheMage: what about marketing?
[13:25] MRinspired are we speaking of Litecoin specifically or LA after the by-law fix?
[13:25] TheMage ok well as many folks know there has been a lot of people who have offered to help out with a bunch of activities and initiatives.
[13:25] Carnth MRinspired: I was talking specifically about Litecoin Association by-laws
[13:26] TheMage I was talking about Litecoin in general, and in effect I would naturally assume people would want to join the LA
[13:26] Carnth TheMage: Will speak about Marketing Litecoin in general
[13:26] Carnth TheMage: You have the floor
[13:27] TheMage ok back to my topic
[13:27] MRinspired i like all the recent growth, saigon and others are great.
[13:27] TheMage so anyways, ive been trying to work out a clear cut understanding of everything and everyone who not only offered to help, but also had additional ideas
[13:27] TheMage I should be posting it soon (within the next day or two) as a google shared document
[13:27] TheMage Its going to put some sort of structure to all the activities so we all know clearly what everyone else is working on
[13:27] MRinspired I did mention to Saigoni f you need any further assistance in menial tasks. I'm willing to donate time. I'm no developer or marketer though
[13:28] TheMage The document is a simplified ersion of the many new threads and pages of ideas both on litecointalk and reddit, so it looks simple but a lot of work went into it
[13:28] TheMage Thanks MRinspired!
[13:29] TheMage so the paper I am putting together has 3 parts, a structured diagram, roles and responsibilities, and a beginning task list for all teh activities
[13:29] thedon_ I think a key thing to the marketing campaign is a focussed message.. people are accussing litecoin of having no identity, and that's why it's important we agree how we want to be perceived and work to that. That includes encouraging people to use the new logo (whatever one is agreed), and also a consistent theme on and litecoin.coom
[13:30] MRinspired wonderful.excited!
[13:30] TheMage this is under the direction of the community projects, which is not necessarily controlled by the LA.
[13:31] zethien I want to bring up again maybe the idea that bitleaf had, using something like Trello to coordinate these things in the broader community, things that are not excactly official Litecoin Association projects
[13:31] TheMage so basically all the structure in place is just a structure, I dont want people to think this is an org chart or anything else. Just my interpretation of all the threads ive read over.
[13:31] MRinspired are you using some type of community-driven project for role/people management?
[13:31] TheMage Zeth yes that will be addressed, I think you and everyone else involved will be pleased with what I came up with
[13:31] zethien I know this is what the litecointalk forums try to do, but i think many people dont get passed looking at the first page of boards, or the read back previous comments in threads
[13:32] zethien yeah i'm just concerned about communication, cuz its seems the exact same converstation gets started in multiple places at the same time
[13:32] TheMage I dont want to get too much into it all without showing everyone what I have. So please wait
[13:33] zethien kk
[13:33] TheMage Zeth I have addressed that, trust me
[13:33] MRinspired np. sorry for jumping the gun
[13:33] zethien WELL ADDRESS IT MORE
[13:33] TheMage it's ok, I know people are eager lol
[13:33] zethien jokes
[13:33] newb1 Do it more. Do it faster. Do it better. Do it Litecoin!
[13:33] zethien lol
[13:33] Carnth Its great the Litecoin has the problem of "too many people want to help"
[13:33] TheMage The task list is the only thing missing, and I am waiting for Saigoned to give it to me.
[13:33] Anthony1s lol
[13:33] MRinspired i think this recent explosion is exactly the direction LTC community needs to talk
[13:33] crazik well, for choosen project, we have Jira - project management tool.
[13:33] MRinspired er..take i mean
[13:33] crazik If you need that, just say
[13:34] zethien well is jira available to the broader community, or just for LA?
[13:34] TheMage the project management tool will be addressed as well
[13:34] crazik LA has licence for Jira.
[13:34] crazik so for projects important to community, we can create new project, and give access
[13:35] TheMage with that said, look for the posting in the community projects section
[13:35] TheMage Handing it back to Carnth now
[13:35] Carnth Yes we are looking into the "projects management" problem like TheMage said.
[13:36] Carnth OK. This completes our agenda items. I would like to open the floor to any questions or new ideas.
