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Important donation addresses
« on: February 23, 2014, 06:22:22 PM »
Community Projects - Marketing
Held by TheMage
Address: LU1M2WJrt4A1DtmKbKHp63CXGD3TV5pxw1

Developers fund - Litecoin Core Development Fund 2014

Held by Warren
Address: LcUP7ZU3Xpk1BUR3qut3dTjC3aK5JoZMYx

Website and Client Documentation Development Fund 2014 (formally the "Developers fund - Litecoin Content Development Fund 2014")
Held by Warren
Address: LMzSrQekR17Jy2nAyoA6XZLxZQUQ45kY4f

Developers fund - Litecoin Wallet for Android
Held by Erik Gregg (forum: hank)
Address: LPwViUHsXXKWp65ZxVqag7B3wmbmo4Zfd2

Developers fund: Litecoin Electrum
Held by Pooler
Address: LectrumELqJWMECz7W2iarBpT4VvAPqwAv

Litecoin wallet for IOS
Held by losh11
Address: LfVszG74eZKRxrx2s29rQs3MR2Vvau3LsE

NOTE: If you have a project that needs funding let me know and I will add it to the list.
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