Author Topic: HOW TO " Install Live Windows 8.1 on USB key "  (Read 7555 times)

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HOW TO " Install Live Windows 8.1 on USB key "
« on: February 17, 2014, 04:47:09 AM »
Hello everyone

Just I found this , who save me and my many rigs

We know that we can use BAMT , Xubuntu , Debian .. on LiveCD and mine with it

So why we don't use the Windows 8.1 into a LiveUSB ? !

So , with this tutorial , you will be able to boot on the USBkey an get a Windows 8.1 live , where you can mine or do what you want without touching your initial HardDrive ;)

Why I'm making this ? Because I was tired of all drivers and all this $h!T , with cgminer and all errors 403

CONNECT ONLY 1 VIDEOCARD FIRST , shutdown and put another one etc
Windows 8.1 will install everything alone (ADL,SDK,DRIVERS)

I've tried , Windows7,Xubuntu,Ubuntu,Debian,LinuxMint , Windows 8.1 still the best !

NOTE : Most Motherboards , Graphics Card have a W8 logo on it , it means that it work directly without any installation process from you

First Of All , What we need ? :

- A Computer with Windows 8.1 Entreprise ( You can find the Entreprise Version Free for 90 Days on Windows Official Site )
- An USB Key or HardDrive ( Make Sure It's 32Go min , and USB 3.0 !! ) For more compatibility see the WIN8 Logo on the box
- DVD or ISO of Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Let's Go :

1 - Go to your search engine on Windows 8

Make sure , your search is on the 'Parameters' , if not you'll see nothing

2 - Put USB Key , and make the choice of this one on the Wizard

3 - Choose your DVD or ISO file , and select it to burn it into the USB Key

It will ask you if you want to encrypt the drive with BitLocker , I make the choice of no , because it's only a LiveUSB key for mining

4 - FINISH , just select NO , or it'll put your computer in USB first boot mode

Remember , not all USB Key are compatible with this windows 8 application , there's another tutorial on the web , who tells you how to make it with all USB keys , but i've tried first and it didn't work

Just Restart and boot for USB Key at BIOS boot

Regards Everyone ;)