[13:36] zethien I guess most ideas right now revolve around marketing
[13:37] TheMage lol
[13:37] MRinspired i would hope so. marketing/mechants is what we need
[13:37] Carnth MRinspired: true
[13:37] zethien I wish crypto_coiner was here, because perhaps we could talk at length with some of his ideas
[13:37] Carnth Litecoin works best when it is used as intended: as money.
[13:37] dlresponse It's amazing how a sudden price rise gets lots of attention quickly
[13:38] TheMage dlresponse, this is why I mentioned what I did about the by laws being redone for the LA.
[13:38] Carnth dlresponse: Price and/or purchasing power will naturally increase, the more Litecoin is used as money.
[13:38] TheMage because I anticipate a lot more attention within the next fwe months
[13:38] andrzejlipski_ar fwiw - I talked with a write who added litecoin as a donation coin on his site. He sells a children's book through a small publisher and I asked to work with him on getting the publisher to accept litecoins for ebooks.
[13:38] thedon_ I would like to propose that we launch a community driven business
[13:39] bonksnp andrzejlipski_ar: awesome
[13:39] crazik thedon_: it's bad idea
[13:39] zethien yeah thats pretty cool
[13:39] thedon_ that demonstrates what is great about litecoin
[13:39] MRinspired business? wouldn't that be a conflict of interest in a way?
[13:39] zethien you should get him to write some childrens books about litecoin lol
[13:39] crazik thedon_: LA is non-profit or, we can't be involved in
[13:39] thedon_ how come?
[13:40] zethien what kind of business would you want?
[13:40] Carnth thedon_: Please post your complete idea in the Projects section:
[13:40] Carnth Post your ideas and ask for feedback.
[13:40] andrzejlipski_ar he is interested, his book is about longevity and why dying is a disease and is wrong. He's very forward thinking.
[13:41] MRinspired does LTC have any flyers/marketing material? i'm tempted to work with a friend locally to pass out to local businesses to signup with a merchant processor to save fees.
[13:41] TheMage hmmmmm.....paying for ebooks with LTC. Thats a good idea
[13:41] TheMage MRinspired yes! Bonksnp is working on those now
[13:41] bonksnp MRinspired: yes, I've mad several
[13:41] zethien well so on the subject of marketing, a few conversations have been started in various places
[13:41] zethien I had made a google doc some time ago, and comments have been trickling in recently by a few people
[13:41] andrzejlipski_ar MRinspired: yes! I would like to do a grass roots campaign locally as well.
[13:42] zethien
[13:42] Carnth MRinspired: TheMage and bonksnp are working on it!
[13:42] MRinspired wonderful. let us know when the material is ready
[13:42] Carnth <-- slow
[13:42] zethien i want to post it here, bonksnp was interested as well to getting something finalized for his flyers
[13:42] zethien so please feel free to tear it apart
[13:42] TheMage that was the idea when making the flyers.....also known as the "merchant basket"
[13:42] TheMage ok zeth, feel free
[13:42] thedon_ I'd like to see some businesses that are solely litecoin based, it would send out a message stronger than any marketing campaign
[13:43] bonksnp thedon_: wont happen. And probably shouldnt
[13:43] MRinspired is that practical?
[13:43] MRinspired i dont think so...customers want options
[13:43] andrzejlipski_ar make sure the flyers keep with a theme. I notice the two videos have stark styles and if there are too many siloed marketing projects there is no consistent branding
[13:44] zethien its more practical for a merchant to accept as many forms of payment as possible, as to no alienate any potential customers
[13:44] Carnth andrzejlipski_ar: This is what the new Litecoin logo is supposed to address.
[13:44] bonksnp andrzejlipski_ar: good point.. And I know I was late but did we discuss whos version of the website will be the final version?
[13:44] MRinspired TM and this some marketing material you two designed? is it endorsed/approved by Litecoin? does it need to be?
[13:45] bonksnp MRinspired: what are you referring to?
[13:45] andrzejlipski_ar that is good but the LA should set some guidelines on color usage, styling, font size, graphics, etc
[13:45] MRinspired all in the idea of fluidity/continous material like mentioned
[13:45] Carnth MRinspired: any material they the Community creates needs only to be approved by the community. So it's all good.
[13:46] MRinspired i suppose as long as the Litecoin logo/design is uniform..that is what truly matters
[13:46] MRinspired if possible
[13:46] Carnth andrzejlipski_ar: After the logo/font is chosen, it should be used as the standard. Please post your concerns in that thread.
