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question about imported keys
« on: January 04, 2014, 02:18:15 AM »
ok so i recently have been looking into some paper wallets, mostly the cryptovest coins and  I know how to import a key and use liteaddress to convert the codes and all that.  But what makes me nervous is that on the back of the wallet on it says to make sure you spend the entire balance of your imported key or risk losing the remaining balance.  So my question is: does this mean the receiving address from this key is no good?  Say i import a key from a paper wallet then throw throw the public key part of the wallet away.  ten years from now a bum finds my paper public wallet and thinks it would be good for a lol to send the address on it .000001 ltc   would that money show up in the digital wallet provided the wallet.dat had that private key?   and would said money be at risk of disappearing if i then only spent half of it?  i was always of the opinion that once imported a private key was the same as all the other private keys in your wallet.  anyway thanks for the help!