Author Topic: Can't see balance of imported cold wallet  (Read 270 times)

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Can't see balance of imported cold wallet
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:10:37 AM »
Hi guys,

I tried to create a cold wallet with 0.9 LTC to learn how to create a cold wallet, adding funds to the cold wallet, importing the cold wallet in the litecoin client.

1.) I created a new address in my litecoin client: LZpYmdAVGMFsxMYs9YxZdB9vt5bzmmfcXu.
2.) After noting down the secret key and closing the litecoin client I funded 0.9 LTC to it
3.) I opened a new litecoin client on an other computer and synched the transactions, the wallet was not encrypted
4.) I went to the console and used the command: importprivkey "litecoinprivkey" "label" (without the "")
5.) The wallet got imported and was added to my litecoin wallet "receive adresses". But there was no way to see the funds in "overview"

What am I doing wrong? After importing I right clicked on the imported wallet. The program froze. 20 min later I restarted it. It doesn't hang anymore when right clicking on the wallet, but the balance is no where to be seen.. <-- the 0.9 LTC are still there

How to get them out?


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Re: Can't see balance of imported cold wallet
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