[13:46] andrzejlipski_ar here is a good example from Adobe on branding guildelines for Adobe products
[13:46] bonksnp Yea, everything I've designed I still have the psd files for and the logo is just a layer swap out.....easy to change....same with the fonts
[13:47] zethien I think it'll all be hashed out by the community
[13:47] newb1 Consistency matters less than identifiability. Consistency can help identifiability, but it can also get in the way.
[13:48] Carnth Any other ideas? Questions?
[13:48] andrzejlipski_ar true
[13:48] MRinspired agreed
[13:48] andrzejlipski_ar what is LAs involvement in LTC network development
[13:48] bonksnp TM when are ewr expecting this org chart? Today?
[13:49] zethien i think he said today or tomorrow
[13:49] newb1 andrzejlipski_ar: From what I can tell. Very little...
[13:49] TheMage correct today or tomorrow
[13:49] Carnth andrzejlipski_ar: None. The Litecoin protocol and official wallet clients are handled by the Dev Team. We are two separate entities but we talk regularly.
[13:50] MRinspired I have to run guys...wonderful meeting. cya soon on forums!
[13:50] MRinspired thank you!
[13:50] zethien c ya
[13:50] TheMage thank you for attending
[13:50] andrzejlipski_ar So development contributes have to be presented to the dev team rather than getting filters through LA?
[13:50] |<-- MRinspired has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
[13:51] TheMage ???
[13:51] bonksnp andrzejlipski_ar: for marketing? No way
[13:51] Carnth andrzejlipski_ar: Yes. the LA has nothing to do with developing the Litecoin Protocol and underlying programming. All of that goes through warren and the Dev team.
[13:52] andrzejlipski_ar Not for marketing, but community contributions to improving the network.
[13:52] andrzejlipski_ar I see.
[13:52] Carnth LA handles community involvement and community development.
[13:52] TheMage and public education and awareness
[13:52] zethien how difficult is it to become a part of the dev team?
[13:52] Carnth And merchant adoption...
[13:52] zethien is that what you're trying to get at Andrz?
[13:53] newb1 @Carnth: Does the dev team run IRC meetings like LA? It would be fascinating to sit back and watch the conversation.
[13:53] TheMage Zeth, ask warren or pooler if you are interested
[13:53] Carnth zethien: you would have to ask warren. And he has very strict guidelines. You better know your stuff.
[13:53] zethien yeah, maybe not now, i've got too much on my plate, I just thought maybe that's what Andrz was asking
[13:54] andrzejlipski_ar Yes. I was wondering if there were any LA or community development projects underway. Either on the network or ones that integrate with it.
[13:54] Carnth newb1: I am not aware of any public meetings held by the dev team. What they talk about would be "higher level" than the averge is used to.
[13:55] Carnth andrzejlipski_ar: If it deals with the Litecoin Protocol. Then no. LA does not do that.
[13:55] newb1 @Carnth: No doubt... in part, that's what would fascinate me - kind of like watching open heart surgery.
[13:55] bonksnp in chinese
[13:56] TheMage lol
[13:56] newb1 ha
[13:56] Carnth Any other ideas? Questions? --- Last call.
[13:56] andrzejlipski_ar Ok so not directly with the protocol but leveraging the network, i.e. mastercoin like projects. Anything going on?
[13:56] zethien Actually if I could start a different topic, I kinda have a question about legal regulations and things like that
[13:57] zethien do we have anyone who is dedicated working on that sort of topic?
[13:57] TheMage in terms of what zethien?
[13:57] zethien I see that bitcoin is making most of the head way working with policy and regulation makers
[13:57] Carnth No one on the LA board is a lawyer, so we can't give legal advice. (Standard disclaimer)
[13:57] zethien I'm just wondering if we are included with that in anyway, or have our own people working on things
[13:58] Carnth zethien: Ahh, I see.
[13:58] zethien i guess my question isnt all that well formulated lol
[13:58] TheMage I personally do not think we are at that point yet to lobby lawmakers if that is what you are asking about
[13:58] Carnth The good news is that Bitcoin is paving the way is that area. Anything that applies for BTC would also appliy to LTC as well.
[13:58] zethien i think perhaps something we should keep in mind when coming up with marketing material is also to make things understandable from a regulators perspective, whateve that may be
[13:59] bonksnp zethien: Not to mention, that a pretty big animal that is evolving almost everyday
[13:59] TheMage you can certainly do that of your own free will representing yourself, but the LA (and correct me if im wrong Carnth) is not in a position yet to do so in an official capacity.
[13:59] crazik well, Bitcoin Foundation has BIG budget for any legal issues
[13:59] Carnth TheMage: is right though, wee need to focus on getting LTC out there. That could perhaps attract the attention of someone who could lobby for us.
[14:00] zethien I personally feel who ever makes headway with regulators is going to become "establishment"
[14:00] zethien and establishment is hard to compete with
[14:00] zethien so we need to make sure we get in there somehow too
[14:00] TheMage one thing at a time, otherwise we will end up spinning our wheels
[14:01] bonksnp zethien: I applaud your enthusiasm, but lets get a website first before tacking the government
[14:01] zethien of course, just thinking ahead i guess
[14:01] TheMage but yes, i do agree with you lol
[14:01] Carnth zethien: your remark about "establishment" is true. It takes big money to become establishment.
[14:01] TheMage Carnth, anything else?
[14:02] andrzejlipski_ar Does LA buy press releases for announcements?
[14:02] zethien yeah I'm just keeping it in the back of my mind, and I think if we all collectively do that, we'll be aware of any opportunites or things like that when they present themselves. so just wanted to throw that out there.
[14:02] crazik andrzejlipski_ar: no
[14:02] Carnth andrzejlipski_ar: we don't have the money yet.
[14:02] zethien thats it from me i guess
[14:02] andrzejlipski_ar That may be helpful. Ah I see.
[14:02] Carnth After our new by-laws, we can setup fund for this.
[14:03] Carnth Setup donations and other things.
[14:03] Carnth At this time I will close today's meeting. Thank you everyone for attending

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2014, 07:03:23 PM »
Meeting on July 13

Code: [Select]
[13:00] Carnth Welcome to today's Meeting
[13:00] crazik *dong* *dong*
[13:00] Carnth crazik barley made it.
[13:00] crazik meeting over, thank you for participation
[13:00] TheMage lol
[13:00] crazik oh. not this one
[13:00] newb1 Greetings
[13:00] Carnth Yep, shortest meeting ever. Thank you
[13:01] roscoe_ 2nd and ajourned
[13:01] newb1 ciao
[13:01] crazik well.
[13:01] crazik so now voice is yours
[13:01] Carnth Litecoin Core is nearing release
[13:01] crazik yours, carnth
[13:02] Carnth This would be Litecoin version 0.9.
[13:02] crazik but it has no significant changes, right?
[13:02] Carnth The Dev team need translators for many languages
[13:02] TheMage and reviewers
[13:02] Carnth Please help and read about adding translations here:
[13:03] Carnth Next... is a big one. the Litecoin Logo.
[13:03] Carnth This has been a huge issue in our community,
[13:04] Carnth And I would like to address it.
[13:04] Carnth We (the community) have been moving forward with many of our own project.
[13:04] Carnth The video, merchant adoption flyers.. etc.
[13:05] Carnth In order to progress with those...
[13:05] Carnth we needed a new logo that would look good at any print size in any medium.
[13:05] Carnth The existing logo didn't hold up to this.
[13:05] Carnth At very small sizes, it looks like a grey blob.
[13:06] Carnth The community pushed forward to re-create a new logo.... right under the noses of Charlie and the Dev team.
[13:07] Carnth It wasn;t until we had 2 or 3 poll that they even noticed what the community was doing with a new logo.
[13:08] Carnth Charlie and the Dev team have a clear plan for the Litecoin logo.
[13:08] Carnth A new logo will be chose by Charlie and will be revealed "soon"
[13:08] Carnth It may not be what the community was looking to use. BUT it will accomplish our goal:
[13:09] Carnth IT will give us one unified logo that we can use across all mediums and all platforms.
[13:10] newb1 That is exciting news, Carnth!
[13:10] Carnth This way the community AND the Dev team can use the same logo. Giving Litecoin a consistent brand.
[13:10] Carnth This choice will upset a few people, but I ask that we all stand behind Charlie and the new Logo.
[13:11] TheMage Also, or those who have contributed to this effort, please post in this thread here
[13:11] TheMage looking for those designers and those who have significantly contributed
[13:11] cosurgi yeah, I'm so tired of logo, that I accept every choice that Charlie makes
[13:12] crazik
[13:13] cosurgi though I'm really surprised that TheMage's thread is so empty, "
[13:13] cosurgi To those who contributed to the Litecoin Logo initiative "
[13:13] cosurgi seems like everyone is sick of logo
[13:13] Anthony1s i contributed some thoughts, but I wouldn't consider myself as a contributor for the logo
[13:13] crazik there was some mess with multi threads
[13:14] crazik and multi-polls
[13:14] TheMage Lets just call it the honor system
[13:14] Anthony1s yea, it got very messy
[13:14] cosurgi in any case I would prefer to not discuss flat vs. striped nowDoes everyone agree?
[13:14] Carnth TheMage: You agenda items?
[13:14] Carnth *Your
[13:14] Anthony1s one of the reasons i tried to stay out of it. there were people that knew much more than me
[13:14] TheMage ok
[13:15] TheMage from what I understand, Electrum is almost done, but need OS X testers
[13:15] TheMage please continue to support this and help out the dev team so this can be fully released
[13:16] TheMage as far as marketing goes, I have had some personal issues ive been dealing with so I have not been able to keep up with everything recently. I will be addressing all the activities in the coming days I hope.
[13:16] Anthony1s looks like we need mac testers mostly
[13:16] TheMage yes
[13:16] TheMage so if you have a mac, please help out
[13:17] newb1 TheMage, please connect with me directly if I can help you in any specific ways beyond my existing role.
[13:17] TheMage ok will do
[13:17] Anthony1s i can setup some mac vm's on my server when i got some time
[13:17] TheMage I will also be making edits to within a few days as well to attempt to capture everything going on.
[13:18] TheMage Anthony1s, that would be great
[13:18] Anthony1s I have a whole server that I built spefically for VM's
[13:18] TheMage Bloomburg project is still going on, so if anyone has access to a terminal please request LTC to be listed on Bloomburg.
[13:19] Carnth *Bloomberg
[13:19] TheMage sorry, cant spell lol
[13:19] roscoe_ the more the merrier for the Bloomber request project.
[13:19] roscoe_ Bloomberg
[13:19] Carnth netiher can roscoe_ !
[13:19] roscoe_ I can't spell either
[13:19] TheMage haha
[13:20] roscoe_ It's been one of those "couple of weeks"
[13:20] TheMage Also an interesting tidbit for the community.
[13:20] Carnth Ohh tidbits!
[13:21] TheMage I just finished an interview with, which I believe will be listed as a 2 part series. From what I understand the first part will be listed tomorrow. There is a bit of information about the LA as well which is why im mentioning it.
[13:22] newb1 That is an interesting tidbit! I look forward to reading the article.
[13:22] TheMage it's
[13:24] TheMage back to the marketing activities really quick, I am thinking of switching over to trello for everything
[13:24] TheMage a few folks are already using it, and for the non SW savvy folks it seems easier to navigate
[13:24] TheMage still thinking about it, but a number of folks are already using it now
[13:24] TheMage with that said, passing it off to crazik
[13:25] crazik next thing -
[13:25] crazik it should be now the most important project
[13:25] crazik why?
[13:26] crazik we will have new logo in hours/days
[13:26] crazik we have nice video
[13:26] crazik but still no website mentioned in video
[13:26] crazik please everyone think about content
[13:26] crazik what should be on this website
[13:27] crazik give the name for subpages, for paragraphs, give all your ideas
[13:27] crazik
[13:28] crazik I'm still on Leader position at TheMage doc..
[13:28] crazik but... I had to cancel my leadership
[13:28] crazik due to few reasons
[13:28] crazik so the whole process need now fresh spirit
[13:28] crazik and many human pwoer
[13:28] crazik power*
[13:29] crazik please help us to create website as fast we can
[13:29] crazik probably with only basic content
[13:29] crazik which can be expanded later
[13:29] Bonksnp can I chime in?
[13:30] TheMage I will be looking for a new lead for this, preferably who understands coding and has a keen eye for layouts. We are only worrying about the layout for now.
[13:30] TheMage yes Bonksnp?
[13:30] Bonksnp If we open the flood gates on asking people for suggestions on content, won't this likely lead into the same situation as the logo?
[13:31] Bonksnp (no offense to the idea crazik)
[13:31] crazik Bonksnp: in this case (i think) flood of ideas can only give us a better choice
[13:31] Anthony1s ^^
[13:32] TheMage Look inside the thread, Crazik posted a nice google doc that Zeth put together
[13:32] -->| kines ([email protected]) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:32] TheMage also....I just moved the thread to community projects section (sorry crazik!)
[13:32] crazik and it's a thread specified only for content
[13:32] crazik TheMage: no problem, I will kill you later
[13:32] Bonksnp I have, and have commented in it.
[13:32] TheMage haha
[13:33] crazik second thing is .. website design
[13:33] crazik we had 3 project
[13:33] crazik s
[13:33] crazik but I think we should allow more
[13:34] crazik and the last thing
[13:35] crazik well. it was last. sorry
[13:35] crazik ;>
[13:35] TheMage lol
[13:35] Carnth OK!
[13:35] Carnth At this point all open the meeting to any question or comments.
[13:35] TheMage As stated before, I'm going to try to reorginize a lot of the marketing efforts and look towards the leads to manage their own projects
[13:36] zethien I would like to throw in my support for using trello
[13:36] zethien which can be found here:
[13:36] Carnth zethien: did you create that?
[13:37] zethien if you go there, you'll see a few of us didnt wait to organize ourselves
[13:37] zethien me and bitLeafClover set it up
[13:37] zethien the trello, if that's what you are asking
[13:37] Carnth zethien: yes. That's what I was asking.
[13:38] Carnth Any other questions? Comments?
[13:38] zethien the advantage here, is that we've got a couple projects already set up. the way trello works should hopefuly force project leads and members to fully plan out their project before starting
[13:39] zethien this has been part of the problem in my opinion on some of our attempts at group organization prevously
[13:39] zethien people need clear goals, and modular tasks in order to get things done. People should also have a sense of responsibility,, and that responsibility should be respected
[13:40] zethien if the trello community looks interesting to everyone I invite you to join and participate, you can set up your own projects if you'd like
[13:41] zethien whether or not the trello community gets fully adopted by the LA, I think a few of us would still like to use it for some of our own projects we are leading
[13:41] Bonksnp TheMage: What is the alternative if we don't use Trello?
[13:42] TheMage Jira
[13:42] TheMage which the LA owns
[13:42] crazik jira is powerfull, but need a good configuration
[13:43] TheMage but im leaning towards trello because of the layout. I will be making a few decisions within the next few days.
[13:44] zethien i think project leads should be given the choice to decided which platform they'd prefer to use
[13:44] Carnth Jira is a hugley powerful project management system that seems to be over everyone's head.
[13:44] TheMage well that is true as well
[13:44] Carnth Trello is simpler and easier to use.
[13:44] zethien we're not forcing anyone to change anything if they dont want to, we're just providing another option with trello
[13:44] TheMage actually
[13:44] TheMage I did mention in the marketing thread that it was up to the leads
[13:45] Carnth OK? Any other question> (going once...)
[13:45] Bonksnp Do we have an ETA for when the site layout is decided upon?
[13:45] Anthony1s Well, I want to say that I will be focusing more on how I can help on the dev side, instead of LA projects. Dev is more of the area that I like to spend my time on and learn about.
[13:45] crazik Bonksnp: ASAP
[13:46] Anthony1s I feel like I'm a bit behind that because I told warren I'd setup gitian and help sign/compile a couple weeks ago and it should've been done by now.
[13:46] Anthony1s So, with that said, I probably won't be following the LA projects as closely anymore. I can't really help anyway because I know little about marketing and website design.
[13:46] Carnth Anthony1s: If you want to help with DEV work, you need to talk to warren and he runs a tight ship.
[13:46] Carnth Anthony1s: thank you for your efforts.
[13:47] Anthony1s yea, I've talking to him. I just wanna do testing and compiling and see how everything works. I don't know how to code so I can't contribute with that haha.
[13:47] kyrio litecoin always needs more gitian
[13:47] kyrio i shuold be doing them too
[13:47] kyrio but i always forget
[13:47] kyrio my setup isn't exactly the best for it
[13:48] kyrio but, actually, i have a PC i can run it on
[13:48] kyrio now
[13:48] crazik ok, I have one more issue
[13:48] crazik some people requests new forum software
[13:48] crazik any thoughts on that?
[13:49] kyrio what is it now?
[13:49] crazik it's now SMF
[13:49] crazik people are saying 'it's not for mobile'
[13:49] kyrio what are people suggesting
[13:49] zethien I personally think the forums need to change at some point
[13:49] kyrio the internet isn't for mobile
[13:49] zethien but its not super priority
[13:50] crazik discourse
[13:50] crazik was a proposal
[13:50] kyrio other than a few plugins it could use, there's nothing as simple or clean looking
[13:50] crazik I was testing new mobile layouts on our forum in last weeks
[13:51] Bonksnp crazik: the majority of my browsing on ltctalk is on mobile. IMO its fine, they just need a bigger screen
[13:51] TheMage here is the thread in case anyone is interested
[13:51] crazik and I have a one in queue to tests
[13:51] Bonksnp or an app
[13:51] crazik or an app
[13:51] crazik problem is, the biggest with support is TapaTalk
[13:51] crazik ...which has big problmes with security
[13:52] crazik security is our biggest goal
[13:52] -->| smk ([email protected]/smk) has joined #litecoin-association
[13:52] TheMage just to put emphasis on what crazik is saying, security is number 1. We as a community are always a targt much like Bitcointalk
[13:52] cosurgi I only heard bad things about tapatalk
[13:53] Carnth Bonksnp: The majority of people browsing the forum is 90% computer.
[13:53] crazik yes
[13:53] crazik so, my conclusion is:
[13:53] crazik we want to help to mobile users
[13:53] Bonksnp Carnth: in that case why change something that only affects less than 10% of viewers
[13:53] crazik make layout responsive
[13:54] newb1 I have a question about the Litecoin Association's progress towards becoming a legal, not-for-profit organization operating in the United States. It is my understanding that efforts towards becoming a 501 C 3 have been redirected. What is the progress on this new front?
[13:54] Carnth 10% is still signaficant.
[13:54] TheMage newb1: what do you mean efforts redirected??
[13:55] Carnth newb1: We are no long persuing a 501c3.... but instead will re-org under 501c6
[13:55] Bonksnp agreed, but worth the hassle?
[13:55] newb1 TheMage: Carnth's explanation is what I meant... redirected from 501 C 3 to 501 C 6.
[13:55] TheMage ahh ok
[13:55] newb1 What is the progress on that front?
[13:56] Anthony1s it's better to look into changing the forum now than when more people start using mobile and more people complain
[13:56] Carnth 501c6 more aligns with LA's goals as a Trade Organization or Business league.
[13:56] Anthony1s it's definitely worth looking into now, talking our time, and seeing what's out there.
[13:57] crazik Anthony1s: problem with new forum software is, that we need to learn that from start
[13:57] crazik all security issues, proper configuration, etc
[13:57] crazik so it can't be switched just like that
[13:58] Anthony1s which is why i said it's better to take our time and look into all of that now, before more people wanna use mobile
[13:58] Anthony1s much better than being rushed to satisfy a larger mobile userbase
[13:59] crazik ok, anything else?
[13:59] crazik finals are coming
[13:59] crazik
[13:59] Anthony1s the litecoin video
[13:59] crazik Vaticans' derby
[13:59] Anthony1s is noah still around to change the logo's in the video for us?
[14:00] TheMage I'm sure he is, since I never sent the LTC to him yet
[14:00] Carnth Anthony1s: I hope so.
[14:00] Anthony1s ah cool
[14:00] TheMage we were waiting for the logo, and I believe saigoned is in communications with him
[14:00] Anthony1s I was thinking about that weeks ago. didn't want someone to take the money and run.
[14:00] TheMage dont worry, havent sent it yet
[14:00] Anthony1s that's all the comments I have for today.
[14:01] Carnth OK. I'm going to close this meeting. Thanks for coming. See you next time.

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Re: Litecoin Association Public Meetings in IRC - Join us!
« Reply #14 on: July 25, 2014, 12:40:47 PM »
Sorry! I missed many meetings. :( I will try to join the upcoming meeting on Sunday. :)